How to choose a belt


Belts as a concept of exclusively male accessory have long since disappeared, today belts are an important accessory in every woman’s wardrobe.

Absolutely surprising, but the purchase of a belt in most women causes a great desire to wear it, hands stretch to it in the shop windows of expensive shops, eyes of a variety of choice, but after the purchase, a beautiful strap, for some reason it remains to hang in the closet. did half of the belts gather dust in our closets?

The main thing that is important to understand when choosing belts and belts is that the belt is a very unpredictable accessory,you should buy a belt that is not suitable for your wardrobe, and you will have to leave it in the closet for a long time or give it to someone from your friends. Of course, there is nothing strategically difficult when choosing belts, you just need to follow some recommendations and tips.

How to choose a belt?

How to choose a belt?

How to choose a belt?

Belt as an accessory

  • In the store, products always look much more beautiful, richer, because they are created not to become a work of art, but to buy them.
  • Usually, the belts in the store are placed on shop windows or shelves located approximately at eye level; they can be rolled up or dressed on mannequins.
  • The belts are full of diversity and each is beautiful and good in its own way, but they are created primarily to correct the figure for the better, and not to spoil it.

How to choose a belt?

Belts are a geometric fashion.

How to choose a belt?How to choose a belt?

  1. Women of short stature, full body fit narrow and flat belts, it will visually lengthen the waist and make it thinner.
  2. For tall ladies, fit wide belts, with massive plaques.
  3. The belt looks very nice in combination with the jacket, often the jackets are fitted, but they still give the figure a more strict silhouette, the presence of a belt in this case will give your figure a graceful silhouette.
  4. Thin or narrow belts will fit the business image, but it is important to understand that a thin belt, fitted jacket will visually give your waist a few extra centimeters.

How to choose a belt?How to choose a belt?

Problems may arise when choosing the texture and width of the belt: the denser and rougher your belt, the more airy the outfit should be.

There are belts with beautiful massive buckles, on which sparkling rhinestones can be attached, such belts are perfect for narrow jeans - skinny for going to a nightclub.

Belt selection by color and widthBelt selection by color and width

Belt selection by color and width

In addition to geometry, you should also consider the color range of belts.

Since narrow belts are mainly designed to be combined with business-style images, it is best if the belt is of classic, neutral tones, for example, white, black, gray or cocoa.

The wide strap should be solid. When choosing a belt by color, you must follow the main rule - the belt should not violate the overall range of a suit or dress, but if it still looks very contrast against the background of the main outfit, try to choose a dress of discreet, almost pastel colors.

Belt selection by color and widthBelt selection by color and width

Thus, you will be able to emphasize the waist, and look bright, without disturbing the overall color scheme of the image.

It is believed that the belt should match the color and texture of the shoes and bag, and if you decide to emphasize your waist with a belt, put it on a coat, then it should also be suitable for gloves. However, designers always give us surprises and change fashion trends, so it’s best to choose belts of restrained, calm tones.

When choosing a belt, you must remember that you should be careful and thoughtful about his choice, because with the help of a belt you can both decorate your outfit and make it lose.

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