How to change eye color at home


Following the trends of fashion, many people radically change their appearance. Fashion dictates what clothes and accessories we need to wear, what hairstyles to do. Many follow the advice of fashion designers to look stylish, fashionable and beautiful. Some even want to change the color of their eyes.

A reasonable and rational way to change the color of the cornea is to buy colored contact lenses. However, not everyone is comfortable in them. In addition, some people may experience allergic reactions. But to affect the shade of your eyes, you can and without lenses at home.

Change in eye color at home

  • If you have gray, blue or green eyes, you can give them the desired shade with the help of their surroundings. For example, if you have gray eyes, the clothes of blue or green color can give them the corresponding shades. This is a very convenient way to change the color of the eyes, which does not require effort and the use of contact lenses.
  • In addition, cosmetics may affect the color of the iris. Decorative cosmetics of various shades will help you to change the shades of your eyes. For example, to make green brighter, women are advised to use shadows and a contour pencil of gray or brown. The color will become more intense immediately after applying the makeup. This method is also an easy alternative to contact lenses.
  • Eye color may change without your desire in the process of growing up. For example, babies are more often born with blue eyes. In the course of their vital activity, eye color may change. The iris may turn brown, gray or green. In older people, on the contrary, their eyes become lighter. That is, from brown, they can turn into honey.

  • Unfortunately, a change in the color of the eyes can lead to not very pleasant reasons. For example, as a rule, for many people, eye color may change after an illness. These changes can occur in the direction of clarification, and, conversely, darkening. These changes are more often seen in people with blue eyes. Such a change does not occur in those whose eyes are brown. Inflammatory processes in one eye can lead to heterochromia (that is, the eyes can become different colors). Examples of such diseases are Fuchs syndrome and Posner-Schlossman syndrome. In the case of these diseases, the iris can take on a slightly greenish tint.
  • Those who suffer from glaucoma may also change their eye color. This is due to the use of hormonal eye drops. They are used to reduce intraocular pressure. However, if you use these drops for a long time, then the iris will darken.
  • And the mood and your state of mind also affects the color of your eyes. These ingredients, combined with the right makeup and the right color of clothing, will help your eyes change.

  • There is an opinion that you can change the color of the eyes due to the so-calledvisualization. That is, you need to try to change the color of your own eyes with the help of auto-suggestion. The method proposes to provide exactly the shade of the iris, what you want. During this session of self-suggestion, nothing should distract you from the process. It is best to have complete silence. You should relax and try not to think about anything before the beginning of the session (except, of course, what color your eyes should be). To conduct such a session you need about forty minutes. This method, of course, causes a lot of controversy. But perhaps worth a try.
  • In addition to the use of contact lenses, there is another way to change the color of the eyes in a medical way (of course, this cannot be done at home on your own, but the fact is curious). Now there is a method that can turn your eye color blue with a laser beam. This method was developed by American scientists. Changes in the eye during the use of this method are not reversible. In addition, the procedure is, of course, expensive. Buying color lenses will cost you much less.

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Following the written, you can try to change the color of your eyes at home. These methods are especially important if a person who wants to give his eyes a different shade, is inconvenient when wearing contact lenses.

Be attentive to the color of the iris of your eyes. If you have not tried to do anything, and the color has changed, you should consult a doctor. This can be a harbinger of dangerous diseases. After all, our eyes are not only a mirror of the soul, but also a kind of an indicator of health.