How long does the tattoo last (henna


The light movement of the wonderful eyebrows can express the full power of female charm. In order to look great every day without wasting too much time, the beauticians offer permanent makeup (tattoo) to the fair sex. Many women are interested in the question of how long the tattoo of the eyebrows lasts.

The essence of this cosmetic procedure is the introduction of a coloring pigment in the upper layer of the skin. Special paint is injected at a shallow depth (0.3-0.8 mm). Thanks to this makeup, the edge does not need to be tinted for a long time.

Eyebrow tattoo: effect duration

How long does the tattoo eyebrow?

A quality eyebrow tattoo can last from 6 months to 3-6 years. The average result of the successful work of an experienced master is 2 years. This is the period most women do not put too much effort to emphasize the beauty of the face and the expressiveness of the look.

Most often in beauty salons do on the eyebrow line drawing contours that look like natural hairs. This is a hair tattoo of eyebrows - how much does it hold? Beauticians indicate the approximate period - 2-6 years. Such a duration of the effect can also be expected from the method of soft feathering (continuous thick lines are applied to the eyebrows) and from the combined method.

All these procedures are carried out with the use of synthetic paints.

An alternative to such technologies is permanent biomekazy. For its creation using natural materials, thanks to which this method is suitable for pregnant women and nursing mothers. So, henna eyebrow tattooing is popular - how much does the effect hold in this case? Usually purchased color lasts 3 weeks.

What determines the duration of the tattoo?

The term of tattooing eyebrows

On how much eyebrow tattooing keeps, certain circumstances affect. The term depends on such features:

  • paint quality. Saving on materials for this cosmetic procedure is a huge risk. It is possible not only to be disappointed in the result achieved, but also to endanger health;
  • the initial shade of the pigment. Burning brunettes are in a more advantageous situation than the owners of the naturally light eyebrows. Dark shades persist longer, because such a pigment acts more intensively, it is more difficult for the body to push it out of the surface layer of the skin;
  • needle insertion depth and beautician workmanship. In addition to high qualifications, the master must have the gift of the artist to create a beautiful shape and color of eyebrows. The depth of insertion of the needle affects the tattoo of the eyebrows - how long it lasts. However, it is not necessary to get involved in the recess. If the dye penetrates the skin too much, the body can not always get rid of the pigment on its own. Sometimes you have to perform a special laser surgery;
  • age, health condition. Contact with the skin of the paint by the body is perceived as the penetration of a foreign substance that may be harmful to health. The efforts of the immune system are directed towards the elimination of the pigment, therefore a gradual removal of the artificially applied shade occurs. Permanent makeup lasts longer for women who are over 45 years old (it can be maintained even for more than 6 years). This is due to the age-related deceleration of metabolic processes. Lady, who is between 30 and 35 years old, has a saturation of hue for 2-3 years. A young lady aged 20-25 years, the tattoo pleases with its brightness on average 1.5 years;
  • individual characteristics of the organism and lifestyle. The term of preservation of the tattoo is directly dependent on the rate of metabolism. The faster these processes occur in the body, the less permanent makeup will last. Rather, the shade comes off in girls who lead an active lifestyle, play sports;
  • sun exposure Under the influence of the rays of our main star, the color of the tattoo loses its intensity, burns out. On the surface of the eyebrows, regardless of the season, it is desirable to apply strong sunscreen;
  • compliance with the recommendations of the wizard. It is necessary to treat the eyebrows with a special ointment, not to remove the crust that appears, because the ink that has been entered will also be removed with it. For some time you can not use decorative cosmetics (usually about 1 month). After such manipulations, the first 3-5 days do not need to moisten eyebrows when washing.
  • the use of caring and decorative cosmetics affects the tattoo of the eyebrows (in particular, performed by the hair method). How much he holds depends on the frequency of scrubs and cleansing masks on the face. Such actions contribute to the washout paint. To prolong the effect of permanent makeup, you should avoid contact with active cosmetics on the area around the eyebrows.

Color stability: reviews

Eyebrow tattoo paint

About how much eyebrow tattooing keeps, the opinions of women are different. Someone color is 6-12 months. Other girls are satisfied with the result for 2-3 years.

The reviews noted that the period depends on the individual properties of the skin, age. Girls advise to be neat blondes: there is a risk that after tattooing eyebrows for a long time will be very dark and only after 2-3 years will acquire a natural shade. One of the main tips - trust only the master of high qualification - then the color will last long.

Eyebrow tattoo helps to create amazing images, full of feminine beauty and charm. The effect of this procedure can last from 6 months to 6 years. The term is determined by a number of factors, among which the individual characteristics of the organism and the professionalism of the cosmetologist play the main roles. Trust the experience of the master, the quality of materials - and the stability of the tattoo will please you.