How beautifully stab your hair


Since childhood, any girl loves to pin up her hair beautifully. At first, dolls play the role of models. But it is no secret that with age, the desire and desire to experiment does not disappear, but only takes on new forms. And the process of creating styling becomes a kind of art.

To date, there are a huge number of beauty salons that can help modern women to create a unique image through properly and skillfully arranged strands. But because of employment at work and the fast pace of life, there is no opportunity to go to salons every day, and every girl dreams to look charmingly every day. For this, it is not always necessary to resort to the services of professionals, it is enough to know a few tricks and simple ways to beautifully stab your hair.

3 ways to simply, but effectively stab the hair of medium length

How beautiful to stab your hair?

  1. Method 1 st. It is necessary to tie a tight tail on the top with a rubber band, for a romantic look you can leave a few strands that will beautifully frame the oval of the face. The rubber band must be hidden; to do this, take a strand of hair and wrap it around the rubber band and secure it with the help of hairpins. The tail can be done on the side, it is very bold, creative and original hairstyle. Strands can be straightened by adding severity to the image or slightly twisting it with the help of "ironing" for the effect of easy carelessness.
  2. Method 2 Hair should be divided into 2 parts: the top (from the ear to the crown) and the bottom (the rest is the bottom). Then, separate the 2 strands from the top and gently fasten them to the back with a beautiful hairpin. Strands can be laid with light waves, and the lower part can be combed, added, or twisted, creating the effect of romance and tenderness.
  3. Method 3 rd. This option is a bit more complicated than the previous ones. Pick up a large stealth and beautiful hairpin in advance. Begin to do the styling as in the 2nd mode. When you do the parting, when separating the upper part, make it difficult, oblique. As soon as the parting is ready, take 2 strands and twist them together, fix the place of the connection with an invisible one. Do not stab the tips, let them hang down the sides.

How beautiful to stab your hair?

Now work on the bottom of the curls, resolve them in advance by adding volume. Then make from the bottom of one large strand, lift it up, passing through the hanging tips of the upper flagella. The lower part must be stabbed and secured just above the place where the upper curls are connected.

As a result of your efforts, you should get a spectacular bow of medium length hair.

The role of accessories when creating beautiful hairstyles

The female half of humanity, with various long hair, actively uses accessories to diversify and decorate their hair. The most popular of them is a barrette that helps fasten curls in various ways.

How beautiful to stab your hair?

The hairpin-automatic is a simple and simple attribute that can turn a banal tail into a bright hairstyle. But the hairpins-clips are most often used when creating flagella from strands.

Another interesting hair accessory is EZ Combs. The hairpin representing 2 scallops with metal teeth, interconnected. The key part of the barrette is very flexible and elastic, able to stretch and fasten hair in many ways. This accessory is most often decorated with beads and beads.

For girls whose curls have not yet grown to the required length, but dreaming of luxurious hair, fit hair with barrettes. This is the perfect accessory for both everyday and ceremonial hairstyles. How to attach hair with hairpins?It is quite simple. Separate your curls with a part along, for example, from the lobe of one ear to the other. Fix the hair on the hairpins, trying to place them as close as possible to the roots of your own strands. Uncover the top of the curls.

Feminine hairstyle with hairpins-flowers: video lesson

This is an incredibly beautiful and gentle styling. It does not have to use a hairdryer or curling tongs, hair will not be exposed to harmful effects once again. And the main accessory in the form of a flower always looks spectacular and bright.

DIY hairstyle for a romantic date: video

This is a great idea of ​​hairstyles for medium hair, which will help you get ready for a date in a couple of minutes, which does not require special skills.

The ability to create skillful styling and hairstyles is a true art! Of course, many may argue that stabbing your hair with a barrette is not particularly difficult. However, in practice, things are not so simple. Use creative and stylish hair accessories, experiment, finding unique and interesting images.