How beautifully wind the average hair curling


Any woman periodically wakes up the desire to make adjustments to their appearance. This applies to make-up, manicure, clothing, hairstyle. If you have a desire to change and it is directly related to the hair, then our article deserves your attention. Today we will deal with the main ways how to wrap medium hair beautifully.

How beautifully wind the hair of medium length with a curler?

How beautiful to wind medium hair curlers?

Of course, the classic way to wind the hair can be through curlers. Currently, specialty stores are equipped with the most innovative versions of this product, such as:

  • hair curlers made from colored rubber and plastic metal tubes;
  • Thermo curlers;
  • Velcro curlers;
  • papilotki

Purchase them is not difficult. This method of creating curls is easily accessible, inexpensive and occupies one of the leading positions in the priorities of fashionistas.

Make curls on medium hair:

How beautiful to wind medium hair?

  1. Wash hair with shampoo.
  2. Dry to the state of light humidity.
  3. Apply mousse or foam to improve fixation.
  4. Carefully comb hair.
  5. Separate the strands and wind them with curlers, starting from the top
  6. We are waiting for the natural drying of the hair or dry them with a hairdryer.
  7. Remove the curlers.
  8. Distribute curls with your hands.
  9. Fix the curls with hair spray.


How beautifully to wrap medium hair papilotki?

Consider the process of changing hairstyles for medium straight hair with the help of files:

  1. Wash your head with shampoo.
  2. Dry the hair with a towel.
  3. Divide them into strands.
  4. We twist one strand around the papillo axis about 6 times to form a tight rope.
  5. Twist hair curlers, starting from the tips towards the roots.
  6. Fix the hair, bending the ends of the papillots.
  7. Strengthen fixation with varnish.
  8. Remove curlers no earlier than 6 hours.
  9. Separate curls.
  10. Now you need to rub in the direction of curling hair gel in each strand.
  11. Fix the result using strong hold lacquer.

How to turn hair on papilotki?

Making elegant curls with ironing and hair dryer

To help fashionistas companies specializing in the production of electric heaters, developed devices for quick thermal hair curling. This is all sorts of curling iron, tongs, ironing, hair dryers.

For curling hair curling it is necessary to correctly determine the temperature of its heating. It directly depends on the hair structure. If the hair is weak and painful, do not heat the curling iron more than 90 degrees, and with thick and lush head of hair - no more than 200 degrees. Therefore, the curling iron must be selected with a thermostat.

Technology creating curls with curling:

  1. Wash hair and dry it slightly.
  2. Distribute the mousse evenly throughout the hair.
  3. Divide into parts and fix the hair in the temporal and occipital areas.
  4. We heat up the curling iron.
  5. Take a strand of hair (width 1.5-2 cm) at the tip and stretch.
  6. We take a curling iron, arrange it perpendicular to the hair and twist the strand in a spiral, moving from the tips to the base.How beautiful to wind the average hair curling?
  7. Fix the strand and hold for about 20 seconds.
  8. Remove the curl from curling.
  9. At the end of the perm you need to allow curls to settle down for 10 minutes.
  10. Comb hair with a comb with rare thick teeth.
  11. Fix curls lacquer.

How to wind medium hair with an iron?

Curl hair ironing

This is a good way, giving beauty, volume and pomp to not very thick hair:

  1. Prepare the hair: wash, apply conditioner, dry.
  2. Divide the clean dry hair into thin strands.
  3. We twist the strand on the finger and fasten it at the base of the invisible.
  4. Each ring of hair is placed between the plates ironing and squeeze.
  5. We take out the invisible hair.
  6. Straighten curls with your hands.
  7. Secure with varnish.

How to wind hair with an iron?

Making curls with hair dryer

Let us examine the method of curling hair with a hair dryer and brush:

  1. Wash hair with shampoo and then use balsam.
  2. Apply a thermal spray evenly.
  3. Dry hair to a state of "almost dry."
  4. We divide them into parts and fasten with clips.
  5. Turn on the hair dryer on the average heat and speed.
  6. Strand hair with a brush lifted from the roots and warm a couple of seconds.
  7. Brush smoothly lead by strand, followed by a hair dryer.
  8. Screw the strand at the tips on the brush and stretch, warm for 3 seconds.
  9. Let the hair cool for about 4 seconds.
  10. Remove the curl from the comb.
  11. Beat hair with your hands.
  12. Secure with varnish.

How to make curls with a hair dryer?

Other ways to create beautiful hairstyles

In a situation where it is impossible to visit the salon, and there is no curling iron, no hair dryer, or ironing at hand, pieces of paper, hairpins, and rags can act as curling aids.

These methods are distinguished by their simplicity, and most importantly, safety for the hair. Let's get acquainted with the method of creating curls on medium hair with the help of cloth step by step:

  1. Wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner.
  2. Dry them in a natural way to a state of "slightly wet."
  3. Cut cotton fabric into strips 5 cm wide and 30 cm long.
  4. Fix the tip of the strand in the center of the cloth using the knot.
  5. Wind the hair on the fabric and fix the bundle.How beautiful to wrap medium hair with cloths?
  6. Put a kerchief on your head and leave it for the night.
  7. Remove cloths need to carefully to avoid tangling hair.


How to "extend the life" of curls?

The current question about the "extension of life" curls can answer the following:

  • dry your hair naturally;
  • small curls last longer;
  • curl need only clean hair;
  • use hair styling and fixing agents;
  • comb curled hair with a brush with sparse and wide teeth;
  • You can slightly moisten hair before curling in beer or sugar water.

If you decide to change your appearance, it is not necessary to visit beauty salons or masters. You can take advantage of things that you already have on hand, and get just amazing results. Good luck to you!