Hairstyles with a bandage on his forehead


Hairstyles, which are now used dressings, are becoming increasingly popular. The bandage is able to give the hairstyle incomparable femininity, elegance, lightness and airiness, and even make it younger. The bandage on the forehead emphasizes the eyes, makes them more expressive.

Hairstyles with a bandage on the forehead for medium and short hair

To create a hairstyle for short hair, you can take a band, headband, elastic band, triple or double hoop as a bandage. No less comfortable and elastic bandage with weaving or ornament. Remember that the bandage should fit your clothes and other accessories. To make a large volume, curl your hair with curlers, tongs, or any other method. Make small curls and put a bandage on which you chose, so that it is on top of the hair and goes in the middle of the forehead and the back of the head.

If you have medium-length hair, instead of leaving your hair free, start hiding the ends of your hair under a bandage. To do this, separate the part of the hair on the left side and dress them. Hair ends can be left free. Do the same on the right side. You can stretch your hair a little so that it lies loose. You should have a hairstyle in which hair is entwined with a wave.

Hairstyles with a bandage on the forehead for long hair

Long hair can be pulled back by fixing it high on the crown with a rubber band and put on a wide bandage so that it goes across the forehead. You can wind your hair and dissolve it, and put a bandage on top with rhinestones. Or dissolve straight hair and tie a beautiful silk scarf on the side. Instead of a tail, you can make a braid, if your hair is thick enough and even a few braids. As a bandage, stop your choice on a wide ribbon or even a beautiful scarf, freely leaving its ends at the sides or back. You can make a beautiful shell behind you and fix your hair by putting a bandage over your forehead.

Hairstyles with a bandage on the forehead in the Greek style

Hairstyles made in the Greek style, are usually always created together with the use of bandages. Now such hairstyles are becoming very popular and fashionable.To create such a hairstyle, take a hairpin and a bandage. Then wash your hair and dry your hair. After that, apply a mousse with a shine. Hair lift at the roots, and put a bandage on his forehead. You can opt for dressings with some kind of decoration, for example with a stone or a flower. Now, from the place where the bangs, start to remove the hair under the bandage. After you finish dressing your hair, fix the strands obtained with the hairpins. For greater fixation fix hair hairspray. This hairstyle can be used as a wedding, securing a veil on top.

Types of dressings to create hairstyles

To create hairstyles, you can use a variety of dressings. These include headbands, headbands, and bandages, chains, bandages, scarves, bandages, bands, bands, bands, bandages, tiaras, bandages, necklaces. You can see the bandages with feathers, bows, weaving. Unusual will be dressings in the style of boho, dressings with mosaics. Hairstyles with wide bandages decorated with color appliqu├ęs or rhinestones are becoming fashionable now.

Hairstyles of various styles with a bandage on his forehead

  • To create a hippie hairstyle, dissolve your hair, wind it up lightly, and put on a thin bandage with a small flower.
  • Create a style of the 30s. It is possible, having put on a simple straight hair a satin wide bandage with a feather, fixed with a stone, or with a bow or brooch. Hair can be long or with a car, with no bang or with it.
  • Hairstyle in the style of the 50s. created with hair gathered high and decorated on top with a thin bandage. Or stop your choice on loose hair with hair, which you need to wear a wide satin bandage of bright color.
  • To create an image of a princess, make your hair in a Greek style with a bandage with rhinestones, stones or in the form of a tiara.

  • To create the image of a young girl, collect the hair from behind, braid the braid to the middle, and leave the remaining hair loose and put on a headband with butterflies or a large flower on top.
  • To create a romantic-style hairstyle for outdoor recreation, braid your hair on one side and put a scarf on top instead of a bandage and pull it loosely from the opposite side.

Fashionable hairstyle with a bandage on his forehead

One of the most fashionable hairstyles with bandages on the forehead is now considered voluminous. They are suitable even for those who have thin hair. To do this, comb your hair, apply mousse to the hair roots, then mix your hair. Take a curling iron and make bulk curls. Then put on a bandage, so that it goes in the middle of the forehead. Using a thin comb tip, tighten the strands, giving them extra volume. Fix the installation of lacquer.

Another fashionable haircut will be two symmetrical braids. Comb your hair and scrape at the roots. Then divide into 2 identical parts and braid the braids. Tie each of them with a rubber band. From above put on a bandage, best of all thin with beautiful stones or a bandage chain with a flower and place it in the middle of a forehead.

The smooth parting and simplicity of hairstyles returned to fashion again. Straighten hair with a flat iron, make a parting and fix the bandage-gum under the strands. Thin bandages will look good with fine curls or perm.

There are many types of hairstyle with a bandage on the forehead. For each of them fits a certain type of dressing. This may be a glamorous hairstyle in the Greek style or retro style. The choice of hairstyles is huge and is able to satisfy the taste of any fashionable woman, it remains only to determine the hairstyle you like and make it at home, where you also need to look beautiful.