How to choose a foundation for problem skin


Selection of the ideal tonal means, hiding all the existing flaws - perhaps one of the main women's problems. It is one thing to find a universal cover for even and healthy skin, only darkened by a grayish complexion and rare bruises from lack of sleep. It is much more difficult to find out which concealer for problem skin is the best.

What is important to consider when choosing a foundation for problem skin?

In the question of selecting the perfect tonal coverage, you need to pay attention to several factors at once. The main - what exactly is meant by the definition of "problem skin". After all, this is not the type, but only the diagnosis of its condition.

The problem may be dry, and combination, and oily skin. You can not discount and sensitive. And for each of them it is necessary to look for a separate product.

It is important to understand which skin problem is the most important. Acne of various types, scars and scars, pigmentation, spider veins, rosacea. We should not forget about peeling, enlarged pores and many other negative aspects. They all play a role in finding a means to create a uniform tone of the face.

Choosing a cream for problem skin: tips and tricks

What does the modern beauty industry offer?

  1. Vibes. This is the easiest option, having a very liquid consistency. Most often, this cream has only a toning effect, which allows you to visually smooth out the unevenness of the shade and spider veins. Of all the existing ones, he is best placed on dry, peeling skin. Minus - it does not have a high covering power.
  2. Cream of medium thickness. Such means the vast majority. Usually they are sold in plastic tubes or glass bottles with pump. A drop of this product does not spread on the arm, and he quickly grabs on the face. This requires proficiency in application. In comparison with fluids, this cream can mask and pigmentation, and rashes, and enlarged pores.
  3. Dense professional tools. Most often they are in round flat packages - "washers". The consistency of this cream is quite dense, but with their help it is more than realistic to hide absolutely all the flaws. In addition, these tones have high durability. The main disadvantage is that they are not focused on daily use due to the negative effect on the skin.

According to numerous reviews, for problem skin a single-toned cream is usually not enough to use. Professional tools can not be used daily, and dense household cream does not mask the flaws of 100%. Therefore, professional makeup artists recommend complementing their makeup with concealers and proofreaders, created just for global dot masking. Thus, on the one hand, there is no excessive congestion, and on the other, the face is visually leveled.

The scheme is as follows: all the most significant problems are overlapped by the corrector, the circles under the eyes are cleaned with a concealer of a suitable shade, and already from above, in order to create an alignment of the texture and color of the face, a foundation is applied. If the need arises, it is fixed transparent crumbly powder.

Foundation for oily skin

Before you decide the question of texture selection, you need to know what requirements are usually imposed on tonal tools designed for oily skin. This concerns not only their properties, but also their composition.

There is no need to be a first-class chemist to isolate a number of undesirable components from the entire list. In particular, there should be no alcohol in the list of ingredients, which, despite the drying effect, does not give anything good to oily skin. Unwanted items include mineral and any other oil. But a huge plus, if the composition of the cream indicated salicylic acid. No less important is the hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic means. Such markings can usually be found on the packaging of pharmacy products.

In the presence of enlarged pores, it is recommended to acquire an additional base, which contributes to their narrowing. Not a single foundation, no matter how beautiful it is, does not have such an effect. But he may well fail in them.

In addition, oily skin problem, especially with enlarged pores, requires the rejection of textures with a wet finish. On normal and dry, they really will give a beautiful healthy glow, but on a greasy one, alas, they will create the effect of a hot buttery pancake. It will not decorate any woman. The coating must be matte. It is desirable to fix loose powder.

Professional makeup artists, by the way, advise owners of oily skin to give preference to the name of the powder, rather than liquid textures. The same cream powder in its characteristics cover the drawbacks just as good, but the skin begins to shine with them much later than with regular tonal creams.

Among the particularly successful specimens in this area are the Diorskin Forever, Clarins Skin Illusion. And in the category of dense creams for problem prone oily skin, special attention should be paid to the Clarins Haute Tenue and Estee Lauder Double Wear.

Choosing funds for dry problem skin

Choosing a cream for problem skin: tips and tricks

Dry skin is problematic, though less often, but still not always a priori perfect. In fact, finding the right tool for it is much more difficult. If only because almost all the textures on such a "canvas" fall flat, emphasizing everything that can and cannot be. Dense products, if they hide flaws, heavily weights and dries the already insufficiently moisturized skin.

When choosing a cream for dry skin, it is important to familiarize yourself with the composition. Besides the fact that it, like fatty, alcohol is undesirable, it is required to avoid various acids. They only exacerbate the situation with peeling. Base, especially with silicones, it is better not to use. But it is worth applying a nourishing or moisturizing cream under the tone.

The important moment is the way of imposing, as the foundation, and the corrector / concealer. With any of the tools you can increase the density of the coating, if you work with it not with your fingers, as many of the fair sex used to, but with a flat synthetic brush or a special sponge. Of course, this method requires hand set. It gives a more even result and better disguise.

Among the remedies for problematic dry and sensitive skin, giving a good disguise, but not aggravating the situation with its condition, it is worth to highlight the tonal cream Seventeen, MUFE HD, Sisley Phyto Tent Eclat, Estee Lauder Double Wear Light. Among the powdery textures are MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Powder, Givenchy Matissimo and Prisme Libre.

General tips for choosing the best concealer for problem skin

  • If the skin is currently being treated, then the use of foundation creams, especially those with a dense texture, is not recommended. Preference should be given to mineral cosmetics, and, mainly, powder. You can find a lot of positive reviews on Lucy Minerals, and, moreover, on foreign women's websites, too.
  • If skin doesn’t accept any classic tonal resources, it is not superfluous to recall BB creams. They collected all the advantages of high-quality masking products and remedies. But it should be noted that only specimens of Asian origin can boast of such high-quality characteristics - for example, Missa, Holika Holika. European versions are a step lower and, unfortunately, practically do not fulfill the declared promises.
  • The main point in the presence of problematic skin is not need a foundation, but the right care. Otherwise, it will be necessary to hide all imperfections until the end of time. Moreover, from the abundance of dense funds, the situation can only worsen. Because the first thing if you have skin problems you need to contact a dermatologist and an endocrinologist, and after him go to the pharmacy or cosmetics store.

Not only your appearance, but also the condition of the skin depends on the choice of foundation. When buying, it is important to pay attention to its composition and specificity of the action. The best quality coating is achieved when applied with a sponge and not a brush. Also, the effect of naturalness can be achieved when fixing makeup with thermal water, which is sprayed from above.