How to accelerate the growth of nails

It is difficult to find a girl who would not dream of long and beautiful nails. Long strong nails have long been considered a symbol of good health, grooming, attracting not only the looks of fashionistas, but also men. Also, long nails visually lengthen the hand and make the fingers more elegant. That is why it is so important for girls to have good nails and, of course, they are wondering how to accelerate their growth.

So that you have a small idea of ​​how a nail grows, a few words about its structure. The nail is a transparent horny plate, devoid of nerve endings and blood vessels. Nutrients enter the nail plate from the blood vessels, which are located under the nail plate in the skin. The condition of your nail is directly dependent on your lifestyle and nutrition, less commonly associated with heredity and diseases of the nail plate.

Now in beauty salons there are procedures for nail care and to accelerate their growth. But in order to notice tangible results, you must undergo a whole course of procedures, and this all takes away your money and time. Easier and more profitable accelerate nail growth yourself, just following our advice.

How to speed up nail growth: nutrition

First of all, if you want to accelerate the growth of nails, you should pay attention to your diet.Eat more foods with content. vitamins A and B - this is any greens, tomatoes, carrots, cabbage, liver and sprouted wheat grains. Eat high foods calcium (dairy products, especially cottage cheese) and silicon (onions, spinach and seafood). Include in your diet food containing iodine, sulfur and iron. Take vitamin preparations in winter and spring. Also remember that diets low in protein and fat negatively affect nails.

How to accelerate the growth of nails: massage

Massage of fingers is beneficial for nail growth., as during the massage blood circulation increases, and nutrients flow in greater quantities into the nail plate. You can ask your partner to do such a pleasant procedure, or perform it yourself. Start with light kneading movements, and then increase the intensity, but the movements should not be too sharp or all the more painful, be guided by your condition. It is better to carry out massage with use of sunflower or vegetable oil, it is possible to add there vitamins A and E, and also essential oils to the taste. Perform the procedure for 5-10 minutes every day.

In addition to finger massage, you can do directly massage of the nail plate itself. To do this, use an old brush and massage the cuticle and nail with it for a few minutes, then brush your hands with a nourishing cream.

How to get rid of nail growth: baths

  • The most popular bath to accelerate the growth of nails is an oil bath.. For its preparation, take any vegetable oil, preferably olive or almond, heat it to a temperature of 40 degrees. Hold your nails in such a bath for about 10 minutes, then brush your hands and nails with a nourishing cream. Oil bath should be done, although 2-3 times a week.
  • Good for nails also salt bath. For her, you will need 1 table. Spoon of sea salt and warm water - 1 cup. Add salt to the water and dip the tips of the fingers. If desired, you can add lemon or cranberry juice to the bath, a few drops of vitamin A and E.
  • You can make trays of decoctions of herbs - chamomile, mint, oak tree and a series.

  • Grapefruit bath Prepared as follows: take one small grapefruit and mix its pulp with glycerin and a solution of ammonia 1/4 cup. Dip your nails in such a bath for 15 minutes, then wash your hands and lubricate with cream.
  • Soap bath suitable not only for the growth of nails, but also to soften coarse skin. You will need salt for it - 1 table. spoon, warm water - 1 cup, liquid soap - a couple of tables of spoons. Add soap to the water, then add salt and put your hands in the bath for 20 minutes.
  • Vitamin bath - This is a folk remedy that is popular. Take 1/4 cup of sunflower oil, vitamin A - 5 drops, iodine tincture - 3 drops. All mix and hold your nails in a bath for 15 minutes.

How to accelerate the growth of nails: iodine nets

Iodine has a very beneficial effect on the condition of the nails and their growth. This procedure is done very easily, and a week after regular use, you will notice tangible results. In the evening, apply iodine mesh on your nails with a cotton swab. If you apply the strips neatly and thinly, then by the morning they will be almost invisible.

How to speed up nail growth: nail growth cream

The cream has a positive effect on the growth of nails, but acquiring it in the store, you will not be sure one hundred percent of its effectiveness, so you can make the cream yourself according to popular recipes.

  1. Blackcurrant Cream. Take 1 table spoon of black currant and the same amount of flour, add the floor. table. spoons of cream. Mix everything thoroughly, and interpret the black currant. Distribute the cream on the nails, put on cotton gloves and leave for two hours.
  2. Cream based on baby cream. It is prepared quite simply, take any children's cream - 1 table. spoon, add there to 10-15 drops of an oil solution of vitamin D, A and E. Mix everything, apply on your nails and leave for three hours.
  3. Cream with chamomile and sea buckthorn. This cream is also suitable to strengthen and accelerate the growth of nails. Take shredded chamomile flowers - 2 table. spoons and sea buckthorn oil - 70 gr. Heat the oil and chamomile and boil for 15 minutes, then remove from the heat and stir evenly. Apply the mixture on your nails, put on cotton gloves and wait three hours, then remove the remaining cream with a cotton pad.

Nail growth is affected by the condition of the cuticle so take care of its strengthening. The cuticle oil has a positive effect on the cuticle, which you can buy at the pharmacy and rub it regularly on the nail plate every evening before going to bed.

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Nails are an indicator of the state of your body and so if you want them to look beautiful and healthy, take care of them not only externally but also internally - eat right, give up bad habits and drink more water.

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