How to apply shellac at home

Beauty and practicality - so to say about the manicure, made with the help of gel polish. Many girls today choose this coating for nails, saving time and taking care of appearance. In order not to spend extra money and not depend on the schedule of the master, it is useful to learn how to apply shellac on your own.

The most important advantage for which Shellac is valued is stamina. The manicure looks perfect from 4 to 6 weeks. It is easy to apply and easy to remove with a special liquid. The palette of shades pleasantly impressive, allowing each time to choose something new. But if the application of conventional varnish is carried out at home without any devices, then for drying the gel varnish can not do without a special lamp. Because of this feature, such a manicure is usually done in the salon. And in the presence of such a device is quite realistic to apply gel polish yourself. If you follow certain instructions, the manicure will look no worse than the one made by the master. So, tell you how to apply shellac at home.

Cooking tools and marigolds

Cooking tools and marigolds

Any manicure is a creative process, but at the same time it requires mandatory adaptations in order to get a result that suits us. Just one bottle of gel polish and topcoat will not be enough. The main requirement - the presence of a UV lamp or LED-drying. With the first device for drying requires a lot of time. The second provides greater speed, but the cost of LED-drying is much higher than UV lamps.

You also need to have on hand such a toolkit:

  • nail file for natural marigolds;
  • buff (grinder, polisher);
  • gel polish remover;
  • degreaser;
  • set of orange chopsticks.

The next important piece of advice on how to apply shellac correctly is to prepare your nails perfectly. For this you need:

  1. Orange chopsticks push back cuticles.
  2. Give the nails the desired shape using a nail file.
  3. The nail plates are slightly polished with a buff, starting the polishing of the cuticles.
  4. To carry out processing with a degreaser.

Apply shellac according to the rules

Apply shellac according to the rules

To create a beautiful manicure requires precise performance of certain steps.

To create a magically beautiful manicure requires precise execution of certain stages. These instructions are suitable for applying the original Shellac gel polish of the American brand CND. But they will also help you learn how to properly apply Blyuskay shellac to a Chinese manufacturer or gel varnish from any other company. So, you must perform the following steps:

  1. To put with a thin layer a basis for gel varnish. Dry in accordance with the lamp instructions (the drying time is then determined according to the same principle).
  2. Cover the nails with a neat colored layer of shellac. It is necessary to ensure that the tool does not fall on the cuticle, otherwise such a manicure will not last long. You can apply no more than 2 color layers. Repeated coating is carried out only after complete drying of the previous one. This number of layers is enough to give hue saturation and brightness.
  3. Process the finishing tool - top-fixer. The drug is applied in a thin layer, dried in the lamp. This tool provides manicure protection, gives nails an attractive shine.

Accuracy, slowness and following the rules - this is the answer to the question of how to apply shellac correctly for a long time. But the implementation of gel polish spectacular manicure "cat's eye" has its own characteristics. This cosmetic is distinguished by the fact that it contains the smallest metal particles. When brought to the nail plate of the magnet, these components are connected in a pattern or drawing. The beauty of such a manicure is revealed when light hits the nails: the print shines and catches the eye.

How to apply shellac "cat's eye"? At the stage of re-coating with a colored layer, you need to bring a magnet to the surface of the nail. Keep the distance from the nail plate in 3-4 mm. Carefully ensure that the gel is not affected.

Fine art manicure

Shellac with rhinestonesHow to decorate your nails

Nail artThere are many possibilities for artistic decorating marigolds.

In addition to the "cat's eye", there are many opportunities for artistic decoration of nails - nail art. For example, rhinestones, sand, sparkles, painted with acrylic paints. All these decorative elements are applied to the colored layer before being treated with a top fixer. True, acrylics can be made after the finish coating, but then be sure to repeat the fixing. Practical advice to lovers of such painting: acrylic paint should be used as thick as possible to avoid its spreading.

The most common difficulties in applying shellac:

  • gel polish too thick. This problem can be solved by putting the tool in the refrigerator for 10-20 minutes. After cooling the bottle roll between the palms for about 2 minutes. This will normalize the consistency; the coating will be a uniform shade;
  • shellac affected the cuticle. In order not to remove the tool from all over the nail, you just need to remove the excess with a remuver and a thin cotton swab.

Self application of shallak is an affordable alternative to expensive salon procedures. In the presence of high-quality gel polish, additional tools and accessories manicure turns out almost at a professional level. And exact observance of instructions guarantees firmness of skillful beauty.

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