Hollywood peeling. advantages of hollywood peeling


Every woman dreams of a velvety, smooth and delicate skin without the slightest flaw. Many of the fair sex try to use a variety of skin care procedures. Relatively recently, the market of cosmetology services appeared and hollywood peeling, after application of which they guarantee a refreshed skin and a younger face without traces of fatigue and past years. But to decide on the use of Hollywood peeling, it is worth all the same only after a more detailed acquaintance with him.

What is Hollywood peeling?

Hollywood peeling is called peeling, which is dominated by phytic acid, which is the active substance. This type of peeling refers to the so-called surface chemical peeling.

Hollywood Peeling

Many foreign stars prefer the Hollywood peeling, as it has no time limits, it can be done all year round, not looking up from work and various social events. Its effect is based on gentle and gentle exfoliation of dead skin cells, which do not allow the skin to breathe properly, and spoil the complexion. Phytic acid removes the harmful metal ions that cause pigmentation and inflammation, and gives the skin a healthy and fresh look.

But no matter how useful and safe this type of peeling, its use requires caution. therefore not to get burned by the use of Hollywood peeling, do not abuse it, you need to use only the services of qualified cosmetologists who will be able to choose the correct number of sessions and the time of their holding.

Benefits of Hollywood Peeling

  • Hollywood peels can be used quite often.. This contributes to the constant renewal of the cells of the epidermis, which gives the skin freshness and elasticity.

Hollywood Peeling Procedure

  • The peeling procedure itself is very simple and takes about 40 minutes without causing noticeable discomfort.
  • After 6 sessions the skin is completely updated. She becomes soft, tender to the touch, and her tone - smooth. In addition, the release of subcutaneous fat and pore size are reduced, which protects the skin from the appearance of acne and oily shine. It becomes smooth, wrinkles are smoothed, inflammation and acne disappear.
  • The use of Hollywood peeling does not require a long time to heal. You can take advantage of it even in the summer season.
  • Phytic acid itself, endowing this type of peeling with so many benefits, does not penetrate deep into the skin, remaining on the surface. During the interaction with the skin, only the stratum corneum is destroyed, and the lower layers are not affected. That is why Hollywood peeling is recognized as the safest of all types of peeling, offered by the modern industry of cosmetology services.

Indications and contraindications for Hollywood peeling

Hollywood peeling recommended with dull and fading skin, the appearance of senile and facial wrinkles, hyperpigmentation of the skin, the so-called photoaging, scars, conditions of post-acne and acne, as an excellent way to prevent aging. Its use contributes to the enhanced release of collagen and the restoration of impaired skin functions in terms of rejuvenation, smoothing of scars and combating skin pigmentation.

Indications and contraindications for Hollywood peeling

Hollywood peeling is desirable to carry out a year at least 1 p. Also, after the procedure can not tan before a month after the course.

To get a perfect result on the procedure, it is advisable to come without makeup, and after the procedure - follow the recommendations given by the beautician.

In acute allergic and inflammatory skin diseases, pregnancy planning, during pregnancy and breastfeeding, herpes, exacerbation of chronic skin diseases Hollywood peeling is contraindicated.

How is Hollywood peeling?

  • Hollywood Peeling Procedure starts with makeup removal. After applying a special solution consisting of several types of acids. That it provides fast exfoliation of dead skin cells.
  • Next, apply a mask consisting mainly of phytic acid. Exactly This method of alternately applying all the compositions helps the skin to get a fresh look..

How is Hollywood peeling?

  • Then the client returns home, where after 24 hours he washes away the remaining part of the deposited products with the help of a cosmetic gel or milk with abundant use of water. At first a slight tingling and burning sensation is possible, but after a few minutes they will pass. Immediately after the procedure skin becomes smooth and pink.
  • After a day, there is a feeling of tightness of the skin - it dies off and shrinks the top layer of the skin.
  • After 3 days, peeling begins, and after 7 days, the skin becomes elastic, smooth and fresh, facial wrinkles disappear, and the face seems to glow from within.
  • Even after carrying out a single procedure of Hollywood peeling, the face acquires a fresh look, but for the most pronounced and lasting effect, it is desirable to increase the course of procedures to 3 procedures. The interval between them must be at least 14 days.
  • During the course, it is very important to use creams with a moisturizing effect, to make enzyme masks. If the Hollywood peeling is carried out in the summer, then you need to use a strong sunscreen.

Hollywood Peeling

Hollywood Peelingconquers the hearts of women on both sides of the ocean. is heIt has many advantages, has a sparing effect on the skin and guarantees an excellent result without harm to health. They can be used at any time of the year, and the result will not take too much time.

But in any case it is important to comply with the measure, so you should not abuse even such an excellent means to preserve beauty, like a Hollywood peeling, and then you will always look great.

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