How to choose a hairstyle

Hair, no doubt, most often sets the tone for the whole image. Perfect styling, beautiful curls, haircut, which emphasizes your strengths and hides the flaws, give confidence. Therefore, it is very important to find what is right for you. There are several basic rules, in accordance with which any woman can choose the right hairstyle.

Despite the fact that every six months, glossy magazines tell about new trends, you should not fully follow fashion trends. Each of us is individual, that which goes to one does not suit the other. It is very important to beat fashion trends in accordance with their appearance. This applies to everything: clothing, accessories, hairstyle.

How to choose the right haircut?

Professional hairdressers are repelled by 2 main indicators. They choose a hairstyle in accordance with the shape of the face and the structure of the hair. It is also very important to take into account the individual characteristics - the landing of the eyes, the length of the nose, the width of the forehead.

How to choose a hairstyle?

Before you go to the hairdresser, it is worth determining. What is your face shape? The easiest way is to use a mirror. You need to comb the hair back and put it in a bun so that the face is completely open. Then you need to carefully consider it. Approximate parameters can be determined visually.

However, for complete confidence, you can use a measuring tape. With its help, measure the height of the face (from the chin to the roots of the hair). The width of the face (measured by the widest line of the cheekbones). If the height is greater than the width, then you have an oval face. Conversely, if there is more width, then it is round. Visual determination of the width of the chin and forehead can help identify other types. A narrow chin and a broad forehead speak of a triangular oval, equal to the length of these 2 variables - a rectangular or square face.

Thinking about how to choose the right hairstyle, it is necessary to take into account the texture of the hair. So the owners of thick curls goes almost everything - short, multi-tiered, long hair. The only thing worth refraining from is too small curls. They will create too much volume.

For those who have thin hair, it is better to abandon short haircuts with clear lines. Otherwise, the hairstyle will be ironed as it should be only with long manipulations with the styling.

In many ways, choosing the right hairstyle depends on the style of the image. It must either fit into it, or, conversely, be contrast. Stylists are advised to decide what will be the main thing - clothes or hairstyle. If you are focusing on the hair, then they should iron perfectly. On the contrary, if there are aggressive prints and other dominant elements in the set of clothes, the hairstyle should be as neutral as possible. The main rule - the more minimalist clothes, the greater the emphasis on hair.

We select a hairstyle to face

For a long time there are certain standards of beauty. Of course, they change over time, but something remains unchanged. So still the oval face is considered ideal. Perhaps this is due to the fact that any hairstyle goes to the owners of this type of face. The main rule for creating hairstyles with an oval shape - do not cover your face too much. This can distort the proportions and turn the perfect oval into a circle. Therefore, you should not make too long bangs or create hairstyles with curls that cover most of the face. Women with an oval face go short haircuts, long straight or curly hair.

Hairstyles for a round face should visually pull it out and not make it heavier. Therefore, the curls on the sides should not be too lush. You should also choose the correct hair length, which will help to visually turn a round face into an oval. Many hairdressers believe that asymmetrical haircuts (for example, bob haircut with graduation) and oblique fringe on the side fit girls and women with a round face oval. In this case, such a bang is more suitable for those who have thick curls. For fine hair is better to choose a straight bang.

For square and rectangular faces, it is not recommended to make haircuts too short and to open the face completely. The bottom of the hairstyle should be located under the chins, but not above it. Usually for such ovals, the face has to soften the lines a little. Therefore, owners of thick hair can make multi-layered asymmetrical haircuts, and thin strands are better to simply grow to the optimum length.

How to choose a hairstyle?

For triangular faces it is not recommended to do styling with an emphasis on the top of the head. It is best to curl the hair with such an oval so that the crown is not very voluminous, and the curls start from the cheekbones.

Stylist tips

Haircut can also be selected in accordance with what goal you want to achieve. It is considered that short options can make a woman younger. In fact, this is not entirely true. Rather, the square creates a unified age - about 27 years. It turns out that if a woman after 35 makes this haircut for herself, then she will really look younger. But if a young girl does the same hairstyle, then she, on the contrary, will add age to herself.

For mature women, wavy or simply long curls may be appropriate. Professional stylists believe that well-groomed long hair with good styling can visually make a face look younger. The same goes for curly hair. The main condition is grooming.

To create an image of a femme fatale, you can dye your hair in dark shades. This color looks especially advantageous if the lady has fair skin and eyes of cold shades. It should be remembered that the same black color makes any woman visually older and requires compliance with the image, since he is quite aggressive. Conversely, light shades of hair can diminish a couple of years.

It should also be remembered that the hairstyle is selected in accordance with the individual characteristics - height, size of the nose, planting eyes. Low hair is not advised to do too massive and voluminous hairstyles - they will make you even lower. It is believed that long hair makes the image more feminine. In fact, sometimes this hairstyle can play the opposite role. Too long hair in low women and girls create a childish frivolous image. Therefore, with a small growth you need to choose the optimal length of hair. For example, to the shoulders or to the level of the shoulder blades.

The closer the eyes are set, the more you need to open your face. The same should be done if you have a short neck. Also in this case, you should pay attention to short haircuts.

When choosing a hairstyle should be considered and style. So a business woman is unlikely to fit long romantic curls, but short haircuts and hairstyles of average length can be very useful.

Every woman knows that the new hairstyle is capable of much. It is no coincidence that if you want a change, then just change your haircut or hair color. How to choose the right hairstyle? You need to take into account the oval of your face, hair thickness, features, complexion, and more. other factors. Do not chase the fashion. The main thing - to choose what suits you.

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