How to choose a shampoo without sulfates

Today, on the shelves of shops you can find a huge amount of a wide variety of hair care products. Sometimes it is hard to choose even the simplest shampoo.

It is important to remember that most of the popular brands are not as effective. The fact is that they contain harmful chemicals that have a destructive effect on the hair structure.

The ideal option would be to choose a shampoo without sulfates and parabens, which today are a real leader in the field of cosmetology. Sulfates are among the surface-active substances, while they can provoke the development of a rather strong allergic reaction. That is why their use is potentially dangerous.

Over time, sulphates begin to accumulate in the hair, as a result, they begin to dry strongly, it turns out to be destructive.

How to choose a shampoo without sulfates?

Why choose shampoos without sulfates and parabens?

The composition of shampoos without sulfates and parabens includes exclusively natural components, which are not capable of destroying the valuable hydro-lipid protective layer of the skin, but, on the contrary, contribute to its strengthening. Among the advantages of such products is that they are ideal for almost all types of hair, while not capable of provoking severe irritation and skin allergies.

If you regularly change the color of the strands, it is dangerous to use low-grade shampoos, because the sulfates contained in them can not only destroy the hair structure, but also wash the paint prematurely. As a result, this leads to the fact that the hair becomes very dull and dry, therefore, brittle.

The composition of shampoos that do not contain sulfates, includes particles that have a smoother surface, eliminating harm to the hair structure. At the same time, they contribute to a longer durability of paint. Also, thanks to the regular use of organic shampoos, hair will not be poured and styling will become much easier.

Such tools can be safely used every day for washing hair and not be afraid of the appearance of negative consequences. They contribute to a soft and intense recovery, so that the curls acquire a healthy glow.

These products contain only natural oils, a lot of valuable vitamins, medicinal plants, and instead of preservatives, in almost all cases, citric acid is used.

Sulfate-Free Shampoos: List

Shampoos of the German brand LOGONA produce products without the addition of sulfates and parabens. Quite often, the products that this brand produces are among the therapeutic products for damaged hair. However, it is important to choose the right tool that matches a specific type of hair. It will help to solve a specific problem - to remove the increased fat content, to cure dry curls, to relieve dandruff or increased hair breakage.

How to choose a shampoo without sulfates?

Shampoos of the Russian brand "Grandmother Agafia's Recipes", which are really very popular today. This company produces hair care products without the addition of harmful sulfate, however, their main drawback is that the hair will get used to organic matter for a long time. But after just a few weeks of using shampoos of this company, the strands become soft, silky and thick, there is an intensive restoration of damaged curls.

How to choose a shampoo without sulfates?

Shampoos from the Aubrey Organic trademark are among the most popular. No wonder these funds have received international certificates that confirm the highest quality products. The manufacturer does not use chemicals in the manufacture of shampoos, so you can safely buy cosmetics for hair care from this brand. In addition, all products are just perfect for people with hypersensitivity of the skin, as well as with a tendency to skin allergies.

How to choose a shampoo without sulfates?

Sulfate-free shampoo brand Natura Siberika, which today is the only company that manufactures products, the quality of which is marked with ICEA certificate. All products of this company do not cause allergies and unpleasant itching, and due to the regular use of such shampoos, the hair begins to become less contaminated.

How to choose a shampoo without sulfates?

Shampoo without silicone and sulfates: the pros

To date, scientists have been able to prove that shampoos, which include sulphates and silicone, can have a negative effect on the entire human body.

The fact is that these chemicals can be deposited in the cells of various organs - eyes, spleen, heart, liver, brain, etc.

In addition, it was possible to establish that one of the main causes of dandruff and other diseases of the scalp are sulfates. If, for a long time, shampoos that contain this harmful substance are used, there is a chance not only to impair one's own health, but also to spoil the hair.

Shampoos that do not contain sulfates, are made exclusively from natural ingredients, with the most active substance of such funds are glucosides and their derivatives. There will also be used and additional sparing surfactants, which include extract of the soap tree, surfactant flowers, algae and fruits of plants, as well as derivatives of sugar cane and coconut oil.

The main advantages of shampoos without the addition of sulfates:

  • Restoration of the injured hair structure is carried out quickly and effectively;
  • Ideal for almost all hair types;
  • Daily use allowed;
  • Hair follicles are saturated with valuable minerals, vitamins, as well as trace elements;
  • Hair is well protected from the negative effects of the environment;
  • After washing does not require additional use of air conditioners and rinses;
  • Perfectly passes for hairs that have undergone highlighting, as well as dyeing, because the pigment does not wash off.
  • Despite all the advantages, these tools have a number of disadvantages, which include:
  • Significant tangling of hair after washing;
  • High cost of funds;
  • Large consumption of shampoo. The fact is that those products that do not contain sulphates are poorly washed, which is why you should use a little more product than usual during washing;
  • Means are not able to effectively clean the hair from heavy dirt, so you may need to wash your hair several times.

Due to the regular use of shampoos, which do not contain sulfates, as well as their derivatives, in a relatively short period of time, it is possible to return not only beauty, but also health to damaged locks. Approximately after 3 or 4 weeks of using such products, the hair ceases to split and electrify. Despite the high cost of organic products, their use quickly pays off. You will have less to visit a hairdresser for haircuts and hair coloring.

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