How at home to independently cut the oblique fringe

Stylists are sure: if you want to give your image a unique charm, cut off the bangs. It will perfectly highlight the advantages of your face and visually hide the flaws. True, it has one significant drawback - it grows very quickly. But this drawback is not a hindrance to the new image, if you know how to cut a slanting bang.

Fashion trend for originals

How to cut a slanting bang?

For the last few seasons, models with a slanting bang are most in demand in the world from haute couture and ready-to-wear. Hairdressers link such an unprecedented success of an element of hair with his:

  • modernity (oblique bangs appeared in the arsenal of fashionistas relatively recently and introduced a life-giving jet into the bored versions of the straight strands falling on the forehead);
  • convenience (oblique strands are stacked quickly and do not require laying out "hair to hair");
  • the image of light rebellion (a fashionable way to mow the bang gives the image of a woman playfulness and makes her look younger);
  • stylish (even the most classic version of a square or bean will look unusual and elegant with such an "accessory").

Cut the bang itself: mission possible?

How to cut a slanting bang yourself? This question torments all owners of originally trimmed strands literally 2-2.5 weeks after visiting a hairdressing salon. And indeed, many women simply don’t have time for such frequent visits to the stylist, but I want to preserve neatness of hairstyle. But do not worry. Subject to certain rules with a haircut bangs you can easily:

  • to carry out all manipulations with hair in a good mood (then the hand will definitely not falter);
  • it is necessary to cut locks only at high-quality lighting;
  • it is necessary to adjust the length of dry clean hair, taking into account their structure (owners of wavy strands should leave a couple of centimeters of allowance for these same "waves").

As for the latter condition, some ladies prefer to work with wet hair. Well, this is also possible. But be sure to leave a margin of length, as the dried bangs "jump."

Hair cutting tools

Hair cutting tools

Before you practice to learn the wisdom of how to cut oblique bangs at home, be sure to attend to the preparation of all the necessary tools. Then your hair will not suffer and will remain as attractive. So, you will need:

  • sharp, preferably professional, scissors;
  • a spray bottle (to smooth unruly strands);
  • thick comb with fine teeth (it is desirable that its end was with a sharp tip to separate the strands);
  • hairpins- "dragons", hair band;
  • straightening iron;
  • scissors for filing (if you have a light version of oblique bangs).

How to cut a slanting bang?

The hardest part of this event is to separate the work area from the rest of the hair. Everything else is a matter of technique.


  1. Separate the haircut from the rest of the hair hoop. Side strands can pin up "dragons".How to cut a slanting bang?
  2. The area of ​​the bangs is distinguished by the sharp end of the comb in the form of a triangle. To do this, we correlate the angles of the base of the figure with the depressions on the forehead (you can also focus on the outer edges of the eyebrows). The top of the top will be parting, and its height depends on how thick your bangs are. Keep in mind that when oblique, the triangle will not be isosceles.

    How to cut a slanting bang?
  3. Spray the bangs out of the spray with water, comb.
  4. Determine the length of the upper and lower sections. The classic version - the lower end reaches the tip or middle of the nose, and the upper - eyelashes or higher.
  5. With the middle and index fingers we pull off a small strand and with a fragmentary movement we cut off the excess length at an inclination towards the short side.How to cut a slanting bang?
  6. We comb a thick comb strand and adjust the cut.
  7. After processing all the bangs, we comb through again, iron the iron and align the protruding hairs.How to cut a slanting bang?

To bang was not heavy, it must be filmed. In this case it is better, of course, to use the appropriate scissors.


  1. Chelku divide into strands.
  2. Each strand is twisted with a flagellum and in the center we “have a snack” with scissors.
  3. We also process the ends of the harnesses.

But if you do not have special scissors, you can profile bangs and regular ones.


  1. We take scissors vertically, tilting at a slight angle.
  2. Thin bangs from top to bottom. In case you have very sharp scissors, you do not need to close them: extra hairs will be cut and so.

Pleasure for all. Nearly

Oblique bang shape is considered universal, that is suitable to any type of person. The difference is only in the length of the strands: it is better for the owners of a triangular face to prefer short models, but for a square or round face they are more genuine. Happiness with an oval face can change the length of the strands at will - they go any bangs.

The only "but" for such an element of hair - it is the structure of the hair. Stylists strongly recommend to refrain from oblique forms to those who have curly hair.

Knowing how to cut oblique bangs, you can safely go to the hairdresser for a new stylish way. This is a prerequisite for those who want to have a neat and beautiful shape of strands: initially, it should be cut off by a professional. But with the subsequent haircut locks, falling on the forehead, you can cope and in the home.

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