How at home to dye your hair with henna in chocolate and


In search of a new image, women often change the color of their hair. The composition of most dyes includes chemicals that destroy the structure of the hair, weaken the bulbs. To experiment with your own image, without fear of harming yourself, it suffices to learn how to dye your hair with henna.

Henna is a herbal preparation that strengthens and moisturizes the locks, helps to fight against the oily scalp, envelops each hair, giving the hair shine and volume. In order to achieve the desired color, it is not necessary to go to hairdressers: the properties of this paint make it easy to use it at home.

Henna palette richer than we think

How to dye hair with henna

Many are not even interested in how to dye their hair with henna, considering that such a dye is suitable only for lovers of red. In fact, this is a stereotype. After all, by varying the exposure time of this substance on the hair and natural additives, you can give curls different shades - from golden to dark chocolate.

If the fair-haired girl still wants to impress the familiar red hair, it will be enough not to wash off the henna for 10 minutes, it will take about half an hour to look like a dark-haired beauty. Those who want to dye their hair red with a pleasant golden sheen, as advised by experienced craftsmen, need to combine with henna turmeric powder, saffron or chamomile decoction in a ratio of 1: 1.

What supplements will give a dark shade?

To dye hair with henna chocolate color, you can prepare a mixture with the addition of:

  • strong coffee or black tea (100 ml per 1 sachet of paint);
  • ground cinnamon (mix half);
  • cocoa (also combine in equal shares).

Chocolate color becomes richer and darker if used as a tinting agent walnut shells.

Walnut shell infusion

How at home to dye your hair with henna chocolate

  1. 2 tbsp. l crushed walnut shells pour 1 tbsp. water.
  2. Put the composition on the fire and wait for it to boil.
  3. Then insist the shell for 45 minutes.

This infusion can be diluted with henna to form a thick mass. Blondes, blond and light brown-haired to get chocolate color need to apply the product for 15-20 minutes, if the hair is naturally darker - from 35 to 50 minutes.

Fashion, as you know, is very changeable, but to dye your hair in close to natural chestnut color almost at all times was considered relevant. With the help of the same compounds with henna - strong tea or coffee - you can achieve this effect. But for variations of lighter shades of brown, it will be enough from 20 ml (light brown will turn out) to 70 ml of solution (for the color of ripe chestnut).

Staining technique

First of all, take the amount of henna needed to dye your hair length:

  • short hair - 80 g;
  • shoulder-length hair - 180 g;
  • 310 g below the shoulders;
  • to the waist - 500 g

Prepare a toolkit:

  • clips for hair;
  • comb to highlight strands;
  • terry towel;
  • protective polyethylene cape;
  • shower cap or plastic bag;
  • glass bowl (containers from other materials are not suitable, as they are painted);
  • brush.

Then proceed with the procedure:

How to dye hair at home with henna

  1. Dilute with 45 ° C water to a gruel. Please note: water must be at a specified temperature, otherwise too hot liquid will neutralize the coloring matter, and cool will not activate the effect of the paint.
  2. If desired, use selected infusion instead of water, or add additional tinted ingredients.
  3. If the hair is dry, add 1 tbsp to the paint. l cream or any essential oil.
  4. Put on a cape so as not to dirty clothes.
  5. Divide the hair into 5 parts and secure with clips.
  6. Using a brush, paint each strand in turn.
  7. Apply the mixture to the hair roots, lightly rub your head and comb.
  8. Put on a hat or wrap your head in a plastic bag, roll it over with a towel and wait as long as necessary for dyeing in your case.
  9. Thoroughly rinse the hair with 35 ° C water without shampoos, balms or rinses. To preserve the result of these funds can not be applied for another 3 days after painting.

As you can see from the reviews, it was possible to dye hair with henna at home without any problems

There is no perfect product or henna is an exception?

Even natural hair dyes have negative properties. Indeed, in nature there are no useful herbs that would not have any contraindications or side effects. Do not use henna if:

  • industrial dye has recently been applied to the hair or traces of it have remained - a chemical reaction will occur, creating unsympathetic tones;
  • There was an allergy to the plant Lawsonia - the main ingredient of henna.

Also, ladies can be upset because:

  • when dyeing gray or white hair, the color will be very saturated;
  • this paint dries curls, if you use it more often 1 time per month;
  • in the process of a gradual flushing, the color of the hair becomes non-uniform.

In addition, the result of staining depends on the type and quality of henna (the Sudanese and Yemeni gives the brightest shades) and the individual characteristics of the organism.

But you should not abandon the experiment because of this. If the final color does not suit you, you can wash it off in this way: for 10 minutes, lubricate the strands with warm sunflower oil, and then wash your hair with plenty of shampoo or - best of all - soap.

It is quite possible to paint the hair in the desired color and at the same time be of benefit to it - ordinary henna is perfect for this purpose. In the hands of a creative woman, the herbal coloring powder known to us from childhood is transformed into curative cosmetics for hair. Thanks to simple natural additional components, it acquires an amazing wealth of colors and shades.