Hollywood curls


Stylish dress, stilettos, beautiful manicure, makeup will not make the proper impression, if you do not make a stylish styling. One of the classic options are Hollywood curls.

Nowadays, thanks to high-quality styling tools, creating such curls on your own has become much easier.

How to make Hollywood?

How to make Hollywood curls?

Would need:

  1. Foam (mousse)
  2. Varnish
  3. Curlers (thermal rollers)
  4. Hairpins (invisible)

To keep your hair long and beautiful, be sure to wash your hair. Wrap your head with a towel, wait 10 minutes, remove the towel, carefully comb it. Then make a side parting. If you have a bang, then comb it on the right or left side.

To avoid damage to the hair, use a foam or mousse for hair styling.

Spread a small amount of the selected agent over the entire length. Take medium-sized hair curlers and heat them up. Wind the hair backwards from the forehead. Put on the cap and leave for 2 hours. If heated hair rollers are used, the time is reduced to 7 minutes.

Then take a hairdryer and dry curls. Carefully remove the curlers. Slightly beat the curls with your fingers, as if combing, starting from the roots, sprinkle with varnish. If you have long hair, then when you remove the curlers, comb them with a comb with large teeth.

Now there is only one touch left - the hairstyle decoration. You can just stab the strands invisible. It will look good side parting. If you do not want to walk with her hair loose, then make a bunch (to create it, gather the hair on the back of your head, twist it and fasten it with hairpins) or a horse tail.

Hollywood curls photo:

  • If you do not have a diffuser on hand, use the old proven method: braid wet hair in two braids, which then twist into tight bunches or make 2 tight spirals high on the crown.

Spiral curls

To make elastic curls - spirals, are usedhair curlers with grooves (from plastic, wood, metal). They are used for spiral perm. You can use a curling iron with a spiral nozzle, but this process will take a lot of time and will require a lot of effort.

To create beautiful spiral curls need the following:

  1. Wind the hair while it is wet and only then dry it.
  2. When winding the strand, make sure that its thickness is no more than 1 cm.
  3. Strand tightly winding, starting from the roots.
  4. To fix the ends of the curls, use a rubber band or a special clip.
  5. When you unwind all the curlers, separate the curls by hand using gel and hairspray.

Spiral curls

Unusual curls

The effect of curls (curls) zigzag shape is obtained when using professional stylers. On sale there are many types of irons and pleyok with a variety of nozzles.

You can also use the tools at hand. Wet hair in a tight little braids or twist strands on cardboard and secure with clips.

To keep your curls longer, apply varnish with elastic fixation.

Hollywood curls: the secrets of stylists

Unusual curls

  • If you have hair up to your shoulders or a little longer, then use hair curlers of different sizes to create volume.
  • In the hairstyle decoration, know the measure, otherwise a large number of large, bright hairpins will distract attention from the spectacular curls.
  • Use special fixers for hair (wax with glitter, mousse, foam) to create the desired shapes.
  • Good to use for fixing hairstyles varnishes with glitter.

In order to feel like a Hollywood beauty, you only need to create a hair style based on curls (curls). It will be appropriate for evening, daily and wedding images. Believe me, you will not go unnoticed!