Hairstyles in the style of style. ideas for everyday look

The period of dandies is a time of outrage, attempts to paint the gray and monotonous reality, people who were not afraid to stand out and live differently. Their behavior and style aroused bewilderment and censure, but today, several decades later, the image of dudes provokes interest. Hairstyles, which now look absolutely appropriate, often deserve special attention, but at the same time - not boring and festive.

Style hairstyles: photos and ideas

Style hairstyles

Style hairstyles

  • 40s-60s gave the world a variety of styling, despite the fact that at that moment there was no wide range of special fixation tools. Nevertheless, the desire to diversify the boring routine turned out to be so great that inventive minds found ways to embody their plans. Hairstyles in the style of dudes had a rod in the form of abandonment of strict styling: tucked-in hair, tails and braids faded into the background, giving way to high bouffant, scattering strands, bright ribbons and bandages as accessories.
  • The leading positions were taken by a certain carelessness bordering on chic, but femininity and elegance were not lost. Many of the hairstyles of that time today are star women of fashion on the red carpet, and hardly anyone dares to accuse them of bad taste.
  • What is interesting and important is the term "dudes" to the word "style" has no relation: it originates from the English verb "steal", meaning "to steal." Thus, he speaks about the essence of the image adhered to by the youth of the mid-20th century in the best possible way: all ideas and image details were copied from those that were popular in America and surrounding countries. Everything that eventually became popular in Russia came from the West: “babette”, “boxes”, “corollas of the world”, and other hairstyles that today are not difficult to create on your own. It is enough to arm yourself with good styling tools, tools and choose a bright accessory for yourself: many of the female hairstyles of the styes assumed the presence of at least a satin ribbon to match the tone or a small bow pin of the same shade.

Simple daytime options

Style hairstyles

By the level of complexity, hairstyles in the style of stylegs can be divided into 2 categories: simple, taking a few minutes and therefore ideal for everyday life, and more difficult to perform, requiring free time and easily becoming an evening option. If you doubt your hairdressing skills, try working out on daytime styling.

For example, an ordinary high bouffant that turns into a refined hairstyle when you add various accessories to it. Depending on its type, it can be cocky or elegant. You will need a strong hold lacquer from the tools, but not a hair glue (usually there is a flex on it, which guarantees flexibility), and a tool, a comb, and a brush from the tools. Bezel or ribbon is useful for decoration.

In the case of this hairstyle is best to work with freshly washed hair that will hold the volume. They must be carefully combed along the entire length, then combed from the middle to the roots, forming the maximum emphasis on the crown and diminishing it towards the front zone. In the process of creating a pile it is necessary to fix the hair with lacquer, directing short sprays on it.

You can not allow the abundance of funds on the hair: at the time of touching them should not be felt increased humidity. Otherwise, the entire volume will fall off, and the strands will stick together. At the final stage, the top layer of the hair is smoothed with a brush, the ends of the curls are curled, and the bezel is fixed at the base of the pile. If you want to keep the rebellious look, you should not smooth your hair: it is better to emphasize their disobedient styling with texturing wax.

The same hairstyle had a modification that looked attractive on long hair. Moreover, she had 2 options: 1 assumed the preservation of the pile at the roots, the other - in the middle part of the length. Both are worthy of attention.

Tail in the style of styrag is done in minutes: the hair is combed and tightened with a rubber band at the top. This is a rare case in which it is important to ensure maximum smoothness on the head - the entire volume falls on the free mass of hair, which combs from the middle towards the elastic. Additionally, on the base of the hair, you can walk the mousse, and sprinkle the free mass with varnish. The combing area is desirable to gently reduce to the tips of the curls to "no", after which the tail is gently worked through with a curling-curl.

Slightly different looks the same tail, but with a pile in front of the head. Fixation of the tail itself is also at the crown, and again along the entire length, the hair combed. However, now every 10–15 cm it is necessary to intercept the free mass with thin elastic bands to match the canvas of the hair. The ends are also laid curling-corrugated.

How to make a hairstyle in the style of style for the publication?

Style hairstyles

In the arsenal of hairstyles styling were elegant and solemn options. Or, more precisely, today perceived just that way. For example, the famous "babette", which has become known a little in other events, however, it is associated with the period of the style, as well as with the refined Audrey Hepburn. The most classic version of it is reproduced on hair washed at least a day ago, with the mandatory participation of a special roller, which can be purchased at a hairdresser's shop, gum, hairpins and varnish.

Hair diligently pulled in high tail, smoothing along the head. The whole look of the babette depends on the next step: the free mass of hair is thrown forward onto the forehead, after which the roller is attached to the base of the tail in a half-bent state. It is easiest to fix it with pins, driving their ends under the invisible being located along the base of the tail. This will ensure their maximum immobility. Then the hair overlaps the roller and is also fastened with pins, after which the ends of the strands hide under it. The main task: to make sure that the roller was not noticeable, and the illusion of thick hair gathered in a smooth bun was created. A small hairpin is inserted into the base of the "babette" or a ribbon bow is tied. Hairstyle necessarily spray varnish.

Dr. evening styling in the style of style - "the whisk of the world." It is considered the most difficult of all, but it looks amazing, even if the length of the hair is only up to the shoulder blades. To do this, the entire mass of hair is divided into 2 zones, the parting passes on the top across the head. The front part is fixed with a clip, it is not needed now: work is done with the back of the hair. They also have to be divided into 2 parts, but the parting will be A-shaped: the acute angle looks upwards. Thus, there are 2 side zones at the top and 1 angular at the bottom. The upper and lower separately are collected in tails, whose bases are hidden by the strands taken from them. The lower one is gently combed, its upper layer is smoothed, and the tail is twisted inward, forming a loop, which is immediately fixed in this position. The tips are twisted "roll", fastened with pins.

The same actions must be performed with the upper tail, dividing it into 2 parts and arranging its twisted ends on either side of the lower tail. Side curls should be set on each other. The last stage is working with the front free mass of hair: it is divided longitudinally in half in half, after which the left part is combed back and laid on top of the crown, the ends also curl inwards and lay down in rings. Similar actions are performed for the right side of the hair, which intersects with the left. For fixing hairstyle used invisible and varnish.

Makeup dudes: the last accent

Style hairstyles

Makeup - the last detail that will complete your ideal image a la dudes and allow you to plunge into the atmosphere of the mid-20th century. What is remembered makeup of the period?

Both eyes and lips were necessarily accentuated, but, unlike in the 1920s, this did not look too dramatic. On the eyes most often were drawn short arrows, whose tail slightly went beyond the outer corner of the eye. In terms of thickness, they were equal to half of the "Dior" arrow, and could be made in black, brown or turquoise. Eyelashes stained thickly, a highlight was placed under the eyebrow, lifting its bend. Bright, juicy tones were chosen for the lips: cranberry, lingonberry - close to red. If you do not use lipstick of such a shade, try a shine: its light texture and low pigmentation make it possible to get the desired shade, but do not feel vulgarly colored. In this case, of course, you want to create the perfect tone of the face and put a bit of blush on the apples of the cheeks.

But the main condition of the image of the mods - breathtakingly feminine outfits, good mood, wide smile and willingness to enjoy life. The ability to search for happy moments in each day and decorate the minutes and hours with something new, incredible and juicy, distinguished the youth of the 40s-60s. Try to feel their love of life and you!

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