Height-to-weight ratio table for girls

The common phrase that a woman is calm, when she can safely say her weight, is partly reasonable. However, it is not always possible to estimate the figure in kilograms, and often the traditional understanding of ideal height and weight is not applicable to reality.

How to calculate this ratio, do you need to look at it at all?

Individual performance

The ratio of height and weight in girls

Systems that are presented to the mass consumer - for example, body mass index or the formula “height minus 110 cm” - can work without any flaws only on a woman over 20 years old (the children's organism lives according to different laws), which has a normal type of constitution and is not subject to active physical loads. Those. This is a very average image. You cannot try it on at all: an astenik girl, adjusting to these parameters, will get excess body fat, and a girl with a heavy large bone will be forced to knock down all the internal cycles with hunger strikes. Therefore, speaking of the right ratio of height and weight in women, you need to understand what these figures are connected with.

Body types are the main factor.

  • Asthenic. The circumference of the wrist does not exceed 16 cm, arms and neck - distinctive features. They are thin and long. With a normal weight, an asthenic girl may seem very thin, while her norm is lower than the rest. Gaining the weight of a person with such a constitution is slow, but even so they keep the grace of the lower part of the arms and legs. In addition to thin and light bones can have a fast metabolism, although this is not an axiom.
  • Normostenic. Wrist circumference within 16-18.5 cm. The same average person for whom the above formulas and methods are designed. The figure is proportionally folded, often has an X-type or an hourglass. Weight gain occurs evenly, feminine roundness is present.
  • Hypersthenic. Wrist girth more than 18.5 cm. Representatives of this type may have small volumes of hips, waist and chest, but they are wider in two-dimensional projection. The bone is dense, heavy, the chest is large. Often, hypersthenics have short legs and a bad metabolism, quickly getting fat.

The next point is height, which also affects the understanding of the correct (ideal) female weight. There is a classical division that is relevant for the normostenic type:

  • low (up to 155 cm);
  • medium (within 155-167 cm);
  • high (from 168 cm);
  • very tall (above 176 cm).

In the asthenic type, the indicators shift upward: a woman will be considered only from 173 cm high, and up to 167 cm - low. With hypersthenia, on the contrary, a low woman has a height of up to 165 cm. Thus, the growth rate is already becoming secondary, tied to the constitution. Separately, it does not take into account.

Table of weight and height for girls

weight and height ratios for girls

On the basis of the factors listed above and the age, calculations are performed, which are then compared with the standard indicators. However, even when taking into account the constitution and growth can make a mistake, because, again, the numbers are given for the average person. For example, if a girl is actively involved in sports, her normal weight may be higher than the theoretically ideal, because muscle tissue is heavier than adipose tissue. Thus, blindly trusting someone else’s formulas and calculations is impossible.

Height, cm

Weight, kg

Height, cm

Weight, kg

up to 150


















above 191


For the data in the table, there is an exception: girls with a height of less than 160 cm should have a weight of 15% less, and if they are in addition under 20 years old - by 3-5 kg.

  • As close as possible to the reasonable Naugler formula, according to which the ideal weight is calculated as follows: for growth of 152.4 cm, this is 45 kg, and then for every 2.54 cm, 0.9 kg is added. If a girl has an asthenic constitution, this is the end of the calculations. For normostenic the resulting number is increased by 10%, and for hypersthenic - by 15%.

We should also mention Broca’s formula, in which the ideal weight is the difference between height in centimeters and 100th units. It is relevant only for the elderly and hypersthenia, while normostenikam have to take all 110 units, and for asthenia -115.

Is there a perfect figure?

The ratio of height and weight in girls

If all attempts to fit themselves under the scales are useless, then how to find out what parameters to strive for? After all, all diets and methods of weight loss are usually guided by kilograms, and there are no other points for setting a clear goal. Professionals explain: a healthy girl needs to keep herself not definitely within the framework of weight, but within the framework of harmonious parameters for her and good body quality. To do this, you need to know what kind of volume ratio is considered ideal for your case, and what percentage of fat in your body should be present.

  • The percentage of fat can be calculated by simple action: divide the waist by the hips. A number in the range of 0.65-0.85 units is considered normal.

The harmonious ratio of parameters for women depends on the specific type of figure. Popular is the method of McCulum, which takes into account the circumference of the wrist. It should be 6.5 times smaller than the breast volume. In this case, the hips are 15% larger than the chest, and the waist is 30% smaller. However, this system works only for the X-shaped figure. If a woman does not have a pronounced waist or has narrow hips due to genetics, these calculations do not make sense for her.

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Summing up, it is worth saying that the ideal ratio of height and weight for each woman is individual. Do not try to drive yourself into the narrow framework of numbers invented by someone. Listen to your body, be able to see the quality of the body and love yourself in any weight. And if you still need to compare yourself with some standards, calculate them for yourself.

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