How to choose a dress

A theme that never goes out of fashion is fashion. The modern world is cruel to a woman: you have to spin like a squirrel in a wheel. We must make a career, earn money, with all this create a comfort at home, raise children and so on ..! In this whirlwind we forget about our own attractiveness, preferring convenient, practical, but often not at all attractive things!

And so it would be desirable, in spite of fatigue and workload, to feel the admiring glances of men and receive compliments! According to the results of multiple social polls, 90% of men would like to see us in dresses.

So let's talk about how to choose the right dress. This is a unique thing that suits all women without exception! The main thing is to find the right style, color and decide on its intended purpose (evening, cocktail, everyday).

We select the color

So, we select the color that suits us. This is an important aspect, because the color can refresh us, emphasize our strengths and hide flaws and, on the contrary, give us a couple of extra years or make our face painful. In order to choose the right color, it is necessary to make a start, mainly from the color of hair and skin tone.

How to choose a dress?How to choose a dress?

Brunettes suitable saturated colors: red, pink, purple, turquoise, blue, white. For everyday dress they are also well suited shades of beige, milky tone. For an evening dress, brunettes can safely choose fabrics with animal prints (python, snake, tiger, leopard, etc.) Careful, brunettes should be burgundy, brown, dark gray. These colors will give the image an unnecessary sullenness and can make you older.

Redhead for girls all shades of green, golden brown, honey, bright blue shades will do. For the evening, you can safely choose a dress in black.

Blondes and girls with light brown hair shades of blue, pink will go (here the main thing is not to overdo it, so as not to become an anecdotal character), so it is better to choose a non-aggressive pale pink color. You can also consider chocolate tones, preferably warm.

How to choose a dress?How to choose a dress?

Correct style

In order to choose the right style, it is necessary, firstly, not to set yourself any frames and not complexes. We are all different, unique, and so good! And for each type of figure, of course, there is a suitable dress model that will emphasize our beauty! For the right choice here we will build on our height and type of figure.

How to choose a dress?How to choose a dress?

Pyshechkam Fit all models, visually slimming and pulling the silhouette is a dress with a vertical stripe, V-neck in the neck. If you have large breasts, then do not choose dresses with a deep cut in this area. You risk to seem vulgar. You can wear a narrow dress, and the problem areas can help hide the jacket with the basque! Low girls of this type of figure should try to avoid too short models.

Thin girls fit dresses that create volume. Just add volume to where it is missing. If we want to visually enlarge breasts, we take dresses with voluminous collars, ruffles or draperies in this area. We need to increase the hips, we select models with draperies, patch pockets, frills in this area. If you really wanted a tight dress-buy! Just wear it, for example, in combination with a fur vest or a volume belt.

How to choose a dress?How to choose a dress?

Girls of average build fit almost any dress models. For them, the general rule applies - avoid excessive volume in places where nature has bestowed them on you and add to places where it is not enough.

Finally, choosing a dress, put on heels and before leaving do not forget to smile at your reflection in the mirror! We women are the most beautiful creatures on Earth and let someone try to challenge this!

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