Handmade polymer clay earrings

Now it is very fashionable to be original in everything. Including, it concerns accessories. Sometimes it is very difficult to choose a truly suitable piece of jewelry from the abundance of what shops offer us. Help your own imagination and hands. And polymer clay. It is not difficult to find, and jewelry made from this material is easy and pleasant.

Polymer clay and jewelry

The consistency of polymer clay resembles clay. However, it tends to harden when heated, after which it becomes very durable. After heat exposure products from such clay resemble plastic.

Whatever design you come up with for decoration, no one will ever repeat it exactly. At first glance, it is very difficult to mold such useful and beautiful homemade products. However, one has only to start.

Handmade polymer clay earrings

Polymer clay lemon earrings

To hang cute and delicious pieces of lemons on your wonderful ears, you will need: yellow, white, transparent and green polymer clay, varnish or glaze, sandpaper, razor blade, pins and toothpicks, as well as accessories to create earrings.

  • The first step in the creation of future jewelry will be the creation of a roll of clay, which will be guessed lemon features. For this, it is necessary to mix equal parts of white and transparent polymer clay. Then add a little yellow to give a distinctive lemon tint. The mixture must be rolled into a ball and flatten from the sides. It should make a small cylinder with a diameter of about five centimeters. The resulting detail must be cut with a blade into ten equal triangles (on the pizza principle).
  • Next, you need to roll out a piece of white plastic, equal in width to the height of our cylinder, with a rolling pin or other suitable tools. Part of the resulting strips must be cut and inserted between ten pieces of the cylinder. This should result in partitions that separate the slices in the lemon. Before putting all parts of the cylinder together, it is necessary to divide it in half, make a recess in the middle using a toothpick. There you must put the lace made of white clay.

  • Then, from the remaining strip of white polymer clay we make a wrapper for our lemon billet. When wrapping it is necessary to ensure that there are no air bubbles between the layers. Now we have to put a lemon in the peel. To make it necessary, mix two thirds of yellow, one third of transparent and add a little green. Now you need to roll this mixture into a strip and wrap the next lemon with it. Then our sausage must be compressed until the diameter of the roll becomes about four to five millimeters.
  • Now you can proceed to the second stage, which is the direct creation of lemons. For this purpose, the roll obtained in the previous step is cut into pieces approximately equal to four millimeters. Each received piece is closed from two sides. Then we give our lemon naturalness. To do this, take each resulting lemon and roll it on sandpaper with a toothpick. As a result, we get pimples on its skin, like on a real fruit. Then we cut our citrus fruits in half and form an internal relief with the help of a pin.

  • In the third stage, we give our pieces of juicy fruit a kind of earrings. To do this, in each half, insert the pin and bake earrings. Then let them cool and thread the fasteners. And finally we coat the earrings. Everything. Our original, bright and juicy decorations are ready.

Of course, this way you can make not only lemons, but also any other items. If you want to make earrings made of polymer clay in the form of delicious apples, take a look at the master class of designer Elena Marunich.

Polymer clay earrings: photo

Handmade polymer clay earrings

Handmade polymer clay earrings

Handmade polymer clay earrings

Polymer clay earrings: video

It is recommended that you first draw sketches so that you can properly lay the layers of polymer clay. The main thing is to turn on your imagination, and you will understand that making exclusive jewelry with your own hands is quite simple and very fun.

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