Hairstyles in the style of the 60s

Each woman knows that fashion is distinguished by its cyclical nature. Therefore, it is not at all surprising to return to the peak of the popularity of old trends. This applies not only to clothing and accessories, but also hairstyles. Hairstyles, made in the classic style of the 60s, are gaining popularity again, the main characteristic of which are the words - stylish, sexy and cute.

Hairstyles of the 60s - stylish and elegant!

How to make hair 60s?

If you wish, you can make a stylish haircut of the 60s independently. First you need to master the simpler styling options, after which you can get down to real masterpieces.

Hairstyle with fleece. Carefully dried hair is divided into a flat horizontal parting. With the help of an elastic band, the upper part is fixed, and the lower part is divided into 5 identical parts, and each is attached with an elastic band.

It is necessary to dissolve the upper tail and take the central strand. If a girl wears a bang, do not touch her, she remains unchanged. The central strand is combed as much as possible, and it should be wide enough and flat enough to be parallel to the parting.

The finished pile may not look very attractive, but it should be so. Now the varnish (only strongly fixing) is applied to the roots so that the hairstyle does not fall apart after a few hours. Further the combed strand is placed between the lower ones and fixed by a hairpin.

Now stands the next strand next to the 1st - it smoothly combed and covers the 1st. This way you can hide the minor flaws of a sloppy pile. The same smooth backing is done with the remaining strands, but now they should be laid on the lower tails, not on the back. With nizryadryki attached studs, with the tails should be tied with inconspicuous thin elastic bands, it is desirable to pick them up to match the hair. At the end, the hairstyle is fixed with lacquer;

How to make hair 60s?

Hair "Babette". At the heart of this hairstyle is "horse tail". So, at first, the hair is thoroughly combed, after which it is collected in the tail and fixed with an elastic band so that the result is a beautiful hemisphere. At the end of the hair is fixed varnish.

You can make another version of this styling - bangs, curled to the side and a shell made of combed hair. The pile should be made from the roots themselves and as much as possible, so that you can use much less hairpins to fix the shells, while the hairstyle itself will last longer.

For young and extraordinary girls, the original Babette will suit. In this case, the hair is divided into 4 approximately equal strands, combed and fixed in the shape of a cross.

Hairstyle "Bundle". This hairstyle was popular not only in the 60s, but today it is in no hurry to lose its relevance, because the hair looks beautiful and neat, and at the same time does not interfere at all. However, styling is only suitable for hair length below the shoulders.

It is necessary to dry the strands well, to collect in the tail and twist around the gum. Hair are fixed with pins. Girls with thin hair should use chignon or simply pre-comb curls. Most importantly, the resulting beam looked volumetric.

It is important to remember that high beams are not suitable for girls with a narrow face and a long neck, as in this case the beam at the back of the head would be an ideal option.

Hairstyles for short hair. Hairstyles in the style of the 60s are suitable not only for long but also short hair. The main rules of this decade is curling hair of any length. Therefore, to create hairstyles in the style of BridjardBardo, it will be enough just to curl the hair with small curlers and make a side parting.

Photos and descriptions of the best hairstyles

How to make hair 60s?

How to make hair 60s?

How to make hair 60s?

How to make hair 60s?

One of the most popular hairstyles in the 60s, of course, was a geometric square, and this style is distinguished not only by futuristic, but also minimalist features. First of all, it is precisely the most precise geometric shape that is the basis for such a haircut - all the tips have clear lines, shearing machines cannot be used.

At the same time, hairstyles in the style of the 60s are also characterized by a certain asymmetry, that is, one side of the hair should be slightly shorter than the second.

Interesting and original looks bang, divided into 2 parts, with each of the halves should have its own shape. In almost all cases, a short haircut is created, in which the hair length is not lower than the ear lobe. It is very easy to style this hairstyle - it is enough to simply stretch the hair while drying it with a hair dryer or straighten it with an iron and put it on the outlines of the face. To make the hair more voluminous, a small bouffant is made at the back. And to give the image of romance, it is worth curling hair.

No less popular 60s haircuts are twiggy and pixie. Twiggy - this is a very short haircut, as close as possible to the male, while it is just perfect for girls with a bright and thin face with clear features. Otherwise, she just will not look tender and feminine.

At the heart of the pixie hairstyle are protruding strands and elongated temples. This hairstyle was popular not only among young girls, but also young guys who want to follow the fashion.

Vintage hairstyles: what's in fashion?

How to make hair 60s?

No less popular today is the vintage style. This applies to both fashionable clothes presented by designers each season and hairstyles. The advantages of such styling include the fact that they are just perfect not only for a solemn event or an evening out, but also for everyday life. In addition, deciding to create a hairstyle in vintage style, it is not necessary to comply with it and in clothes.

For medium hair, the most popular are styling on the side, which emphasize the beauty of the oval face. But in this case, special attention must be paid precisely to the ends. Many stylists prefer to use the so-called "fluffy" effect, which can be applied to bangs.

Also, for medium hair, vintage styling can be with rather large curls, thereby creating a beautiful and stylish wavy square. You can also use another version of this hairstyle - the Greek style, which can be complemented by a stylish brooch or small barrettes, making the image complete.

For long hair, vintage hairstyles can be made in the form of large horizontal curls, creating the effect of waves or zigzags. It is possible to add such styling with a high or combed bang. And of course, stylists are advised to use a variety of jewelry.

Wedding hairstyles made in this style that are perfectly combined with various attributes turned out to be the most popular today - a neat veil, a small hat or a bandage with large feathers will make the image complete and unique.

Vintage style haircuts, including styling from the 1960s, are characterized by neat and careful styling. At the same time, original curls, various weaves and decorations can be used, which will make any hairstyle extraordinary, stylish and truly unique.

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