How beautiful hair curler curlers

There are many methods for creating beautiful and spectacular curls. This may be a professional perm in the cabin, and the use of curling at home. However, the safest method for hair is winding on curlers. Almost any woman can make such curls. But not all of us get it pretty well. How beautifully twirl hair curlers, you can learn from our article.

How beautiful hair curler curlers?

How beautiful hair curler curlers?

To look spectacular, you should pay a lot of attention to your hairstyle. Of course, you can always use the standard curling iron, but such curls do not live long. If there is a lot of time left, then it is worth trying hair curlers. This hairstyle will retain its pomp and volume throughout the day.

But in order for the curls to fall beautifully to the shoulders, rather than bristling in different directions, you need to know and successfully apply such small tricks in practice:

  • hair will not keep shape, if they are not previously washed with shampoo;
  • hair curlers do not wind on wet hair: curls will be faster and more beautiful if the head is slightly wet;
  • Before laying, use special tools for waving: mousses, foams, sprays;
  • Well comb every strand, because the hair should not be crumpled and all the more confused;
  • Do not overdo it in tightness, otherwise a headache for the whole day is provided.

Even if, despite the observance of all the tricks, you do not achieve an excellent result, do not be discouraged - everything comes with experience. Try to wind your hair a few more times, analyze and correct the mistakes made.

Different curlers, but one principle?

How to wind hair on different curlers?

We all remember the iron grandmother curlers. Hair from their use electrified and often in the process of removing damaged. Those who were sorry to spoil their hair with this barbaric method, twisted their hair on rags.

Modern types of curlers differ significantly from their predecessors. Today, you can choose not only the material from which they are made, but also the different shape and size of the curler, on which the final result depends. The most popular are such representatives of curly locks:

  • thermo and electric rollers;
  • soft foam rubber and rubber curlers: boomerangs, sleepers, papilotki;
  • plastic curlers: bobbins, spiral;
  • velvety coated hair curlers;
  • metal hair curlers with natural nap;
  • Velcro curlers.

Each type of curlers has its pros and cons, on which we will not particularly focus, and immediately proceed to a more detailed consideration of the process of their use.

Make curls with thermal rollers

The process of curling curls on hair curlers professional stylists call hot hair styling. This hairstyle was named due to the fact that these curlers need to be heated a little before use. This, of course, is not always convenient, but the result can be admired in 10-15 minutes.

You need to do just a few simple steps, and you get a beautiful styling:

  1. Apply a little styling mousse on the palm and carefully distribute the product over the entire hair length.How beautiful to wind your hair hair rollers?
  2. We divide the hair into zones, fasten the upper part with the help of special hairdressing clips or pins.
  3. In the meantime, we boil water on the stove and put curlers in it for 2-5 minutes.
  4. Hot curlers wrap on dry hair strands, starting from the tips.How to wind hair on hot rollers: winding strands
  5. To get a beautiful styling, you need to twist the strands on the growth of hair starting from the gap. If you have a bang, then cheat it last.
  6. Keep the hair curlers from 10 to 15 minutes and remove.

    How long hold thermal rollers?
  7. Combing the finished curls and sprinkle with a lacquer medium fixation.How to wind hair on hot rollers: ready curls

Curlers-boomerangs: do beautiful curlicues

The boomerang curlers got their name from a flexible form that easily returns to its previous position. The whole secret is that inside each snake is easily bending wire. On such curlers, you can sleep peacefully - they are very soft and comfortable.

So, you can make beautiful curls in several stages:

  1. Apply the foam on the palm and carefully distribute to wet hair over the entire length.
  2. Separate not too thick strand of hair and comb.
  3. Place the curlers on 1/3 the length of the strand and on its tips.How to wind hair on hair curlers boomerangs?
  4. After the tip of the hair is fixed, smooth the rotational movements twist the curlers to the roots.
  5. Fix the curlers by joining the ends together.How to fasten curlers-boomerangs?
  6. Screw the rest of the strands on the curlers and leave on the head until the hair is completely dry.

With the help of soft hair curlers, boomerangs can make different hairstyles depending on the method of twisting hair. So, for example, if you twist only the tips of your hair, then you will get soft romantic curls.

How to make soft curls?

If you want to get chic fine curls from the very roots of the hair, then the curlers should be screwed to the end.

How to make small curls?

The undoubted advantage of this styling is that it lasts for several days on the hair.

Velcro curlers and hair dryer work wonders

Velcro curlers are used for hair styling with a hair dryer. With their help, hair becomes voluminous, and the tips playfully twist in the direction of the face.

To make your haircut work, you need to perform a few simple steps:

  1. Divide the hair from the crown into 3 parts.
  2. With the help of upward movements from the face wind the small strand on the curler.
  3. Lateral hair spinning downward movements.
  4. Dry hair with a hair dryer, remove hair curlers and distribute curls with your fingers.

How to wind the hair on the Velcro?

How to keep curly curls for several days?

For a beautiful styling to please the eye for several days, there are little tricks:

  • If you slightly moisten your hair with a beer before curling, the curls will last longer.
  • Use a quality lacquer medium fixation. If the tool is over, it can be replaced with a sugar solution.
  • In the same way, you can replace the popular styling products. Regular food gelatin will be an alternative to mousses and scum.

Hair curlers can be an excellent replacement for curling iron and hair dryer, because they do not spoil the hair structure and act more gently. Wind the hair in advance in the evening, and in the morning just take off the hair curlers - and a beautiful hairstyle is ready.

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