Hairstyles with curls. how to make curls at home


Beautiful hairstyle is the best addition to any image. One of the most common and simple styling is curls. They can be easily made at home. It is enough to equip with styling tools, curling iron or hair curlers. Curls - one of the most versatile and feminine hairstyles.

How to make curls at home?

If you want to diversify your everyday image with romantic notes, then this option is ideal.

Hairstyles with curlsHairstyles with curls

  1. Like any hairstyle, curls should be done on clean hair. Split them horizontally, the resulting areas - into several separate strands. For convenience, kill each section of the strands so that it does not interfere with you.
  2. Decide on what you will twist curls. If you want to use curlers, moisten the strands with foam, mousse or hair gel. Curlers are distributed symmetrically on each side so that the hairstyle is neat. When you put strands on your hair curlers, let them dry for 20 minutes or arm yourself with a hair dryer to speed up the process. When curls are ready, carefully remove the curlers.
  3. If you chose a curling iron or a hair iron for curling, the curls start to do from the top of your head, gradually going down to the back of the head. Curl all over your head. If desired, the resulting curls can be divided into several parts, so that the hairstyle looks more voluminous.
  4. Fix styling hair spray. You can stab your hair with barrettes, put on a hair band or a bandage, creating a beautiful image. Remember that hairstyle should be in harmony with your outfit, otherwise you will not make the proper impression.

Hairstyles with curls for long hair

Hairstyles with curls

On a clean hair, apply a little gel - this will help the curls to keep an elastic form and not to disintegrate all day. If you want to make a high hairstyle, collect the hair on the back of your head in the tail and wind the strands with a curling iron. But note that the roots of the strands will not be twisted, without volume.

If you chose another option, first wind the hair. Then tilt your head back and collect the strands. How your hairstyle will look, completely depends on your desire. You can collect hair in a high tail by selecting a few strands so that it falls on your shoulders. You can connect all the curls with 2 side strands, making the hairstyle in the style of "malvina". This styling can be decorated with pigtails, add an original rim with flowers or unusual hairpins.

For lovers of unusual hairstyles who do not like to spend a lot of time on their creation, stylish hairstyles with curls are perfect.

You can braid a Greek braid on a fringe, and wind the rest of your hair on large curlers, creating spiral curls. You can weave a satin ribbon in the braid, decorate it with flowers or rhinestones.

Hairstyles with curls

You can braid a spikelet or a French braid in the upper part of the head, and twist the remaining strands into small curls. To the spikelet does not break up, it must be carefully fixed, using an elastic in the color of hair or invisible.

To create a beautiful evening hairstyle, braid pigtails or make harnesses at the temples, and twist the central part into large curls. If you have a bang, make a pile.

We select the hair for medium hair

Girls who have medium-length hair will be perfect hairdo with curls in the style of Marilyn Monroe.

After washing, dry your hair a little, apply mousse over the entire length and comb it. Dry the hair again with a hair dryer, lifting the strands up with a flat brush. Secure the bulk of the hair on the back of the head with a clip. Separate the top strand and wind it curling in the direction of the face.

Hairstyles with curlsHairstyles with curls

Secure the resulting curl clip. Exactly the same procedure, repeat with the remaining strands, stopping, reaching the middle of the head. Fix the hairstyle with a strong hold lacquer and remove the hair clips.

Create light negligence

Apply to the hair along the entire length of the heat protection spray and cream for the formation of curls. Twist from small strands of flagella in one direction. Blow-dry your hair with a diffuser. Then the hair is dried, inserting the tips into the nozzle of the diffuser and lifting them up. Spray the finished hair with lacquer.

Hairstyles with curls

Spiral curls

To create this hairstyle you will need special hair curlers called "golden curls". Their distinctive feature is a spiral-shaped geometric shape.

Apply a little wet hair spray or styling cream. Take a small strand of hair and pass it through the helix using the hook that is included in the curler kit.

It is necessary to twist the hair from the roots. When you wind all strands, arm with a hair dryer. Dry your hair and fix it with lacquer so that the curls do not develop. To create such a hairstyle you will take no more than 15 minutes!

Hairstyles with curls

Hairstyles with curls - this is a great opportunity to diversify the usual way. Curls do not difficult, but with some experience it will take a little time. To give a hairstyle more attractive, decorate it with unusual bandages, hairpins, flowers and rhinestones. With such styling you will always be the center of attention!