How to braid a braid

Pigtails are a universal hairstyle that is suitable for both a strict setting and a festive evening. Now hairstyles with pigtails are so varied that you can choose them for every taste and hair of different lengths. This hairstyle will emphasize the silhouette, and the hair will not interfere with work.

How to braid a braid?How to braid a braid? 5 types of weaving of braids

Plain braid

Traditional braid woven in three strands. All hair is thrown back, divided into three identical parts and braided into a braid, following the sequence: first, the third strand is thrown onto the first and second strand, then the first one into the second and third, and the second strand into the third and first. It is important to ensure that the hair is not knocked out, and to tighten them more tightly, so the braid is woven and now it can be fastened with a beautiful rubber band or tape.

5 types of weaving of braids5 types of weaving of braids


The weaving of the spikelet is somewhat more complicated than the weaving of the braid, but the techniques they have are very similar. The first stage of weaving the spikelet is the same as that of a regular braid - hair is combed back and, starting from the back of the head, three small strands should be distinguished. The thickness of the strands will then affect the size of the braid, but usually the classical strand is distinguished by about 2.5 centimeters.

5 types of weaving of braids

The size of each strand should be the same, otherwise the spikelet will not turn out even. Now these strands weave like a regular braid. The next stage of the hairstyle is the weaving into the braid of new small strands from the sides. This is done as follows - with your right thumb, grab a small strand from the bottom and weave it into the right strand of the base, then start braiding the braid again, as usual.

Then also grab a strand of hair from the bottom with your left hand and weave into the main left strand, the strand enlarged in size and also weave it into a braid. Thus, continue to weave the side strands into the main braid until the hairline on the head ends. If the spikelet is not sufficiently voluminous, then you can give it a thickness with a comb with thin teeth slightly fluff it. Well, the very last stage is to fix the rest of the hair, make a tail out of it or add a regular braid to the end.

5 types of weaving of braids

The secrets of the even spikelet

Properly braided spikelet never fails and does not fall into small strands throughout the day. But often newcomers in braiding a spikelet face the problem of knocking out small strands from a braid. To avoid this, you should choose strands from below strictly in the direction of weaving and as tight as possible tighten them. Hairstyle will last very long in excellent condition, if the spike is braided as tight as possible.

How to braid a braid?

You can also use styling products for this hairstyle so that the hair becomes docile - for example, some uneven strands can be smeared with foam or fixed with hairpins, so the hairstyle will look smoother and well-groomed.

There are also types of weaving, where four or five strands stand out for the braid, many variations of the French braid, where the weaving begins not from the back of the head, but from the parietal region.

French braid inside out

On the contrary, the French braid is woven just like the usual braid weaving, but the strands are woven under the central strand, and not onto it. Let's take a look at how this is done. First, collect all the hair from the top, forehead and sides and make a bundle of them, and now divide it into three even parts. Begin to braid the usual braid, but braid the strands not over the weaving, but under it. It should be so that the braided curls will be turned inside out. At the second interlacing of the strands, take another part of the hair from one side and add it to the common part of the pigtail. Continue to braid strands to the head, and now begin to braid the usual braid, which will be facing the top to the bottom. The peculiarity of this French braid is that it is more convex and noticeable, but this is, as they say, a matter of taste.

How to braid a braid?

Weave in the form of "rim"

Sometimes you want to brag about your long, luxurious hair, but add a bit of originality to your hair. In this case, fit a small pigtail ribbon or rim. Owners of curly and unruly hair can be grateful to such a hairstyle - it will allow them to forget about the falling and interfering strands endlessly and at the same time emphasize the beauty and richness of their hair. In order to braid such a braid, we’ll part the middle of the head, leading it from one ear to the other, and about 7 centimeters indentation should be made from the forehead.

How to braid a braid?

Front hair weave French or ordinary oblique, starting weaving on the forehead from ear to ear. Then we attach the tip of the braid with a hairpin or hairpin for hair so that it is not visible, beat the rest of the hair with our hands, add volume with the help of a fleece and fill the hair with varnish.

Five strand braid

For this braid, you will need clamps or a helper to hold the strands. Moisturize hair lightly and brush it back. Now divide them into five equal strands and scrape the right strand with the strand closest to it.

How to braid a braid?

The strand, which is the most central scrape with a strand, which until then had been right. Then take again the central strand, and scrape with a strand that is located to the left, but not the most extreme. The leftmost strand is now scraped from the next strand on the right side. Perform all these actions until you braid the braid to the end.

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