How to care for suede shoes


Shoes made of suede can decorate any feet, giving grace and nobility. To keep suede shoes in excellent condition, you need to properly care for her.

How to care for suede shoes?

Caring for suede shoes should be delicate, so as not to harm the material. Therefore, suede shoes are not suitable for everyday wear. These shoes are better to wear on special occasions to shine.

How to care for suede?

Care for suede shoes should be immediately after purchase, because prevention is much cheaper than a full treatment. First thing buy a special spray for suede shoes. The aerosol forms a thin protective layer on the shoe, which prevents water, dirt, dust, snow, and chemical reagents from getting into the suede.

Prevention not only protects suede from premature damage, but also simplifies your task, eliminating unnecessary trouble. It is recommended to do the initial processing of shoes at least 3 times: they applied an aerosol, allowed to dry, sprayed again, allowed to dry, etc.

How to care for suede shoes?

Summer care for suede shoes requires more attention., than in winter. After a summer walk, coming home you need to shake off dust and dirt from the surface of the shoe. To do this, use a special cloth from the flannel. When cleaning do not push on shoes. When you remove the dust from the product, wash the shoes: dilute some powder in warm water and wipe the suede. Then re-wipe the surface of the suede shoes with a damp flannel cloth, then wipe with a dry cloth and set to dry.

How to care for suede boots?

Suede boots need to carry out daily prophylaxis. For the prevention you will need special creams that reduce the ingress of moisture to suede. You will also need a special impregnation, which will protect suede shoes from salt, snow and moisture. Soak shoes should be immediately before going out.

To clean suede boots, you need a stiff porous sponge-brush, eraser from greasy deposits, a crepe brush and a brush with rubberized teeth. The sponge brush quickly removes the top layer of dust and dirt. An eraser and a brush with rubberized teeth eliminate greasy deposits and remove hard spots. A crepe brush refreshes the surface layer of suede and returns velvety to it.

How to care for suede boots?

To restore the color of suede boots, You will need a special paint spray. The best option is a transparent spray that protects and maintains the color of the suede. To return the shoe's former brightness, you need a black or other appropriate tone. If you want to tint brown suede, brush your shoes with a brush dipped in coffee grounds.

Caring for suede shoes: tips

  • Suede is cleaned only in a dry condition, so it must be dried before cleaning.
  • Suede shoes do not like moisture, so refrain from socks in rainy weather, as well as in autumn and spring, when the humidity reaches its maximum.
  • Sunlight burns out coloring pigments, giving the suede a greenish or bluish tint that does not paint shoes. Therefore, suede shoes can not be left in the sun for a long time.
  • Use special cosmetics for the care of suede shoes. Cosmetics for suede should not contain synthetic components, otherwise, you ruin the shoes.
  • Polluted suede things can be rubbed with a crust of rye bread.
  • You can remove stains with salt or talcum powder, as well as use a special eraser for suede shoes.
  • To freshen suede shoes, give her a hot bath. To do this, wipe the shoes with a special brush and hold it over boiling water. After the bath your shoes will be like new!

Caring for suede shoes: tips

  • You can not dry shoes made of suede near the central heating battery, otherwise it will become very rough and tough. Such shoes are dried anywhere at room temperature. Inside the shoes you can put a newspaper that will absorb all the moisture.
  • To update the chamois, wipe it with a cotton swab dipped in alcohol solution. Alcohol is diluted with water (1: 1).
  • Do not store suede shoes in plastic bags.
  • Do not use ordinary shoe creams for suede shoes. For suede shoes suitable only special creams.
  • To rid suede shoes from glossiness, dry them, then wipe them with saline.

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Suede shoes are elegant and beautiful. The only problem is that it is quite difficult to care for her. Difficult, but possible! It is enough to follow the advice and the necessary rules for care, and you will be able to please your legs for more than one season. Wear suede shoes with pleasure and do not forget about the necessary care..