Henna tattoos


Do you want to tattoo yourself for some event, but do not want to resort to a permanent tattoo? Then your way out is a henna tattoo. Its main advantage is that she will wash off after a while. Another plus of such a tattoo is its absolute harmlessness, apart from extreme cases of henna allergy. Such allergies are often found in those who are allergic to strawberries.

Henna tattoo can be completely done at home itself, without the help of a master. For everything to work out perfectly, you need to follow the recipe of preparation exactly and not be afraid to show imagination in order to feel like a tattoo master. And, of course, another plus of henna tattoos is the complete absence of pain, unlike the usual tattoo. It is rather even a soothing and pleasant activity, which will bring a lot of positive emotions. It may happen that not everything will work out the first time, but this is not a reason for frustration, over time you will put your hand.

Preparation of henna for tattoo

Henna tattoos: to myself

You will need a special henna powder for painting on the body, you can take the usual, but better special. Powder a couple of times sift through a small strainer. Henna should acquire the state of a uniform powder so that all the details of the pattern look clear. Now henna pour lemon juice and stir until gruel. Place the henna in the dishes, wrap in cellophane and leave to stand for a day. So the color will become more intense and will last longer.

Useful tips

For a darker color, henna can be mixed with a small amount of basma or instant coffee. The picture will be better kept on the skin if you add a little sugar to the mixture. Xna has a specific smell, so you can dilute it with a few drops of a pleasant essential oil. the mixture was of medium consistency - not very thick, and not too liquid.

What determines the color of the tattoo?

From other components added, except for henna. On more tanned skin, the pattern will have a brownish tint, and a lighter reddish one. The paste will be all the more intense the longer it will last. During this time it is better not to allow the tattoo to come into contact with water. And when exposed to the sun, the color of the tattoo becomes more intense. It is necessary to keep in mind that the pattern applied to the legs or arms lasts about three weeks, and the pattern on the back or chest lasts up to 12 days.

So, you prepared the paint, hence the instructions, what now? Now the most important and interesting point is drawing with henna. To begin with, determine the choice of drawing, think about what final result you would like to see. You can draw your drawing on paper and imagine how you will carry it out step by step. Then, when you will probably do a tattoo with a master, it is easier for you to explain which particular tattoo you want.

Methods for applying a temporary tattoo

With tracing paper

The method consists in marking the contours of the temporary tattoo with the help of a decal, this can be done with an ordinary soft makeup pencil. And then follow the contours to encircle the tattoo with henna.

Using stencil

For this method, a stencil is taken, where the contours of the tattoo have already been made, which now remains to be painted over, putting the stencil on the tattoo. The material for the stencil can be - a plaster, polyethylene, etc.

With a pencil

For this method you need a special tattoo pencil. The method, in principle, is not bad, but it also has its drawbacks. Such a tattoo pencil is sometimes difficult to find, and a drawing made in this way lasts only a few days.

Tattooing at home

The first stage: a clean area of ​​the skin for a tattoo, degrease with a lotion or tonic containing alcohol. Remove all excess hairs from this skin area, or the color may turn out to be uneven. Now you start the very application, depending on the chosen method. For example, you chose a method using tracing paper - you paint over a henna drawing, the outlines of which have already been painted with a make-up pencil. Do not hurry anywhere and do not hurry, otherwise the lines will be blurry and non-floating. A mixture of henna put a thick layer. After drawing let the drawing dry out for an hour and a half. Then gently scraped off the remains of henna from the skin. That's all, your henna tattoo is ready and you can proudly boast about it! To keep the tattoo longer and brighter, you can do this procedure again in a day.

How to care for a temporary tattoo?

The first days after application, try not to contact with water. The frequent use of detergents will limit the life of your tattoo. It has a good effect on the tattoo to wipe it with vegetable oil for the first 2-3 days after application.

How to get rid of a temporary tattoo?

It happens that only the tattoo does not cause delight and I want to get rid of it as soon as possible. What to do in this case? Thoroughly rub the tattoo with the scrub several times a day. Wash your tattoo with shower gel or regular soap. You can resort to folk lightening products - rub it with tincture of parsley, cucumber or lemon juice. , but this method should be used only in extreme cases, as peroxide spoils the skin.

Henna tattoos are a great opportunity to give your image a unique style, and for a short time.