Highlight and concealer


Many women have heard that there are makeup products that can remove skin blemishes and even shape the face. Many people know that these are 2 tools - concealer and highlighter, but they don’t know how to use them correctly. What is concealer and highlighter, what do they serve for and what is their difference?

How and for what use highlighter?

Why use a highlighter

Highlighter is not a cosmetic product for mandatory daily use. In fact, it is intended to place accents in one or another part of the face. The main feature of this subject of visage is the addition of flare. This allows you to refresh your face, add shine. If various tinting makeup products are designed to smooth the face, the highlighter, on the contrary, models it to make the face look natural. If the highlighter is on a tonal base, then you can use it as a proofreader. This tool will mask the minor imperfections of the skin using reflective particles.

However, if the tone foundation is not provided, then you should not use a highlighter to correct skin defects (for example, acne). In this case, they will only become more noticeable. Highlighter can be applied to certain areas of the skin of the face, depending on what form you want to give the face.

Highlaters produce various cosmetic companies. They are in different price categories. Some are suitable for people with small incomes, others are included in the group of elite cosmetics.

Most often, the highlighter distinguishes the following areas:

  • a part of the cheekbones under the eyes (lightening of the skin in this area helps to hide circles under the eyes, to make fine wrinkles invisible; in addition, the look becomes more radiant and wide-open),
  • forehead on the side of the eyebrows (such a manipulation with the highlighter will make the face look beautiful and make the forehead higher),
  • for owners of a big nose, with a highlighter you need to highlight its back, if the nose is small, lighten the zones on the side above the wings (this will help give your nose more regular shapes and also affect the proportions of the whole face)
  • if your eyes are set close, you need to highlight the inner corners of the eyes, so visually you will create a greater distance between them; if the eyes are set too far, do the same on the outer corners to visually reduce the distance.
  • above the eyebrow and under the eyebrow (highlighting of these areas with the help of a highlighter helps to give expressiveness, radiance and openness to the look, besides, eyebrows will appear higher),
  • Using this “cosmetic miracle” above the upper lip will help make the sponge more plump. If you do not use lipstick, then a little highlighter can be applied to the lower lip.

How to use highlighter

Highlighters are also available in various forms.

The highlighter pen is a pen with a brush on the tip. This form of release of cosmetic products is very convenient. It is convenient to use such a pen at the corners of the eyes, under the eyebrow or around the lips, but it will be difficult to use it where you need to lighten large parts of the face.

Liquid highlighter, in contrast, is intended for application to large areas of skin. Its disadvantages include a glossy effect, which is not always desirable.

Shimmering powder can also cover large areas of skin. Apply such a tool with a small makeup brush. It is not recommended to use this type of highlighter for those who have oily skin or wrinkles. Women with such skin problems can try to apply powder, and then highlighter in the form of shimmering balls or highlighter brush with crumbly powder.

Highlighter cream applied to the skin has the appearance of loose powder. Its only drawback is a small volume.

What makes concealer different from highlighter?

Unlike the highlighter, concealer is a masking agent. With its help, you can make invisible minor defects of the skin. Here it should be noted that concealer is intended only to mask, and not eliminate skin problems. Even concealers who are focused on drying acne and lightening age spots cannot fully cope with the problems. Nevertheless, the use of concealer is beneficial for the skin, as it contains various substances that have a beneficial effect on the skin.

The consistency of these tools are reminiscent of creams. They can be released in various forms.

Each of the species must be applied in certain places of a person and has its own specific qualities. For example, a liquid concealer is used to correct imperfections of the skin around the eyes and around the lips. But in the disguise of acne, this tool is powerless. It is not suitable for concealing pimples and moisturizing concealer, but it will easily cope with wrinkles. Concealer pencil is good at concealing small acne, small spots and blood vessels. This requires a point application. The main task of concealer-stick is to disguise the scars left after acne. This tool perfectly keeps and gives the face a natural look.

How to choose concealer and highlighter?


If you need to hide the flaws of the face, such as: acne, blood vessels, blemishes and small scars, choose a concealer! In order not to be mistaken in the choice of concealer, this process should be approached very seriously. If it is necessary to remove reddening, small-sized scars, etc., then the remedy should match the skin color. To hide from the eyes of the irregularities of the face (often on the skin of a fat type), select the concealer tone, which will be slightly darker than your face. Use a lighter tone to hide circles under the eyes.

In order to properly apply concealer move away from the mirror, it is better to take a step back. After drawing, go closer to the mirror. This will help to successfully shade the tool. The concealer will be shaded well on a skin which has been previously moistened. Never use this tool on open wounds or abrasions. Inflammation may occur.

Choose a highlighter if you need to adjust the shape of the face or certain of its features.

In addition to texture, the highlighter color plays an important role. Remember that the yellow and olive skin tone implies the use of a peach-colored highlighter. It gives a refreshing effect. Cool pink and lilac highlighter colors calm the reddish skin. The emphasis on tanning will help you to make the highlighter a golden tone. For light skin, the white and light pink highlighter will be ideal.

Choosing a highlighter tone, strive for harmony. If you can’t find the right tone, use a beige highlighter. It is necessary to select it so that the shade of the product is slightly lighter than the skin. A simple test will help determine the shade that suits you. This check can be done right in the store: put a little highlighter on your wrist and check the result. If the skin has begun to shine, but at the same time it looks natural - this is your shade, if it shines too much, then try your happiness with a different shade.

Highlight and concealer

Highlight and concealer

Highlight and concealer

Highlight and concealer

Highlighter and concealer should not be confused. The purpose of these cosmetics is completely different. Where one is able to help, the other will make problems more visible. Even if you have determined what means you need, carefully approach the choice of texture and tone.