How to apply blush

Blush - a wonderful tool of beauty in the right hands! With their help, you can adjust the shape of the face, make the skin visually fresher, achieve a light tan effect.

How to apply blush on the face: the rules

How to apply blush?

  • To begin with pick up color, relying on the natural data. You need to choose the shade that is similar to your blush after playing sports or staying in the cold. For a quick determination of your natural blush, lightly pat your cheeks. You can also match the color of your lips.
  • Pink skin shades are more suitable for light skin, olive color - peach, and dark skin - shades of apricot and even red. When it comes to rouge, brown and apricot tones are considered the most popular. They are well suited for creating beautiful daytime makeup, but not for evening. Because in the evening light these colors pale.
  • There are 4 color groups of blush shades: cold bluish or pink shades, including fuchsia - only suitable for summer and winter types. Warm colors based on yellow hues, including coral and light brown, create a soft, soft effect. Brown, amber, apricot are better shaded and combined with other shades. Tones of red, for example, hibiscus and tomato, look good on dark skin or one that has a brownish tint.
  • The depth of the color will depend on the size of the brush and the pressure with which the blush is applied. For large areas of the face, take a large brush. So you can easily achieve a beautiful natural effect. For a more accurate application and to achieve intensity, use a small brush. Large brush can also be applied bronzer. Now that you have decided on the color, choose the correct consistency of the rouge for your skin type.
  • Crumbly blush is best suited for oily or combination skin. Liquid and gel - for oily skin. Cream blush is great for mature and dry skin. They are perfectly shaded and therefore look natural. If you opt for cream blush, put 1 point on the cheekbones and 2 small ones just above the cheekbones. Blend points towards the hairline.

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