Hollywood smile with bliq pen for the week


What you need to make our teeth look great? Most people will answer: they need to be cleaned twice a day and every six months to go to the dentist - and rightly so, but not enough! If you want to really look great and glow with health - you need a snow-white smile!

Bliq Pen Whitening Pencil

The initial color of the teeth of each person depends on the genetics and can vary from the lightest shades to yellow-brown. You will be surprised if you find out that dark yellow-brown enamel is the strongest, owners of such teeth, as a rule, go to doctors only after 40 years. However, living with such teeth is hard, because they look neither healthy nor attractive. Another option is when a person himself spoils his color of tooth enamel with his pernicious habits. We are now talking about heavy smokers and lovers to drink beverages and foods that darken the enamel and leave dark spots on it. However, the question arises - if you watch any American film or show, then you can see - 90% of Americans of any age are holders of white smiles ... How does this happen? The secret lies in the fact that almost all residents of European countries devote enormous influence to their teeth: they use special whitening strips, cups and pencils throughout their lives.

What is the best tooth whitening in Russia?

There is no unequivocal answer to this question, of course. But in terms of price and quality, you can select a whitening pencil Bliq Pen. This brand-name product shows a positive whitening effect in 93% of use cases. At the same time it combines ease of use and security.

It is enough to twist the cap, squeeze out a little money and spend a pencil on the teeth like a brush. And just half a minute to remove the gel with a cloth. After a week of using the Bliq Pen, you will see that your teeth have become whiter by several tones.

Some people ask why it takes so long for the effect, because there are mouthwash with a solution on the market that whiten teeth instantly. Yes indeed, Bliq Pen will not make your smile snow-white in one day, but it is precisely gradual whitening that is considered safe - it does not injure the enamel and does not cause increased tooth sensitivity.

Pencil Bliq Pen - a natural remedy?

Bliq Pen

In the era of information, almost everyone has heard that it is possible to whiten teeth at home using only products of natural origin - for example, using fruit acid. This method has the right to exist, but it has many minuses, the first of which is the short duration of the effect. Maximum you can change the color of the tooth enamel for a semitone for a couple of days.

Bliq Pen contains synthetic components, but there is nothing scary or dangerous in this, they allow you to achieve a good result. The basis of the pencil is carbamide peroxide and carbomer - they are also used in hardware whitening in dental clinics, but in other doses, which often cause a feeling of aching in the teeth. If you apply Bliq Pen every day in small quantities, you will get a smooth brightening of the teeth and elimination of dark spots and plaque without pain and unpleasant consequences.

Issue price

Everyone knows that with the help of home procedures (any, it is now not only about teeth), you can save well, since you do not pay for the room and for the work of a specialist. In fact, at home you pay only the cost of the material itself and it is often several times lower than in the clinic. Tooth whitening at the doctor on average costs from 3 thousand rubles for one procedure. In addition, the dentist in any case will provide you with additional services - the removal of stones, etc., for which you also have to pay. Thus, your snow-white smile will cost you a round sum. Pencil Bliq Pen costs only 1000 rubles and you don’t have to pay anything else - you can do the rest!

You'll get:

  • gradual whitening of tooth enamel by 2-3 tones without unpleasant sensations;
  • a protective coating to keep the effect for a long time;
  • fastening tooth enamel.

But be careful when buying: Bliq Pen is sold officially on the manufacturer’s website only. Buying from third-party sellers, you risk getting a fake or a completely different product, which may not be as effective or even dangerous to health.