Highlights on light brown hair with bangs


All women are so different, but we all have the same idea of ​​beauty. Every girl knows perfectly well that style is a collective concept, in which the main role is played by the hairstyle. Fashionable trends are changing rapidly, but for several decades, highlighting on light brown hair has taken the lead.

What will stylists tell us?

How to make highlights on light brown hair?

Many owners of light brown hair tend to change their image. In their opinion, the light brown color is inexpressive and faded. To make a variety and emphasize the natural beauty, but at the same time also not to destroy the health of their curls, stylists recommend doing light highlighting on blond hair. Only a part of the hair is subject to coloring, but a rich shade will delight you with its brightness and brilliance.

The most popular modern style of dyeing is Californian highlighting for blond hair. As you already understood, the copyright belongs to Hollywood beauties, who walk along the red carpet, enticing with the golden glitter and immaculate purity of their curls. The advantage of this method of coloring lies in the fact that the root part of the hair is not affected at all. Only the tips are brightened, so often there is no need to tint the hair. Yes, and this staining looks very natural.

For coloring in the style of Californian highlighting, it is best to choose shades from such a palette:

  • beige;
  • honey;
  • golden;
  • cognac;
  • coffee house.

How to make highlights on light brown hair

In the trend remains and the French highlighting. This method of coloring curls suitable only for light-blond girls. The hair will play glare, with bright contrast imperceptible. Pre-expose your curls do not need clarification. It is possible to make such highlighting with the help of tinting agent or paint of light shades.

How to make highlights on light blond hair

A true salvation for many of the weaker sex is the so-called backlighting. This method of coloring curls should be resorted to when you want to return to their hair a natural shade. A professional master will select the color of the coloring matter that best suits your shade of hair. Such highlighting looks very natural and feminine. There is no pronounced color transition from the root zone to the tips.

How to make highlights on dark blond hair

Of course, you can not ignore the classic highlights. For more than a dozen years, this method of coloring curls occupies a leading position among owners of light brown hair. You can experiment and choose colors not only from the palette of the blond. Separate strands in soft caramel, honey, copper or nut tones are allowed.

Fashion sentence: hairdressers tips

Professional stylists say that it is impossible to make a perfect highlighting with uniform coloring of all curls at home. Often, hairdressers hear complaints from their clients and requests to correct what they have done. If you do decide to change your image yourself, consider the following aspects:

  • 2-3 days before the expected date of the highlights, do not wash your hair. During this time, each hair and its follicle will be covered with a greasy secret that will play a protective role during dyeing.
  • On the skin of the head there should be no rashes, irritation or small scratches, otherwise you will experience discomfort and, possibly, pain sensations when in contact with the dye.
  • Curls are recommended to shave.
  • Before highlighting all the strands of hair must be combed very carefully, otherwise tangled or stuck hairs sneak unevenly.
  • If you have just curled or curled in light brown, wait a little with highlighting. Hair must rest and gain health, otherwise after contact with a clarifier, they will become overdried and deprived of vitality.
  • Before choosing a contrasting shade, consult a professional. It is important to take into account the color of the face.
  • Highlights on brown hair with bangs should be uniform. Bangs are also subject to staining, and strands should be distributed symmetrically.
  • Before the procedure, do not forget to test for an allergic reaction.

Ways of highlighting: how to make a choice?

Ways of highlighting

Today in the salon highlight do in several ways:

  • using foil;
  • through the cap;
  • using brushing;
  • manually.

If the first two methods can be mastered and reproduced at home, then highlighting by brushing or by manual rubbing without prior training and practice is unlikely to be possible. And if you want to make highlights in the style of frost or glazing, then it is better to trust a professional.

We consider the most popular way of highlighting at home, namely with the help of foil. In the salons for dyeing special thermal paper is used, we use the usual food foil.

By the way, highlighting on light brown short hair is best done through a special rubber or plastic cap. But this method of coloring is suitable only for owners of short haircuts, when the length of the curls does not exceed fifteen centimeters.

Make highlighting: step by step instructions

So, we will study how to make highlights on light brown hair at home. To make the locks evenly colored, they need to be wrapped in foil. You can use regular metal food paper. Pre-cut from a roll of foil rectangles, the size of which depends solely on the length of your curls.

Necessary materials:

  • glass or plastic bowl;
  • foil;
  • crest;
  • colorant or brightener;
  • latex gloves;
  • cape or towel;
  • special brush;
  • fat cream.

Step by step description of the staining process:

  1. So, we have already tested for an allergic reaction and prepared all the necessary materials.
  2. On the hairline along the entire circumference of the head we apply a fat cream. If you lighten hair strands, you can skip this action.How to make highlights on blond hair. Step by Step Instructions
  3. Put on gloves and stir the dye in a plastic or glass bowl.How to make highlights on blond hair. Step by Step Instructions
  4. Carefully comb your curls, make sure that there is no tangled hairs.
  5. Now we divide all the hair into separate sections.How to make highlights on blond hair. Step by Step Instructions
  6. Leave one part free, fix the rest with a clip.How to make highlights on blond hair. Step by Step Instructions
  7. Holding the selected strand with the tip of the comb, gently stretch a piece of foil under the bottom.
  8. Now we paint the hair evenly with a brush.How to make highlights on blond hair. Step by Step Instructions
  9. If you want the highlighting to be basal, then additionally apply a coloring matter to the roots of the curls.How to make highlights on blond hair. Step by Step Instructions
  10. Wrapped strand wrapped in foil.
  11. By analogy we paint the remaining strands.
  12. We leave the dye on the curls for the time specified in the instructions.How to make highlights on blond hair. Step by Step Instructions
  13. If the dye accidentally gets on the skin of the face, gently wipe it with a cotton pad and cream.How to make highlights on blond hair. Step by Step Instructions
  14. As soon as the allotted time has expired, unfold the foil and, without removing it, wash off the remnants of the coloring matter from the hair.How to make highlights on blond hair. Step by Step Instructions
  15. Only then we remove the foil and carefully wash the curls with shampoo.

Hair after highlighting: the rules of care

It was during the period after dyeing that our curls more than ever need additional strengthening, nourishment and protection. After this procedure, you need to properly care for your hair, taking into account the following aspects:

  • always cut the tips at least 1 time in 2 months;
  • we systematically make firming masks and use balsam;
  • You can use toning agent or plain lemon juice to permanently preserve the brilliance of the colored stains.

Highlighting allows a woman to radically change her image, while harming the curls is minimal. This is primarily due to the fact that during highlighting only part of the hair is colored, and in some cases only the tips. To the result of staining for a long time pleased you, entrust this business to experienced stylists. If you are a strong-willed woman and are used to doing everything yourself, during the painting follow the rules and tips described above. Be beautiful and happy!