How beautiful to remove the bangs

Many of the women love to wear bangs, which give the face a special charm. In order for your fringe to always remain beautiful and well-groomed, it is necessary to cut and align it at least once a month. But it so happens that you have no time to give it the correct form, you want to change your style or just change the image fundamentally hair without bangs. How beautiful to remove the bangs, so as not to lose its charm?

What accessories are needed to remove the bangs?

There are many ways to remove the bangs, but for almost everyone you will need a variety of accessories to help fasten it. It can be: bandages of various types and forms, rims from plastic to the most expensive, decorated with rhinestones, hairpins, invisible hair, ribbons and elastic bands that can satisfy the taste of any fashionable woman. The most important thing here is to choose the right way to beautifully remove the bangs and the accessory that emphasizes your style.

How beautiful to remove the bang with hairpins and invisible?

If you have thick hair, you can beautifully lay it back and stab it invisible. Before you remove the bang, apply before creating hairstyle mousse or gel on the surface of the hair. They won't let your hairstyle fall apart. Invisibles can be mounted crosswise, diagonally or in parallel. Owners of wide cheekbones can narrow them visually, if you brush your bangs before laying and fix it with lacquer or gel.

To pin bang, you can use any beautiful hairpin. This beautifully tucked bang will help you quickly prepare for any special occasion. If you have a thick bang, and you want to reduce it a little, you just need to remove it. To do this, separate the top of the hair and comb back. Then slaughter with invisible hairpins or hairpins with rhinestones, and the brilliance of beautiful stones will make your hair shade to play by the light, attracting attention.

How beautiful to remove the bang with ribbons and rims?

If you decide to remove the bangs, because you want to grow it, you will need to constantly lay it beautifully so as not to spoil your style and wait until it becomes long enough to merge with other hair. This will help you ribbons for hair and headbands. Try to choose ribbons of those colors that will fit your clothes, not contrasting with it, but emphasizing it. After you pick up the accessories you like, comb your bang back and fix it with a tape or a rim.

If the hairstyle with combed back hair does not suit you, you can split the bangs on two sides and secure it with hairpins. To create a romantic image, you can pre-curl the bangs and, laying a wave, fasten with hairpins at the temples. You can use the bezel of unusual shape to focus on a beautifully laid bang. If you want to give your hairstyle a showiness, then before slaughtering your temples, create your hairstyle for bangs. To do this, you need to divide it into 2 parts and twist, giving the shape of a rope or rope. After that, fasten invisible, and close the temples with the rest of the hair. If desired, you can make not 2 flagella, but several on each side.

How to remove a bang with a pigtail?

One of the most interesting and exclusive ways to remove the bang remains the pigtail.This way to beautifully remove bangs helps save time and is suitable for women of any age, giving them a true charm. To do this, you need a small rubber band, varnish and a comb with rare teeth. You can choose a different method of weaving - boho braid or French braid.

First you need to comb your hair, then grab a strand of hair from the main part of the hair, and then from the bangs. Then create 3 strands. 1 should be from bangs, 2 strand, located in the center, should consist of half of long hair 1 cm above bangs and bangs. 3 strand on the left - only from long hair. Now you can begin to weave. For 2 strands in turn, you need to add hair on the right and left. As soon as the hair from the bang is over, fix the resulting braid with an elastic band. Now it remains only to weave a pigtail into the main hairstyle and fix everything with varnish.

A French braid is woven in the same way, only strands overlap left and right. If you want to create a bohemian-style hairstyle, then continue braiding the hair after the bangs have run out until the very end.

Venetian hairstyle without bangs

One of the most beautiful ways to remove the bangs is the "Venetian hairstyle."To create it you need to apply mousse or gel to wet hair, then dry the hair. Then the hair is divided into a straight parting, separating not only the bangs, but also the hair from the temples. You should have strands 10 cm wide. Spun the resulting strands back, and when you reach the neck, strand them with hairpins.

Pigtail around the head as a way to remove the bangs

No less beautiful will be the way to remove the bang with a pigtail around the head. But this method is suitable only for owners of long hair. Weaving pigtails need to start first on one side and continue it, moving along the edge of the head from ear to ear. Bangs should be woven into the braid. The resulting braid can be tied at the ear, and leave the hair loose.

There are many ways to beautifully remove the bangs. It can be stabbed back and combed, and divided into partings, or you can experiment with the parting, making it zigzag or oblique. Beautiful accessories will help you to remove the bangs - hairpins, headbands, ribbons, but when choosing them, remember that they must be in harmony with the tone of your clothes. This will not just make a beautiful hair, and create the image of a real lady. If you want to look every day at a height, creating different images, you can safely use different ways to remove the bangs.

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