How often can you dye your hair with henna and basma

Henna is a pigment substance used as a natural dye. In India, for example, painting the hands and feet of a girl with henna is a traditional wedding ceremony. This substance is used to dye hair. In addition to the unique shade, the substance strengthens, heals the hairline and scalp.

How often can you dye your hair with henna

Along with henna quite often another substance of natural origin is used - basma. And if the first can be used independently, then toning with clean basma is not recommended. Usually their mixture is used. In equal proportions - will give a color under the chestnut. Basma and henna 2: 1 - black, on the contrary - bronze.

How often allowed to dye hair with henna and basma?

Synthetic dyes, no matter how high-quality they are, anyway, harm the structure of the hair follicle. Especially decolorizing agents. And what about the natural dyes? How often can hair be dyed with henna and basma?

Many women believe that naturalness speaks of maximum harmlessness, and frequent use will not have a pernicious effect. But it is not. Pieces of henna clog the hair scales. As a result, the hair becomes stiffer, tarnish. Dye your hair completely preferably no more than once every 2 months, but you can tint the roots regularly.

How long will henna last on hair?

Those women who constantly change their hair color know that no matter how resistant the paint was, as a result of a private wash, the color is washed off. You have to re-enhance the shade by re-staining. Henna on the hair lasts much longer. To constantly have beautiful hair, colored with henna, it is enough to tint the roots. Or once a month, rinse hair in a warm solution of henna:

  • 1 liter of boiling water 1 bag of powder;
  • strain before use;
  • use on clean hair, immediately after washing.

Natural dye is very resistant, does not have a chemical effect on the hair. Due to the content of essential oils, henna creates an invisible protective barrier to the hair, protecting it from the effects of UV, dry air, sea water. And it perfectly stimulates the hair follicle to intensive growth. Fights dandruff. Those who regularly use henna for dyeing and toning can boast chic hair.

How long will the henna last?

By the way, if you want to paint your hair with something else after henna, then industrial-made paints, unfortunately, will not work or the result will be horrendous. In this case, the mixture of henna with other natural pigments will help you.

Shading henna: how often can it be used?

Henna gives the hair a reddish hue, the saturation of which is regulated by the time it takes to hold the product on the hair. But by adding other organic substances to the mixture, you can achieve completely unimaginable colors and tones: from wheat to eggplant and blue-black. The result of coloring also depends on the natural shade of the hair: the brighter - the more saturated the result of tinting.

Dyeing henna to dye hair preferably with the same regularity as clean. That is, once every 2 months full coloring and tinting of regrown. Like toning - once a month.

It is worth remembering that the desired color can be obtained only if you observe the recipe of the mixture and correctly carry out the procedure. Otherwise it may not work. But to bring henna, oh, how difficult. Therefore, it is better to entrust this task to professionals, even when tinting hair.

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