How beautiful to bang bang


Bangs - one of the most important attributes of a stylish haircut. But sometimes the question arises how to stab her beautifully, because sometimes she can interfere at work or in everyday life. Successfully impaled bangs can emphasize the beauty of the face, personality or completely change the style.

The desire to stab a bang may appear for a variety of reasons, for example:

  1. Bangs already tired, and there was a desire to grow it.
  2. So you can make an interesting hairstyle, because often different options for stabbing bangs are used by those girls who love to change and always try to look stylish.
  3. If you do not have enough time to visit the hairdresser, to slightly shorten the bangs.
  4. If you are going to spend the whole day outdoors in windy weather, it is better to always bang the bang so as not to experience inconvenience during the rest and not to spoil the hairstyle.

Stylist tips

How beautiful to bang?

The easiest way to stab a fringe is to remove her hair length. In fact, everything is very simple. A simple tail is tied, the bangs are well combed and turned back, stabbed by invisible women.

You can simply leave the hair loose, but in this case, the upper part of the strands rises slightly, while you also need to grab the bangs and slaughter them with a beautiful hairpin (you can use invisibility).

Naughty strands can be simply removed to the side, smoothly comb the hair to one side, make a parting part or fasten with 2 hairpins parallel arranged to each other.

Just perfect the next way for girls who prefer to part-part. The hair is well combed, a parting is done, and the bangs are fixed by invisibility behind the ears, hairpins must be hidden behind the hair.

It looks beautiful bangs, braided oblique, layed sets fixed simple invisible. You can twist in a bundle and lay on one side. Also the flagellum is gently hardened by stealth.

What to do short bang?

It will not be very easy to lay a short bang, but there is a way out of this situation. You can use headbands, small hairpins, bright headbands and other accessories.

How beautiful to bang?

Among the advantages of the bezel is not only the fact that it can be used to kill a short bang, but also that it is appropriate in almost any situation - for example, at work, on a walk, for going to the store, and brighter models are suitable even for parties

The most important thing is to choose accessories to match the clothes, and of course, take into account the hair color. There will be no problems with this, because today a huge number of various models of headbands are presented on the counters of shops - these are flowers, rhinestones, and bows. Not only thin, but also wide and wavy rims look very nice.

If the hair is naughty, first a small amount of styling is applied to the strands. They become softer and more pliable, moreover, due to this, individual hairs will not break out from under the rim.

Practically at any time of the year, you can wear an accessory such as a bandage, with the help of which not only it is very easy to stab a short bang, but also to protect yourself in the winter from the cold, and in the summer from the hot sun.

Today, the bandage can be worn in a variety of ways - for example, on loose or collected hair, on top of or under the hair. And thanks to a wide choice of different models, each girl will be able to choose something for herself. If desired, such an ornament can be made independently and get a truly original and unique accessory.

A short bang can be stabbed with a beautiful hairpin. Hair lift up or stab on one side. If desired, you can first make a little bouffant, of course, provided that the bangs are not very short, and then stab and fix with varnish so that the hairstyle is not tattered during the day.

How to slap a bang when you grow it?

How beautiful to bang?

If it was decided to grow bangs, it is worth preparing for the fact that it is quite a long process. Growing hair will constantly climb into the eyes and interfere. That is why you should familiarize yourself with several different ways of laying a long bang.

Today, one of the most common options is the retro. In this case, you first need to curl the bangs with small or large curls (here everything depends on your own taste and the length of the strands). To do this, you can use not only curlers, but curling. First, a mousse is applied to the hair for styling, then a curled fringe is decorated with a beautiful hairpin and fixed with varnish. Interesting and original this style looks exactly in combination with a cascading haircut.

You can make side bouffant. To do this, you first need to wash your hair and dry them well, then lightly comb it to give a little volume and fluffiness. At the end the bangs are slaughtered stealthily on the side and the hairstyle is ready

The most popular today is the option of laying the growing bangs with a pile. First you need to separate the bangs from the rest of the mass of hair and make a thin comb simple bouffant. Then the hair is removed back, while slightly raised at the roots. At the end, the strands are fixed with an invisible or bright hairpin.

If there is some free time, then the bang can be braided into a braid. Here you can choose a variety of weaving options - braid a simple pigtail, a French braid or a spikelet. The most important thing is that the weaving should be directed from the forehead to the back of the head. Today, many girls braid the braid to the side and weave it into the rest of her hair - this hairstyle looks very interesting and stylish.

In order to make it easy to lay bangs, you need to follow a few simple tips.

  1. It is important to remember that hair must be clean. Therefore, at first the head is washed, then the ringlets are thoroughly dried. For simplicity, a small amount of styling is applied to the bang. However, it is not recommended to apply such formulations to owners of greasy hair, as a result, the hair will appear dirty and greasy.
  2. During hair drying, it is the bang that is dried first and then the rest of the hair. In the end, you can pin it up in any chosen way.

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Bangs - a good element of a haircut. But even the perfect hairstyle for everyday wear can be boring! That is why the owners of bangs, it is desirable to learn to pin them up in various ways, so that, if desired, to create fresh and attractive images every day.