How to accelerate hair growth

Many women often face the problem of slow hair growth. Sometimes you want, as if by magic, to change short hair for gorgeous "mane". For this, the female half is ready to make many sacrifices, and any hairstyle with long hair looks much better and richer. In this article we will look at ways to help speed hair growth, as well as understand how vitamins and folk remedies act on hair.

How does hair grow?

One of the main reasons slow hair growth is a poor supply of the scalp with the right elements, which are the building blocks for the hair. Then the follicles seem to hibernate, and growth occurs very slowly, although all their vital functions are preserved. But as soon as you add nutrients to your hair, it begins again. active hair growth. Such elements as magnesium, potassium, calcium, copper, chromium, iron, silicon, zinc and sulfur are important for the health and beauty of hair. They can be obtained from products, and you can take special food supplements, thanks to which all the elements will be heard by the blood flow to the hair.

The use of oils will have a good effect on hair, as they contain a high concentration of acids and moisturizing substances. When applied, the oil is perfectly absorbed by the scalp and improves the condition of the hair roots.

Often normal hair growth it is suspended due to improper care, frequent washing, dyeing and illiterate selection of hair products. But in today's pace of life it is not always possible to properly care for your hair. The main part of the hair includes proteins that are composed of chains of amino acids. The most important amino acid is cystine. Also a big role on hair growth has stress, the more you get nervous, the worse hair growth becomes. Bad ecology, dirt is another reason for poor hair growth: bacteria and dust cover the hair roots and interfere with their normal functioning. In pharmacies, you can find stimulators for hair follicles, which improve growth and density of hair.

How to increase hair growth?

Rosemary has medicinal properties for hair. The recipe is: mix a cup of water with the same amount of rosemary. Add the resulting liquid to your regular shampoo, taking a ratio of 2: 1 and you can wash the hair. Rosemary opens the pores of the skin and allows the hair to "breathe." With it, you can drink and tea, which also promotes hair growth.

To improve the blood circulation of the head, you can use massage. During this procedure, the hair bulbs are actively stimulated, which affects their growth. If you devote 5-10 minutes to this every day, then in almost a month you will notice tangible results. Or you can use the recipe of yogis: headstand - this increases blood flow to the hair and activates them.

Mix in equal proportions of oil: olive, coconut and castor and heat them. Rub this mixture into the hair roots and massage it well. This method is recommended by many cosmetologists to enhance hair growth. You can also use as a dietary supplement vitamins for pregnant women, which improve the structure and growth of hair. Do not forget to include in your diet milk, fruits and vegetables - even if hair growth does not greatly accelerate, their health and density will definitely improve!

An important role in hair growth is played vitamins and minerals. Their deficiency leads to slow growth, brittleness and weakness of the hair. But you can change this situation by making yourself the right diet of amino acids and vitamins, especially group B.

Beta carotene has an excellent effect on hair growth. Its main source is green or yellow vegetables with fruits. These include: oats, pulses, nuts and brewer's yeast. No wonder beta carotene is often included in many shampoos that accelerate hair growth.

There is another miracle cure for enhancing the growth and repair of damaged hair - Methylsulfonylmethane. In terms of its nutritional value and concentration for hair, this tool cannot be compared with anything. MSM contains a large amount of sulfur, which is an important element for hair. Methylsulfonylmethane is widely used as a nutritional supplement to food, with no negative effects. In the absence of this substance, the body slows down the production of healthy cells. And if you include this tool in your diet, it will improve the condition of the skin, nails and hair.

Do not forget about another important rule: once in two months visit the hairdresser to trim hair ends. it will accelerate their growth and make the hair look more well-groomed. Avoid nervous situations, hard hair dyes, try to eat right and get enough sleep. Use professional care products. hair and a comb suitable for your hair type. In addition to a balanced diet, include in your diet vitamin supplements. It is better to refuse coffee or drink it less often, and also avoid smoking. To rid the body of toxins, drink 1.5-2 liters of water per day, which also affects hair beauty. These tips will not only improve your condition. hair,but also the health of the whole body!

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