How to apply foundation to the face with a brush and in


Any professional makeup artist will confirm that the most important component of makeup is smooth skin. Even the most sophisticated make-up will lose its appeal, being applied to an unclean face, and further emphasize its imperfection. With this task, the tonal framework works wonderfully. Knowing this, many women are interested in how to properly apply foundation.

How to apply foundation?

Choosing a tonalnik

Selecting the "foundation" for makeup, keep in mind that he is able to produce not only a decorative effect:

  • If the skin emits a large amount of fat, choose a tone foundation that reduces and absorbs excessive secretions. In this case, a cream is usually suitable rather liquid and light texture.
  • If the skin, on the contrary, is not elastic enough, is prone to drying out, you should use tonal means with the effect of moisture and the content of hyaluronic acid, fats and vitamins. Usually they have a more dense, rich texture.
  • For wilting skin, choose a tonal base that has a tightening effect that feeds the skin. This base often contains light-reflecting particles that visually smooth wrinkles, highlighting them.
  • If the main task is to hide any skin flaws, you should use a tinting agent that is rather dense in texture, which contains a large amount of fine powder that masks all the irregularities.
  • If the skin is susceptible to inflammation, you should pay attention to the tonal with antibacterial properties, which not only hide defects, but also give a healing effect.
  • In the daytime version of make-up, a light tonal basis is used, which is translucent in texture, and in the evening one is more dense.
  • In the summer, you must use a tool that reliably protects against exposure to sunlight - this will prolong the youth of the skin.

As for the selection of color, the shade of the tool should be as close as possible to the natural skin tone. If it is tanned, a cream of a couple of tones is darker. In order not to be mistaken with a shade, use a probe when buying: apply a little base on a small area of ​​skin on the face (you should not check on the skin of your hands or bend the elbow) and wait 10 minutes and then evaluate.

How to apply foundation to your face?

Before using the foundation to even out the tone of the face, you need to prepare your skin for the upcoming procedure so that the product is distributed as evenly as possible.

  • Be sure to clean your face from makeup residues - use lotion, facial wash or milk to remove makeup.
  • If the skin is peeling, it is advisable to regularly peel to remove dead skin particles. Due to this, the tonal framework will go much more evenly.
  • Apply a thin layer of a suitable cream to clean skin. Wait about 15 minutes - the tool should be well absorbed. The remains of the cream can be removed with a sponge or cotton pad.
  • Laying the foundation for make-up is necessary only with good, preferably natural, lighting. This will allow you to better see all the flaws and disguise them as evenly and accurately as possible.
  • Before applying directly on the face, squeeze a little bit of the toner on the back of the hand and from there dial it for distribution on the face.

How to apply foundation? There are 3 vehicles:

  1. Fingers This is not just the most economical way to use the tool - it also allows you to apply it in a very natural, almost imperceptible layer. This is especially true for daytime makeup and flaky skin. This is due to the fact that under the influence of heat from the fingers, the cream is distributed very well, without creating a mask effect. But for this, it is necessary not to smear the product on the skin, but to point it out with light clapping movements of the fingers to drive it into the skin. The more viscous the substrate, the better this method of application.

    How to apply foundation to the face with your fingers?
  2. Sponge or sponge. There is a small secret in this method: in order to mask the “doubtful” areas well, it is better to use a dry sponge or sponge. And to create a thin and very natural-looking layer, use wet tools. The application is carried out in the same way as in the previous case, using clapping movements, rather than rubbing. This is especially important for owners of skin with large pores. The sponge should be of good quality, very plastic and soft.How to apply foundation to face with sponge and sponge?
  3. Brush. Before you learn how to apply foundation with a brush, let's look at what accessories are suitable for this. To create an even layer, a good product made of synthetic fibers, medium size and always flat. Using the brush is most convenient to apply the base on small parts of the face: the wings of the nose, eyelids, the space above the upper lip. This is done in the following way: apply a small amount on the center of the forehead, cheekbones, middle of the nose and center of the chin. Then, using light, short, lightly tapping movements, spread the tonal tool from these points to the periphery of the face, starting from the forehead. Brush with this must necessarily be perpendicular to the face.How to apply foundation to the face with a brush?

With any method of application, remember that you can not impose a tool in the direction from the ears to the center of the face, so that the cream does not tamper with wrinkles and pores, making them more visible. How to apply the foundation step by step can be seen in the photo.

A few tips on using the tonal framework

  • After applying a tinting agent, be sure to carefully blend it. Particular attention should be paid to the line of the beginning of hair growth and the neck: in these areas the cream should smoothly go to a minimum, without forming a visible border. For a more natural effect, it is advised to apply a small amount of the tonal framework to the open area of ​​the neck, neckline and even the ears.
  • Do not use a large amount of foundation, if necessary, add a new layer.
  • If, however, you have put too much foundation, you should not try to rub the excess with an additional layer on top. It is better to simply remove them with a cotton pad or, if they have accumulated in wrinkles, wipe off with a cotton swab.
  • For the area under the eyes, special means are used - a concealer or a stick, which is slightly lighter than the foundation.
  • To get rid of the pinkish skin tone, use the base of a beige shade. And if the skin tone gives yellowness, try, on the contrary, a slightly pinkish tint.
  • After applying the base, sprinkle your face with water from a spray bottle - this will make the make-up easier, more natural and fresh, and also fix it better.
  • With the help of foundation you can simulate the desired shape of the face. So, for visual reduction of any area the tool is used darker, and to create volume - lighter. For example, to narrow the face, you can slightly darken areas of the back of the cheekbones and lower jaw, and apply a lighter shade to the front of the cheekbones, forehead and chin. At the same time, it is important to gently shade different shades, avoiding that there is a clear border between them.

Skillfully combining various techniques of imposing a foundation for a face and selecting its tone correctly, one can easily achieve an attractive and fresh-looking skin. But do not forget that this is only a temporary measure. To face and without make-up looked good and young, he needs rest, timely care, cleansing and regular meals.