Henna tattoos at home

The art of making henna tattoos has been known since antiquity, but it was more popular in the East. Now such a tattoo has become popular all over the world, especially as an alternative to a tattoo that is difficult to get rid of.

The henna tattoo is unique in that it can be done for several days and then washed off. You can make a beautiful pattern for a particular holiday, like women in India, surprise friends and easily change it to another. You only need to know a few secrets and rules how to make a henna tattoo at home.

Composition for applying henna tattoo

You will need henna powder, a syringe without a needle for tattooing, water, lemon juice, a blank drawing or stencil, eucalyptus oil, garlic, sugar.

Henna tattoos at home

Select the image you want to apply. There are no particular restrictions on the choice of pictures. Henna at home you can draw any outline or pattern. There are traditional images that look exotic and stylish. Stencils will help make tattoo faster and easier.

For the preparation of paint will also need a deep plate and warm water. To give durability and a dark shade of paint, you can add strong tea or coffee to the mix.

How to make a mixture for a henna tattoo at home?

To make a henna tattoo at home turned out beautiful, treat all your attention to making a henna mixture. It is best to prepare the mixture in advance, as it takes a lot of time. From 20 g of henna, 100 g of the mixture is obtained. This amount is enough for the distance from the forearm to the palm.

Take henna powder and sift through a sieve, then pour the juice of 1 lemon into it and stir to avoid lumps. Place the mixture in a tight plastic bag so that air cannot enter, and leave it for 12 hours. To get a darker tattoo, you can add a little basma to the mix.

How to make a mixture for a henna tattoo at home?

After 12 hours add 1 tsp to the mixture. Sahara. The consistency should be like a thick cream, if it is too thick, it should be diluted with lemon juice. Wrap the bag again and remove again for 12 hours.

How to apply a henna tattoo at home?

  • The place where you are going to apply a tattoo, wipe with eucalyptus oil. This will allow the paint to lie smoother, and the color will be warmer and brighter. The easiest way is to apply a stencil of the future pattern to the skin so that the pattern is neat.
  • Then type the mixture in the syringe. Squeeze the mixture gently, causing the pattern.
  • Start a tattoo from a distant area of ​​the skin, this will help avoid smearing henna. If the line turned out to be inaccurate, wipe it off with a cotton swab, having previously moistened it in sunflower oil.
  • Try to push the syringe lightly, otherwise the mixture will spread. After that let the paint dry completely. It usually takes from 40 minutes to 1 hour.
  • Use a scraper or cloth to shake off the dry mixture.

How to apply a henna tattoo at home?

  • To fix the tattoo, wipe it with a mixture of sugar, lemon juice, garlic and olive oil.
  • If you made a henna tattoo for a certain holiday, fix it hair spray. After the end of the holiday, after a few hours, wash the tattoo off the skin and apply a nourishing cream on the skin.

Secrets of applying henna tattoo at home

  • It is undesirable to do henna tattoo at home in one place often, This can lead to deterioration of the skin.
  • The larger the tattoo size, the more henna need to be diluted.
  • Cook henna for 30 minutes before applying the tattoo.
  • The picture that you want to put as a tattoo, you can draw with a felt-tip pen on the film and attach it to the future place. So get a finished print. Now you can circle it with a brush, dipping it in a bowl with cooked henna.
  • Before applying the tattoo, you need to prepare the skin so that the design is well kept. It is necessary to remove hairs, if they exist and defat the skin, wiping it with a lotion containing alcohol or alcohol.
  • When applying a tattoo for the first time, first make its pattern on paper. You can cut it and attach it to the skin with adhesive tape.
  • Henna can be applied by placing it in a small tight bag and puncturing its corner with a needle. By pressing down, you can gently apply henna. Try to put the picture quite thick. All that did not work, immediately wash.
  • Leave the pattern to dry for 2 to 5 hours. The longer it dries, the brighter the tattoo will be. Once the drawing is dry, remove the stencil and remove excess paint with a dry cloth.

Secrets of applying henna tattoo at home

How to make a henna tattoo fast?

Prepare green henna - 40 g, black tea and ground coffee - 2 tsp. Each, ball deodorant, parchment paper or stencil, lemon juice - 2 tsp., A brush, hot water - 0.5 l, olive oil and small pot

Boil water, throw tea and coffee into it, boil an hour. Sift henna and, constantly stirring, pour in there. Pound all the lumps, they should not be. Add lemon juice to the icing mixture. Then put everything in the fridge for 3 hours. Once the solution has cooled, proceed with the tattoo. Attach the stencil and, dipping the brush in henna, apply the tattoo. If you want to use parchment, brush with a ball deodorant a place where there will be a tattoo, draw a future drawing with a felt-tip pen on the parchment and attach it. There should be an imprint on the skin. Now apply with a brush henna. When the henna tattoo is dry, scrape off the irregularities of the pattern and wipe it with olive oil.

Henna tattoos in gray antiquity were applied to protect themselves from evil forces. Now it has become an ornament, designation of belonging to a subculture. Henna tattoos are perfect for those who do not want to get a tattoo, but want to decorate their bodies. It is not so painful, safer and more aesthetically beautiful, since when you change your views on life or fashion trends, it is very quickly removed.

Henna tattoos at home lasts from 7 to 15 days, after which it is easily washed off with water. It leaves no scars and scars, but pleases with its exotic beauty, until it finally disappears. If desired, henna tattoo at home is very easy to repeat and again make a beautiful ancient pattern or a whole picture.

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