How to choose a curler for hair

What woman does not want to be always attractive! And although absolutely straight hair is always fashionable, not a single celebration is complete without beautiful curls.

It is worth only pick the right curler for hair, and then you can do and large curls, and small kucheryashki. Curler is also needed to create volume and delicious styling. How to choose a curler for hair, because they are all kinds of types?

How to choose a curler for hair?

How to choose a curling hair: nozzles

Curling iron today is no longer just a device for curling hair, it is a complex high-tech device with an electronic controller, temperature indicator and liquid crystal display. It is made on the basis of nanotechnology, including the latest technology of ion condensation.

The main criteria when choosing curling are nozzles, its price directly depends on their quantity. In the shop you can find curling irons and with one particular nozzle, and with a large number of interchangeable ones. Thanks to them, you can make curls and curls of various shapes, sizes and even patterns.

  • One of the most simple - round head for smooth curls. From each other, these nozzles differ primarily in size: the larger the diameter, the larger your curls will be.
  • Conical or spiral nozzleshelp to make elastic soft spirals of hair of different sizes.
  • Brush headsat the same time combing and winding hair, give hairstyle volume and pomp. True, they have one serious drawback: the very long hair when curling is usually tangled in the bristles.

How to choose a curling hair: nozzles

  • Straight hair waves are made withcorrugated nozzles. Lovers of experimenting with their hair will like special texture textures that can reproduce various figures on their hair (circles, hearts, triangles, etc.). There are also curling and with nozzles, irons for straightening hair.

Think carefully about which nozzles you will need in order not to overpay for something you will never use.

How to choose a curler for hair: material

In order to choose a quality hair curler, look at the material of which consists of its working surface. Usually it is metal. Metal although inexpensive, it has many disadvantages: the risk of burning hair, their uneven heating, etc.

More popular material isceramics. It is beautifully and very quickly heated, does not injure the hair at all and stably holds the thermal regime.

There are also more complex options, for example, a Teflon coating - for better sliding, a tourmaline coating - for ionizing hair, and even using special silver nanoparticles for coating - to create an antibacterial effect. Some manufacturers now add in their curling iron even such a function as steam processing of hair for the best saturation with moisture. The body is made of heat-resistant plastic.

How to choose a curler for hair: material

How to choose a hair curler according to the specifications?

  • Power curlingprovides the rate of its heating. Therefore, choosing a curling hair is also important for this parameter. Usually ployki produce power from 20 to 50 watts. There are also professional tongs with much higher power. Standard household curling usually heats up in 1 minute.
  • Particular attention when choosing a curling iron should be paid to its temperature range.. Often it ranges between 100 and 200 degrees. The higher the temperature of the maximum heating of the curling, the easier it will be to make even the most incredible curls. It will be very useful to have an on / off indicator in the wobbler, as well as a display for setting the required temperature.
  • When buying a curling iron, it is better to choose a device with a long cord (about 3 m) or on batteries.Take the curling iron in your hand: its handle should not cause you any inconvenience. Try a curling iron right in the cabin, seeing how well and quickly it heats up and works.

How to choose a hair curler according to the specifications?

  • Another important point - the presence of a large number of functions of the curling, as a rule, entails an increase in its dimensions and mass. Therefore, if you are an inveterate traveler, it is better to purchase a more compact and simpler option for you, which is easy to take on the road.

These tips should help you. make the right choice of hair curlers. Do not rush to make a purchase quickly, it is better to enjoy the selection process a little longer.

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Love yourself, pay more attention to your appearance. Change your styles and images more often, because your mood directly depends on how good you look, which means your life!

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