How to choose a haircut on the shape of the face

Minor details in the guise of the representative of the beautiful half of humanity simply does not exist. The condition and appearance of the hair belong to the category of the most important moments, for the perfection of which there is an endless struggle. One of the main questions is how to choose a haircut so that it fits into the image as advantageously as possible.

How to choose a haircut correctly?

Most often, choosing a new hairstyle, women are guided by the principle of relevance or focus on pop stars, athletes, models. Such a move, of course, although it carries some value, by and large is still not the most correct one. If only the selected person looks different from yours.

The main factors influencing the decision taken when searching for the best haircut are face shape, hair type and condition. Any seasonal trends should overlap on this basis, and not vice versa. There are also minor nuances, about which one should not forget too. This constitution, height, facial features and length of the neck. Also, many women remember too late that most haircuts need to be kept in top condition. Those. there is a question of styling. One thing - curls to the waist, with an even cut, easily retractable in any hairstyle. The other is short and extravagant options that may be difficult.

How to choose a haircut correctly?

One of the main tips, aimed at anyone who is looking for the perfect haircut for themselves, is to adhere to the overall harmony. The final image must be complete. In particular, with outstanding volumes, one should not, relying on fashion trends, make an ultrashort haircut. The contrast of proportions will seem too obvious and irrational.

Low growth is well compensated by the addition of volume in the area of ​​the crown and high hairstyles, as well as long curls without excess pomp. Such a hairstyle, by the way, will come up and, if you wish, lose 2-3 kg., Pulling visually your own figure. Also low is more likely to collect hair, with an emphasis on the neck line.

Those who wish to make themselves visually lower by a few centimeters, experts recommend thinking about a short haircut or shoulder-length hair. On high hairstyles have to forget. But any creative styling here is the perfect solution. Overly smoothed or gathered at the crown of hair should be avoided.

We select the hair according to the shape of the face

Most often when choosing a haircut is recommended to focus on the contours of the face. The main point here is to bring the form to the ideal. That today is the oval. Anything that does not look like it approaches it by visual correction of certain parts.

Determining the shape of a face is, in fact, not easy either. Not all of it is pronounced, and therefore it is necessary to make some mathematical calculations. The first step is measured vertical between two points - the boundary of hair growth and the chin line. This number, divided by 3, is marked with the number 1. The number 2 denotes the vertical from the tip of the nose down to the chin line.

Further the form is determined:

  • An elongated face is characterized by the predominance of 1 indicator over 2
  • Oval and rectangular - their equality and roundness of the chin
  • With the superiority of 2 values ​​over 1 person can be called round or square. The narrowing of the chin and the expansion of the temporal zone gives a triangle, and the reverse scheme - his own, but upside down

How to choose a haircut correctly?

StTriangular face frames

In this form, the upper side zones should be removed and volume should be added to the lower ones. Often the effect is achieved through the use of asymmetric, often even fake bangs. This technique is provided by flipping the front side strand in the opposite direction, as a result of which it conceals a part of the forehead diagonally.

In the chin area, the missing volume can be obtained by creating soft curls, ideally starting in the region of the earlobe. In addition, it looks great and the option when the ends of the strands reach the chin line. Similar schemes boast volumetric bob.

The most important thing to avoid in a haircut for a triangular face is back hair (especially carefully smoothed, with open forehead and ears). In addition, short bangs are not allowed.

Hairstyles for a square face

In the presence of such a form, problem areas are usually considered to be an excessively wide jaw, which imparts massiveness, and a no less wide forehead. Most often it is the search for a haircut for a square face that causes the most difficulty for women. Although in reality everything is much simpler than it seems. The key task is to soften all the lines. This is achieved by creating volume in the crown area. Any asymmetry is acceptable. It can consist both in a simple change of parting and in a diagonal cut of the bang.

The ban is introduced to add volume in the neck and shoulders. It is better not to curl the curls. But twist the ends inside is not forbidden. Also, do not collect hair on the top, opening the ears and face, make thick straight bangs. This is allowed only with an oval shape. These recommendations also apply to a rectangular face.

Round face haircut

How to choose a haircut correctly?

The task of the hairstyle for this form is not only to extend and remove the side zones, but also to emphasize the facial features. With the latter, of course, the best make up competent makeup. But the hair is able to contribute.

In the haircut for a round face, asymmetry is welcomed, which is not recommended only oval and any elongated shape. Especially good looks diagonal bangs, which greatly visually lengthens the face. If short styling is preferred, the front strands should touch the lower line of the chin.

For any long haircuts straight hair will look more advantageous than wavy. It is necessary to make the volume at the crown. First of all, it will be necessary to refuse direct bangs and central parting. Also, do not remove the front strands back.

Councils of the Stylist

Specific recommendations do not exist only for the owner of the person. They will go any hairstyle, not counting the one that has significant asymmetry in the area of ​​bangs. All the rest have to resort to the correction method in order to most advantageously present themselves.

Another detail that affects the selection of haircuts is the condition of the hair and their type. Thin curls need pomp and volume, which provide light waves and short hairstyles. But with thick hair, any length will do. Professionals advise it to profile or diversify by making several layers of different heights.

If it becomes necessary to divert attention from a certain area of ​​the face, or to emphasize it, you can recall the properties of the bangs and front strands. Thick and straight emphasizes the lips and chin. Asymmetrical and long allows you to forget about the irregular shape of the nose. The massiveness of the chin is leveled with lush styling and shoulder-length hair.

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Choosing for yourself the most suitable haircut, focus mainly on the individual characteristics, and only after that - on seasonal trends. Determine for yourself which highlights in your appearance you want to bring to the fore, and what details you need to hide. Also, when changing the image, repel the shape of the face and hair type. This will help you create a harmonious image.

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