How long does gel polish on nails


Well-groomed nails are an important element of a charming image. There are a lot of variants of their modeling, decor today. Anyone who is interested in an aesthetically attractive and at the same time resistant manicure, we offer useful information about how much gel polish keeps on nails.

Durable union of gel and varnish

Gel polish

This tool is designed to allow women to save time, not so often caring for a manicure. The composition is made according to this technology, which allows the coating of nails to last about 2 weeks. Some manufacturers offer products that last up to 3 weeks.

Based on how much gel nail polish should keep on nails, experts usually do not advise maintaining such a manicure for more than 14 days. Sometimes, after this period, the nails still look good, but at the same time, the adhesion of the nail plate and the applied agent is enhanced. The further, the harder it will be to remove the coating, there is a risk of damage to the nails.

Gel Polish: the secrets of persistence

Gel Polish: the secrets of persistence

The tool is based on the elements that are part of the usual nail polish, and modeling gel. The result is a product with original properties, which are partially borrowed from each of the main substances. From lacquer manufacturers took a wealth of color palette, shine, ease of application. And from the gel for modeling the product received "inherited" stability, the absence of unpleasant odors.

Gel Polish contains chemical compounds that ensure the durability of adhesion of the nail plate and the coating applied to it. To maintain a manicure for as long as possible, it is important to strictly adhere to the rules of application. This ensures that the nails are effectively protected and attractive. Attentiveness to a manicure helps to preserve their beauty and health.

How much gel nail polish keeps on nails is influenced by certain factors:

  • the skill of a manicure specialist;
  • the implementation of all the rules of work with gel polish;
  • quality of materials used;
  • creating favorable conditions for manicure after its application;
  • individual characteristics of the perception of gel varnish by the woman's body.

The art of manicure


If the master has done his work skillfully, then the manicure resistance depends on the further actions of the client. On the advice of experts and reviews about how much gel polish on nails, you can identify important points that are worth paying special attention.

First, for 2 days after the application of the product, water should be kept to a minimum. Indeed, it is precisely during this period that the adhesion of the applied material and the natural base strengthens. Further advised to follow these instructions:

  • do household chores (especially cleaning, hand washing) in rubber gloves;
  • in the cold, protect your hands with gloves or mittens;
  • Do not handle nails with nail files, scissors;
  • Do not apply ordinary varnish, do not apply nail polish remover.

How much gel varnish keeps on natural nails depends on the state of health of the woman. An important condition for the use of this type of nail design - strong, intact nail plate. Experts advise to regularly provide their nails a rest from gel polish. During such a pause, a manicure can be done with a simple lacquer, pre-applying the treatment base and completing the procedure with a finishing coat.

Thanks to the gel polish, women can enjoy a beautiful and persistent manicure for a long time. The approximate period for which this remedy is applied is 2-3 weeks. Worthy look and health of nails are determined by factors, the main of which are the professionalism of the master and the quality of materials. Much depends on the proper care of manicure. If you follow simple tips, the beauty of the marigold will be preserved - both acquired and natural.