How to choose a pencil and lipstick


How to choose the color of lipstick for lips just for your appearance? Open sources offer many ways in which it is easy to get confused without proper training. Of course, you can always approach the consultant in the store and ask him for help, but it is difficult to vouch for his qualifications, especially if he is not a professional makeup artist.

After studying carefully the rules below, you will understand that everything is much simpler than it seems.

General principles for choosing lipstick

So, first of all, pay attention to your color type: it is a combination of several factors that generally make up your appearance. Immediately, we note that the division by seasons, etc. not quite sensible: a pure "summer" or "autumn" is so rare that you will spend more time trying to classify yourself in one group or another, rather than actually get some real knowledge.

General principles for choosing lipstick

  • Only 3 criteria carry a practical meaning: contrast, temperature, saturation. The parameters of each of them, inherent to your appearance, should be repeated in everything that makes up your image - that is, in the color of clothes, makeup, hair. In this case, 4 areas are evaluated: skin, hair, eyes and eyebrows.
  • Temperature - the simplest criterion: warm is determined by the orange base, cold - blue. Warm hair and eyebrows have golden, red, copper shades, warm eyes - yellow-brown or green, warm skin with yellowish, on the wrist veins go into the green. Cold hair, respectively, have ashen pigment, eyes - brown, gray, blue, skin - veins go purple on the wrist.
  • The contrast is easiest to determine by making your photo in natural light and, using a graphical editor, by switching its color mode to black and white. Accordingly, girls with the same tone of hair and skin will have low contrast, and with black hair on pale skin - very high. But besides this, there is also a color contrast that girls with red hair, pale skin and green eyes have: a rare and very bright type.
  • The last criterion is saturation. Depends on the ratio of dark and light spots: so the girl with light skin and blond hair has minimal saturation, while the brunette girl is likely to have high saturation.

In order to make a conclusion on each of the items, the sum of all 4 areas is taken, and, the most weight is carried by those that have the maximum area - this is the skin and hairline. Thus, with their prevalence, the eyes and eyebrows give almost no information.

  • How does the color of lipstick on the above data? Coming to the stand with lip products, you can immediately start sorting by these criteria. For example, you have determined that your appearance has a warm temperature. Consequently, all the tones on the blue base are swept away, and for you there are only those that have an orange subtone: these are coral, orange-red, brown, and burgundi.
  • The trick is from professionals: if at first glance it is not possible to determine the color temperature, try it on your hand and rub this footprint - if it goes to pink, then the blue base prevails, and if it is orange, comments are superfluous.
  • As soon as everything became clear with the temperature, we can assume that half the work was done: from the remaining half, you need to pick only an ideal tone in terms of brightness and saturation. So clean, neon shades look good on girls with high contrast, and muted, diluted - with low. Dark (wine, plum, etc.) on brunettes, and light (pale pink and peach) on blondes with fair skin. Red is ideal for everyone when meeting all the same criteria: temperature, saturation, contrast.

Separately, I would like to say how to choose a lipstick for lips of a natural shade, since this question arises most often. Remember that "nude", that is, the effect of your lips, is not always light beige - it should be identical to the shade of your lips. Therefore, it is quite natural that for girls with chocolate skin tones it will have distinct brown notes, while with aristocratic pallor it would be quite appropriate to look at shades with a pink nuance. All the principles of temperature, brightness and contrast here act the same as for bright lipstick.

Lip Coating Formats and Types

The modern beauty industry presents a wide range of not only colors, but also the lip products themselves: lipstick today is not only glossy and, in the stick format, liquid textures (gloss, varnish, tint) of varying degrees of density, dull and velvety finish. All this, of course, makes it possible to try on something new, but if you make a choice blindly, you can get negative impressions of the product. How not to be mistaken?

  • Glossy finish - the most familiar to a woman, allows you to achieve rich, voluminous lips, visually increases them slightly due to the play of light. In addition, the composition of such lipstick often contains softening components that cause its creamy texture, as a result of which it also performs the functions of a balm, caring for the lips. The disadvantage is low resistance, which rarely exceeds 3-4 hours.Glossy finish
  • Matte finish - for a long time had great popularity. Visually reduces the lips, makes them flat, emphasizes the relief, in addition, dries, causing discomfort when worn. But the product is very resistant: it can hold 5-6 hours or more, if it does not encounter fat. The most impressive in this version look dark and bright shades.Matte finish
  • Lipstick in the stick is most convenient if you plan to carry it with you in your purse to be able to touch up the makeup at any time. Its only drawback is that it is difficult to draw with its help a clear smooth contour, so you have to arm yourself with a brush or use a pencil.Lipstick in stick
  • Lipsticks in palettes have a creamy consistency and are well-recruited on the brush, allow you to mix colors with each other, but consumers take root in cosmetics bags, because you need to grab a brush to take them with you, otherwise you won't be able to use the tool.Lipsticks in palettes
  • Lipsticks in tubes with a sponge or brush make it possible to draw a contour with an applicator, while they are convenient for wearing in a purse or cosmetic bag. The finish can be absolutely any, but most often it is a glossy varnish with an average density and, accordingly, a high degree of stickiness. A variant of the coating is possible, which in a few minutes dries on the lips and turns into matte.Lipsticks in tubes
  • Glitter is a good substitute for ordinary lipstick for those who fear pure bright color: it can be just glossy, uniform, or it can have blotches in the form of shining particles. Often has running properties, visually increases lips due to gloss, but rather sticky, as a result of which it “catches” loose hair with strong wind, and also has low durability.Lip glossLip gloss
  • Tint is very similar to gloss, but does not give gloss: after applying it loses shine, has a large proportion of pigment, which is absorbed into the skin of the lips. Thus, it creates the effect of natural brightness and very durable.TintTint

Separately, it is necessary to touch upon an equally important question: how to choose a lip liner for lipstick. This product does not always play the role of a contour - they can also shade the entire surface of the lips. Through this action, the durability of any lipstick is increased, since the pencil a priori has a dryish consistency and is often waterproof. If the shades completely coincide, the color will be enhanced, and if they differ, a unique shade will be created when they are applied.

  • If you plan to use a pencil only as a contour, make sure that the temperature matches, but it should be 1-2 tones lighter than the lipstick shade. In the case when the pencil is darker, it is necessary to shade it inward to reduce saturation towards the center: this way you eliminate the ugly border between the pencil and lipstick (which always looks bad) and create the effect of more voluminous lips.

In conclusion, I would like to touch on the issue of matching the lipstick shade and the overall image. Of course, red is mainly associated with severity and elegance, delicate pink with youth and purity, fiery orange with summer and short shorts, and deep wine with a long evening dress and dark makeup. However, any of these options can be connected even with worn jeans and a simple white T-shirt: the main thing is to sit on you as a mother, which is easy to achieve if there is a coincidence in temperature, contrast and saturation.