How to apply concealer on face and décolleté


A concealer or proofreader is a necessary component of each cosmetic bag, especially when the skin is far from ideal. If you know how to apply concealer correctly, and skillfully apply it in practice, with the help of such decorative cosmetics, you can temporarily forget about dark circles under your eyes, acne and even freckles.

Palette concealers: what is it?

Love the natural makeup, but you can not afford it because of the roughness of the skin? In this case, the purchase of concealer will be able to radically change your life. This is not just another tube of foundation, but a tool that can camouflage all cosmetic defects with particular precision. In contrast to the usual basis, which we are accustomed to see in the form of a light cream, the corrector has a more dense and heavy texture.

This tool is available in several versions, such as:

  • Styles. They are sold in the form of a pencil-corrector and are very convenient for spot masking, for example, acne or freckles. Perhaps the only drawback is too dense concealer texture, due to which it is poorly smeared and absorbed by the skin.
  • Tubes with liquid cream and applicator stick. With the help of such a tool you can remove the consequences of a sleepless night for a few strokes and create a slight shimmering skin tone.
  • Matte palette. It creates a perfectly even skin tone, removes oily shine, dark spots and can be applied over the entire surface of the face, replacing the tonal base.

In addition, all the correctors differ not only in consistency, but also in color. In turn, each shade is designed to eliminate a particular defect. Based on this, a special scheme was developed by makeup artists on how and where to apply the concealer for the face, depending on its color:

  • Warm yellow tint is designed to mask bruises under the eyes, the effects of acne and various bruising.
  • Violet color effectively eliminates the unnatural sallow and painful shade of the face.
  • Green concealer is extremely necessary for women with oily and prone to skin rashes. It will also eliminate the effects of allergies.
  • The pink concealer is often applied on age spots, venous nets and under the eyes.

Such a pattern of concealer can be an excellent tool for creating contour makeup. With this palette, true professional stylists are able to magically make a round face oval, that is, as close as possible to the ideal form.

Makeup under the heading "Top Secret"

In addition to the fact that the correctors are so diverse, there are certain rules for applying them to different parts of the face and body. So, let's figure out how to apply concealer under the eyes.

The lower eyelid needs a special tint, because here the skin is the thinnest and most delicate. It is not surprising that a lot of sleepless nights, lack of vitamins, unhealthy diet and other problems of the body immediately reflected in our eyes. To correct such shortcomings, concealer would be more correct to apply in the form of a triangle, rather than the usual for many point method.

How to apply concealer?

You can make a special emphasis in the make-up of the eyes if you apply the corrector in the way shown in the figure below. To do this, use the tool one tone lighter than your skin. The eyes will look rested, and the eye shadow will be smoother.

Make a special emphasis on eye makeup

Not everyone by nature is given wide eyebrows and open eyelids. However, this deficiency is easily masked by concealer applied above and below the eyebrows.

How to apply concealer on the eyes

If you want your nose to look thinner, and the nasolabial folds do not stand out, apply a little cream in the center and along its wings.

How to apply concealer on the nose?

Corrector can be used to disguise small spots. To do this, the concealer is applied with a dotted method strictly on a protruding area, and then smoothly shaded with a usual cotton swab.

How to apply concealer on your mouth?

Will have to attend a secular party, and you plan to wear an open dress? Emphasize the natural contours of your body with several color correctors as shown in the photo.

How to apply concealer around the neck?

With skillful use, the corrector is able to change the shape of the lips and prolong the life of the lipstick. To visually expand the contours of the lips, as well as fix the gloss and lipstick in hot weather, apply concealer along these lines.

How to apply concealer on the lips?

How to remove age spots and acne in the décolleté? Take concealer in the color of your skin tone and carefully paint over the problem area. Then cover it all with a thin layer of translucent powder. Continue to alternate these makeup products until you get the desired result.

How to apply concealer?

Non-standard application of the corrector

How to apply concealer on the face and the main parts of the body, we figured out. But it will be useful to know that the corrector can be used not only as a primary masking agent. Professional makeup artists have found this product and other applications:

  • Try applying a small amount of concealer in the middle of your lower lip before covering it with glitter. This technique allows you to visually expand the lower part of the face and give the lips a slight swelling.
  • Accidentally smeared the liquid eyeliner, but to redo everything corny does not have enough time? Apply a bit of corrective treatment to the makeup brush and gently correct the flaws.
  • Create your own moisturizing tone foundation by mixing a bit of day cream and concealer together.

Of course, many women do not need any masking tools. However, to have a corrector in tone of skin color in your cosmetic arsenal will not be superfluous. After all, who knows what the circumstances will be tomorrow, and perhaps the knowledge gained will be useful to you in practice in the near future.