How beautifully curl your hair


Beautiful curls have been in fashion since the days of Ancient Egypt. At that time, the Egyptians used a long iron bar called calamis to get curls. Nowadays, the development of hairdressing has stepped far forward. Now, in every beauty salon, fashionistas offer a variety of chemical and biowave hair. However, if you want curly curls, they are easy to make yourself.

How beautifully to twirl hair on the curling iron, we will tell in this article.

How to wind the hair curling beautifully: little tricks

How beautiful to wind the hair on the curling?

In order to get curly curls and not damage the hair, you need to consider some rules:

  • The curling iron can be used only on washed and dried hair. Since the hair will be exposed to heat, it is best to let it dry naturally.
  • Before using the curling iron, a thermal spray is applied to the hair. The use of various means of fixation before curling is not recommended.
  • To all the hair on the head were evenly wound, they are divided into zones.
  • As long as the curled locks are completely cool, they cannot be touched. Otherwise, they will quickly lose their shape.
  • To protect the scalp from burns, keep the heated tool at some distance from the hair roots, and protect hands with special cotton gloves.
  • If you prefer a finished hairstyle varnish, then it should be done at a distance of 20 cm from the head. Otherwise, twisted curls stick together, and the hair will look messy.

Technology hair curling hair

Despite the fact that using curling you can get different curls, the algorithm of its use is always the same. So, to create the effect of natural curly hair, we need:

  • cone curling;
  • thermal spray for hair;
  • hairbrush;
  • lacquer medium fixation.

Process description:

  1. To begin with, we wash our hair and let the hair dry naturally.
  2. After that we apply a heat-shielding agent for the entire length of the hair, with particular attention paid to the tips, and then carefully combing each strand.
  3. Separate the lower part of the hair from the top and fasten with a barrette.Technology hair curling hair
  4. We separate a small strand from the bulk of the hair and wind it on the curling iron, starting the movement from the ears to the ends of the strands by hand.How to choose a curler for hair?
  5. Keep curling on hair for 20-30 seconds and release the strand in one smooth motion.How to make curls with curling?
  6. We have a great large curl. Do not touch it with your hands and in no case do not stretch.
  7. As soon as we completely wind up the bottom row, separate some hair from the barrette and do it all over again.
  8. To create natural waves, the finished curls are lightly combed and sprinkled with hairspray.How to wind the hair with a curling iron?

Beautiful hairstyles with curled hair

With the help of curling form different hairstyles. You can also just leave beautifully curled curls. Let's consider what curls are made by curling.

Lush tips

Do you prefer elegant and sophisticated hairstyles? You can add special charm to your hair just by twisting the tips slightly. This is ideal for those who want to give more volume not at the roots, but at the ends of the hair. Such curvaceous curls will look gorgeous, even when the hair is collected in a ponytail.

How to make fluffy tips?

Vintage curls

You can make a vintage-style haircut, if each twisted curl is fastened with a hairpin. After you finish curling your hair all over your head, dissolve the hairpins and comb your hair with a soft, large comb. As a result, you will get a very stylish haircut with soft flowing curls.

How to make vintage curls?

Beyoncé style little curlicues

In those days when you do not want large and romantic curls, dense and tiny curls will always be an excellent alternative. Such curls look very fun and bold, adding volume to your hairstyle. Making curls in the style of Beyoncé is very simple - separate small thin strands and wind it on the curling iron.

How to make small curls in the style of Beyonce?

How to choose a curler for hair?

In order to get beautiful curls without harm to the hair, you need to know as much as possible about the functions of the curling. In any store a huge assortment simply amazes every girl.

There are several criteria by which hair curling devices can be divided into:

  • with and without metal clip;
  • with temperature controller;
  • by coating material;
  • on diameter of the heating surface.

Which braid to choose: with or without a clip?

Clamp-less curlers are sold complete with heat resistant gloves. It is assumed that with a hand in a glove a strand is wound on the heating surface, and the device is held free.

For beginners in hairdressing, it's better to give preference to curling with a clamp. Such devices are very convenient to use, as the hair strand is fixed on the heating element with a special clip and does not require additional holding by hand.

Heating temperature adjustment

It is very convenient if the selected curling iron comes with a function such as setting the temperature mode. It is possible to independently regulate the temperature of heating the surface and protect the hair from destruction. Selecting the desired mode is very simple:

  • thin and brittle hair is best to curl at a temperature of not more than 90 degrees;
  • thick and thick hair will wrap well if you choose a mode from 150 to 200 degrees.

The coating material and the diameter of the heating element

Pleyok manufacturers offer a wide selection of tools with different coating materials:

  • Metal curling curls curls quickly and well, but it strongly affects the hair structure. With the constant use of such ployok you can get brittle and split ends.
  • Ceramic and tourmaline hair curlers are the most popular. Feedback from consumers of this type of product suggests that such curling irons do an excellent job with the task, without affecting the structure of the hair.
  • Curling irons with gold and titanium sprayed heating element - the most expensive devices for curling. However, it is worth noting that such devices do not possess special properties.

In addition to the coating, each modern curling iron differs in the diameter of the heating element, on which the thickness of curls directly depends:

  • for large Hollywood hairstyles a curling iron with a diameter of 3-5 mm is suitable;
  • for small and neat curls, choose a diameter of 2-3 mm.

Of course, the best option would be if you choose a curling iron that matches most of the suggested options. However, the price of such a device is quite high. Should I save on beauty, it's up to you. In order to finally decide on which hair curling iron is better, study consumer feedback.

How to make beautiful curls using curling?

How to make beautiful hairstyles with curled hair?

Having mastered the basic techniques of using curling, you can easily make curls at home by yourself. It is best to give preference to modern hair curling irons with ionization and ceramic coating. But even such devices stylists do not advise to use daily, if you want to keep beautiful and thick hair for a long time.