How beautiful to make a bunch


Sooner or later, absolutely all ladies want chic and brilliance shining in all directions, and for this you have to work a lot. And this is the most pleasant work. We, women, the main thing - that the occasion was. And we will find both time and money in order to feel like princesses and queens.

A bundle for a woman is a challenge. Because as soon as you build a beautiful hill on your head, your mood changes immediately. It's like putting on a royal mantle. Girls who can afford a bunch are always incredibly sexy and attractive. Because a languid and confident look is immediately added to this image, as well as a firm gait and attitude towards any victory.

How beautiful to make a bunch of ballerina?

Now in the fashion of the so-called "beam ballerina." This hairstyle goes to many and leaves room for creativity, despite the fact that all the hair is collected. And The most important advantage of this hairstyle is that it goes to girls with different ovals of the face, and this is very important.

Create a beautiful bunch of ballerina:

  1. Collect the ponytail on the crown and tie it well with a not very thin elastic band.
  2. Well comb your hair and put on a thick gum.
  3. Then spin your ponytail around a thick rubber band so that it is not visible.
  4. Knock out and excess hairs fix invisible.

Beautiful bun with a sock or scarf

  1. Cut off a medium-length nylon (terry) toe to the part where the fingers are located.
  2. Twist it to make it like a rubber band.
  3. Next, tilt your head and distribute hair evenly over the toe.
  4. From above put on an elastic band of the same color, as your hair.
  5. The remains of the hair secure invisible. On top of the bundles can be decorated with handkerchiefs, beautiful hairpins and what the soul asks.

It is quite simple and fast. One can only embarrass you. If you do this hairstyle yourself, then you will not see yourself from behind. In this case, you will have to touch the beam and make it more beautiful and more symmetrical.

Other types of beams are already more complex and involve the participation of your friends and relatives, and some of them are professional hairdressers. There are bunches that are made of braids, for example. And there are those that are made using the theory of chaos and are located in different parts of the head. For such beams do not need a lot of skill. Simply divide the ponytail into strands and each of them randomly stab the invisible in a different order, as you like. As you can see, it is not difficult at all. And when you put your hand, it will quickly go.

And for those who love casual hair, watch a video on how to make a bun in a couple of minutes!

Good luck, beauties!