Hardware manicure


Once it was thought that “taking care of the beauty of nails” was the lot of superficial, shallow and stupid people. Now it's not like that. On the contrary, every self-respecting woman strives to give beauty to her nails. After all, the inner world of a person must be reflected in the external manifestation. And the completion of the image of a woman without a proper manicure is simply impossible.

There are many types of manicure (read the article "Types of manicure"). Recently, the most common becomes hardware manicure. Let's find out why?

A little bit about the hardware manicure

Hardware manicure is performed using a special apparatus. The device has quickly rotating grinding nozzles. They are located at the end and can be changed. There are different types of nozzles. Each nozzle has its own specific function. With the help of these tips the nail cuticle is processed. In classic manicure, the treatment of the cuticle is done with scissors. The procedure of hardware manicure is absolutely safe, since it excludes the possibility of cuts and minor injuries. Apparatus manicure is more gentle compared to a classic manicure.

However, with improper handling of the nozzles of the apparatus can cause harm to the nails. Therefore, this procedure requires skill and special training.

Some specialists do not distinguish a hardware manicure as a separate type of manicure, but relate him to species European unedged manicure. Unedged manicure ensures safety, prevents the formation of microcracks and wounds. The device frees the cuticle from dead cells. The cuticle itself remains intact, intact. With the help of a special apparatus, nail care becomes gentle. If such a procedure is carried out twice a month, then your little legs noticeably prettier. Apparatus manicure is especially recommended for people who have problems with nails and skin of hands. Apparatus manicure is well suited for damaged, exfoliated nails with an uneven surface, as well as for dry skin of the hands and a rapidly growing cuticle on the nails.

Recommendations for the use of hardware manicure

Contraindicationsfor application of hardware manicure not. Only it is impossible to achieve an instant transformation of the hands, for which they have not been caring for long and hard.

Apply a hardware manicure is recommended, as noted above, with a fast-growing cuticle, patients, thin, peeling nails. It is also important to know that the hardware manicure is very good as a correction for the extended gel or acrylic nails. This type of manicure is also suitable for hands on which blood vessels are located very close to the surface. When trimmed manicure, these vessels are easily damaged and it is also unsafe.

The advantages of hardware manicure

Highlight and summarize the advantages of hardware manicure:

  • • safe and painless;
  • • the most gentle type of manicure for nails;
  • • cleans dead skin cells;
  • • slows the growth of the cuticle;
  • • can be combined with other types of manicure, serve as the initial stage;
  • • suitable for damaged, layered nails;
  • • used for correction of nails grown with the help of various technologies;
  • • not very time consuming;

  • • does not take much time;
  • • applied to dry nails;
  • • varnish after such a procedure lasts longer due to lack of water;
  • • eliminates the risk of injury and infection;
  • • eliminates the appearance of burrs and irritations;
  • • aligns the surface of the nail and adjusts the shape.

A hardware manicure has many advantages over a classic cut manicure. Naturally, only a skilled master can properly perform this procedure.. At home, we strongly do not recommend using hardware manicure, unless you yourself are an expert in this matter.