How and what to whiten your face at home


Maintain the whiteness of the skin of the face is not easy. Diseases make it gray, bad habits add yellowness, age adds age spots, excessive passion for tan turns red, and problems with blood vessels lead to the appearance of stars. Then the question arises: how to whiten a face? At home, for this you can use natural products. Let's do a cosmetology!

When do you need to whiten your skin?

The complexion deteriorates for many reasons. Sometimes it deteriorates for a short time - for example, due to lack of sleep or pregnancy. This is not a reason to intensely whiten the skin. About clarification should think in such cases:

  • the appearance of a large number of pigment spots (freckles or lentigo);
  • an ugly tan that gives the skin a look as if it had suffered a burn;
  • if the skin has become dark due to the long stay on the street in bad weather conditions;
  • face turned grayish or yellowish;
  • The skin has acquired a "tired" earthy color, which eloquently reports that it lacks nutrition and care.

All this deprives the skin of aristocratic whiteness and makes it necessary to look for ways to whiten the skin of the face at home in order to restore its freshness and radiance. The easiest way to run to the store for a new cream. But you can use a much safer, effective and economical method - use home remedies made from herbal ingredients.

Home cosmetology in the fight for the whiteness of the face: the best masks

If the problem of deterioration of complexion requires an immediate solution, then it is better to use a tool that will help make the skin matte white in the shortest possible time. It is a whitening face mask. At home, "cook up" it is easy. It will surprise almost instant effect.

Masks should be done no more than 2 times a week. The optimal time of action of the agent is 15 minutes, and it is not recommended to exceed it (it may cause skin irritation). This will be enough to eliminate pigment spots, reduce the severity of freckles and make the skin brighter for a couple of tones.

The best compositions

  • Fresh Cucumber Mask

Wash cucumber and, without removing the skin, grind grated (to get 2 tablespoons. Cucumber mass). Chop fresh parsley (2 tbsp. L.). Add 1 tbsp. l sour cream and 1 tsp. lemon juice. Mix all.

  • Parsley mask

Grind 2 tbsp. l washed parsley. Add 1 tbsp. l natural honey and 1 tsp. lemon juice.

  • Berry and Honey Mask

Take 2 tbsp. l red currant berries, crush (or grind in a blender). Mix with 1 tsp. honey

  • Kefir sour cream mask

Take 2 tbsp. l kefir and sour cream. Connect them with 1 tbsp. l lemon pulp.

  • Curd mask

Mix 1.5 st. l non-sour cottage cheese with 1 raw yolk.

  • Curd sour cream mask

Ideal to lighten pigment spots. The mask requires only 3 ingredients: sour cream - 1 tbsp. l., cottage cheese - 1 tbsp. l., hydrogen peroxide - 1 tsp.

After preparation of the composition, soak a gauze cloth over it and apply it on the previously cleansed face.

All blush and whiter ... Homemade lightening creams

To lighten the skin for a long time and without unpleasant surprises, suitable whitening face cream. At home, its preparation does not require expensive or rare components. The following self-made tools proved to be the best.

  • Yogurt cream

For the preparation of the bleaching composition will need: unsweetened bioyoghurt - 200 ml, lemon juice - 20 ml, almond kernels - 4 pcs. (they should be ground in a blender). The cream in its effectiveness will compete with even the most famous cosmetics.

  • Cream with lemon and almond oil

For the cream will need 3 tbsp. l almond oil, 1 tsp. glycerin, lemon juice - 5-7 drops, 3-4 drops of tea tree oil.

If you still decide to buy the cream in a pharmacy or a store, then it is better to choose products that contain lactic or almond acid, lemon, cucumber, parsley, yarrow extract. All these components have the property of gently lightening the skin.

How to whiten your face from sunburn: other folk methods

If sunbathing, instead of glamorous appearance, has deprived the person of attractiveness and “decorated” it with flaky spots, then these aesthetic problems can be corrected by proven folk methods.

Homemade means of lightening the face after sunburn

  • Sour cream plus kefir

It is enough to wipe the face with these dairy products to give it a pleasant color and gently eliminate the traces of an unsuccessful tan. They can also be used for masks. It must be applied to a clean face every day (10 days).

  • Lemon and Potato Mask

1 potato tuber peeled, crumbled, chopped to make gruel. Add a few drops of lemon. Apply the composition on the face. Leave for 30 minutes. Clean with warm water.

  • Face washing with aloe juice

The medicinal plant from the window sill will “clean off” an unattractive tan from the face and increase the elasticity and firmness of the skin. Before you use its juice, you should cut a piece of the sheet and hold it for a day in the refrigerator. Juice should be used as a tonic - wipe your face in the morning.

  • Clay and milk

If a person is badly affected by exposure to sunlight, then you can return his whiteness by using a mask of white clay. Milk is added to it and diluted to a thick porridge. It is advisable to use a mask daily.

  • Washing with soda solution

To eliminate the unwelcome tan, banal soda is useful. A small amount of it simply poured into the tool used for washing. In the process it is necessary to massage the skin - this will help exfoliate the dead cells.

We prepare lotions, we make applications

To combat darkening lesions, uneven complexion or pigmentation, you can use other tools prepared in your kitchen. Good result gives the use of compresses.

Recipes for the preparation of applications

  • Soda and boiled water

Prepare a whitening composition, which includes ½ tsp. soda and 10 tsp. boiled water. Soak a cotton wool in this solution, apply for 2 minutes to the problem area of ​​the skin.

  • Wine vinegar and sour milk

1 tbsp. l vinegar mixed with 2 tbsp. l sour milk. To make the composition thicker, pour in some wheat flour.

  • Lemon and glycerin

Mix glycerin, vinegar and lemon juice (in equal proportions). The composition is quite active, so it is better to first conduct allergotest.

What to make lotions?

  • With hydrogen peroxide

Take 1 part of peroxide and boiled water. Wipe the skin (do not use with dry skin).

  • With milk

Mix 3 tbsp. l skim milk and ½ tbsp. l lemon juice.

To restore the whiteness of the skin today is not a problem. A woman always has the choice of how to whiten her face at home: buy a ready-made product or give 20 minutes to her beauty by preparing a mask or cream from natural ingredients. To make the result even better, you can use this secret: first clean the skin using a scrub (it can be made from parsley with salt or candied honey). This will enhance the effect of lightening procedures and give the skin a delightful shade.