How beautiful to tie a scarf (silk or other) on the neck in

In the arsenal of women's wardrobe, there are hundreds of ways to diversify any outfit - from the boring dress code to the costumes for the party. And one of the most relevant options is the neckerchief. It is easy and simple to emphasize the charm, pay attention to yourself or hide any flaws - it is enough to master the techniques that suggest how to tie a scarf around your neck.

How beautiful and interesting to tie a scarf around your neck?

Initially, shawls were tied to the neck by men. But soon the women realized that this accessory can be a wonderful and original addition to a female costume. Over time, several models of scarves appeared, which differ in shape:

  • triangular;
  • rectangular;
  • square;
  • cuts of irregular shapes.

Also, designers offer a wide selection of materials from which scarves are made:

  • silk;
  • viscose;
  • chiffon;
  • wool;
  • cashmere and others

In addition to wearing around the neck, a scarf can be tied around your hand like a bracelet, worn as a headdress, thrown over your shoulders or tied on a bag. And yet the timeless classic is a silk scarf in the décolleté area.

How beautiful to tie a scarf around your neck?

In order for the scarf around your neck to look organic, you need to take into account a number of nuances:

  • the color is matched to the style of a particular outfit (for an office suit, it is better to stop the choice on muted pastel colors, and in less formal cases experiments with prints are permissible);
  • shawls of thick fabrics are tied to outerwear, and thin models - to the main suit;
  • the knot on the neck accessory must be consistent with the density of the fabric (the thicker the scarf, the more massive the knot can be);
  • In order to make the image more complete, buckles, buttons and rings are used in which the scarf is inserted.

10 original ways

Turning to practical advice on how to tie a scarf around your neck in different ways, you should first distinguish between scarves that are tied over outerwear and scarves that are tied to the basic outfit. The first option involves the magnificent ways of tying. For example, a double knot.

How beautiful to tie a scarf around your neck: a double knot


  1. We throw a triangular or rectangular scarf on the shoulders.
  2. Tie 2 knots, not much tightening them.
  3. The accessory can be slightly moved to the side to create the impression of slight negligence.

A thin plait of a rectangular or square scarf looks beautiful on a jacket or coat.

How beautiful to tie a scarf around your neck: a thin tourniquet


  1. Fold a square or rectangle so that you get a thin strip.
  2. We wrap the neck with a handkerchief as if it were a falling necklace.
  3. Bringing the ends together and tying a small knot on the side.

If your image lacks romance, then a scarf can be tied with a bow-knot.

How beautiful to tie a scarf around your neck: a bow knot


  1. We pass a scarf under a collar of a coat or a jacket.
  2. Print the ends on one side and tie a bow.

By the way, if you make a double bow, the knot will turn out in the form of a rose.

The most popular way to describe how to tie a silk scarf around the neck is the Italian knot. He owes his popularity to Antonio Banderas and George Clooney, who returned this method from the distant 50s of the twentieth century. This model looks beautiful under shirts and polo shirts.

How beautiful to tie a scarf around your neck: Italian knot


  1. Fold the scarf in half 2 times.
  2. Wrap it around the neck so that one end is under the other in the form of a loop.
  3. We lead both ends through this loop and hide them under the clothes.

From a square-shaped cashmere and wool scarf, a butterfly knot is excellent.

How beautiful to tie a scarf around the neck: a butterfly knot


  1. We cover the scarf with neck 2 ends forward.
  2. Twist the ends with a cord and tie them together.
  3. Again, twist the harness and fix it on the neck with a single knot.

In order to emphasize the neckline or, on the contrary, cover the neck, you can tie a cowboy (American) knot.

How beautiful to tie a scarf around your neck: a cowboy knot


  1. Fold a square handkerchief diagonally.
  2. The resulting triangle is laid on top of the upper chest.
  3. We tie the loose ends to the back or, twisting them, wind them forward and fasten them under the corner part.

In the case when it is necessary to cover the shoulders, a scarf with a square knot is used.

How beautiful to tie a scarf around your neck: a square knot


  1. We fold the scarf with a kerchief and throw the upper corner back.
  2. At one end we get the second and we throw on top.
  3. In the resulting loop spend the first edge.
  4. Tighten and straighten the resulting node.

The use of jewelry for neckerchiefs

As mentioned earlier, buttons, brooches, rings or buckles can be used to diversify and decorate knots. Moreover, the options for the use of a headset can be as long as your imagination is enough. For example, the ends of the scarf can be passed through the double holes of the buckle and tightened to the required level. Such a shawl will not untie at the most inopportune moment, and the buckle will not fall.

Brooch can simply chop the ends of the scarf from the side and bring freshness and originality into the image. And if the scarf is thin, then its edges will easily pass into the holes of the special button, which unusually decorates the outfit.

Also in the haberdashery stores you can find special rings for neckerchiefs, in which the loose, falling ends of the accessory are passed. Only the diameter of the ring should exactly match the thickness of the scarf so that it does not come off. If desired, you can purchase a product with an adjustable width and put it on the scarves of different textures.

Owning several technicians, telling how to tie a scarf around your neck, you will always have in your way a way to diversify even a completely ordinary suit. It is only necessary to choose the right texture and color of the accessory and, if desired, add it with a brooch or a buckle. The scarf is an element of the image that will successfully show all the fine lines of your individuality.

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