How beautiful to pull out eyebrows


Unfortunately, many women tend to think that eyebrow care is not worth their attention. However, this is the most important part of the image. Sloppy eyebrows can ruin even the most beautiful female face. If you do not want to spend time on a trip to a specialist, you can create the ideal shape of eyebrows at home.

How to choose a beautiful eyebrow shape?

One of the main characteristics of beautiful eyebrows is their shape. It is very important to choose the one that suits you. Even the most beautiful and well-groomed eyebrows of inappropriate shape can spoil the image. It is known that the widest part of the eyebrow should be the one that is located above the inner corner of the eye. Then it should acquire a bend and from the top of the bend smoothly taper.

How beautiful to pull out eyebrows?

The benchmark for perfecting eyebrows is the contour of the eyebrow. Professional makeup artists believe that attention should also be paid to the shape of your face.

  • The most suitable form for round facewill become a broken eyebrow shape. It should have a short tip and a fairly high lift. It should be remembered that too sharp a fracture will only emphasize the roundness of the face. In addition, in any case, do not make the eyebrows rounded. It is not necessary that they repeat the shape of the oval face.
  • If you have elongated (rectangular or oval) the shape of the face, you fit straight horizontal, eyebrows removed from the nose. You can also round them up a bit. The least suitable for this form of face are eyebrows with a high arc.
  • For a triangular facesuccessful will be raised and evenly curved eyebrows, having an average length. It is not necessary to form straight eyebrows. If you are the owner square face, Your eyebrows should be arched and raised high. Do not make them thin.

According to experts, if you decide to self-pluck eyebrows, it is better to do it only along the bottom line. The upper line of the eyebrows is formed by hairs with larger and active follicles. When they are removed, they become noticeable, and this is not beautiful.

To properly create the shape of the eyebrows, arm with a pencil. The ideal beginning of the eyebrow is the point of intersection of the pencil, directed from the wing of the nose to the inner corner of the eye, with the eyebrow. That is, you should remove all the hairs that are closer to the nose from this line. To determine the highest point, connect with a pencil a point near the wing of the nose and the outer border of the iris. The place where the pencil crosses the eyebrow and will be the top point of the line of your eyebrow. From the beginning to this point the eyebrow should rise, and its width should remain stable. Behind this point, begin a smooth narrowing and lowering of the eyebrow line. Accordingly, hairs that do not fit into the border should be removed. The point of the end of the eyebrow is determined by the line originating from the wing of the nose and passing through the outer corner of the eye. The eyebrow line should not go beyond this point, therefore it is necessary to get rid of the hairs behind it.

How beautiful to pull out eyebrows?

Keep in mind the distance between the eyebrows. To create the correct shape, it should be no longer two fingers. If you have close-set eyes, this distance may be a little less. If it is difficult for you to shape the correct form, use a cosmetic pencil with which you can draw a contour.

How to pluck eyebrows at home?

To ensure high-quality and safe eyebrow shaping at home, apply a little eye cream on the skin around. Leave the product for 10 minutes and then wipe off the residue with a cotton pad. Wipe the skin with alcohol lotion and brush your eyebrows with a brush designed for this purpose. If it is not available, use a thoroughly washed mascara brush. Now you need to outline the contour of the eyebrows with a cosmetic pencil. After that, you can begin to pluck hair. Grab them closer to the root and pull them in the direction of growth. In order to reduce injury to the skin around the eyebrow, you can fix it with your fingers. Many try to speed up the process, capturing several hairs at once - this is a big mistake. Such plucking can damage the skin.

When the hair removal is complete, remember to disinfect the skin. This can be done with an alcohol-based lotion. To pluck eyebrows without pain, Use an ice cube made from chamomile decoction. Wipe them around the skin. You can also use an anesthetic cream. When plucking more often go from one eyebrow to another. This will help you, among other things, to make the eyebrows evenly on one and the other side of the face.

Plucking eyebrows independently, try to follow the specified rules. Then this procedure will be less painful, and the shape of your eyebrows will be ideal for you.