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Retro hairstyles are back on the crest of a fashionable wave - stylistically crafted to match the modernity; they fit well into fashion and remain original. It is possible to make such a installation with your own hands.

How to make a retro hairstyle?

If you are going to make yourself a retro hairstyle, decide from what time period it will be. Retro hairstyles are varied.

Retro hairstyles of the 20s and 30s are short page-style haircuts, smoothly combed or laid in waves with a side parting.

Retro hairstyles

This hairstyle exposes the thin neck of a woman, which makes her image more piquant. Waves and wave per different curlers are characteristic for this period. In this case, only the tips of the hair curled. Either the curls fell on the shoulders, while the hair was laid on one side, part of the face was flirtatiously covered.

Forties. An important feature of the retro hairstyles of this time was a clear selection of the curl. The impression was that hair curlers. Kudriobichno placed in front, with the hair or taken back, or dismissed in large curls.

Retro hairstyles

In addition to curls in a retro hairstyle, so-called rollers were often used. They were twisted out of hair and fastened in the region of the crown or temples, often rounded bangs to the middle of the forehead were imitated.

Fifties. This is a transitional period, fashion was in search of a new one. Therefore, in retro hairstyles 50s felt echoes of previous styles. The hair was laid in low buns, curled into curls, smoothly combed or, on the contrary, fluffedly whipped on the head.

Retro hairstyles

Despite this, a distinctive feature in the hairstyles of the 50s was the desire to demonstrate the outlines of the face. Therefore, the hair was partially lifted from the roots at the line of the face or completely taken back. This hairstyle is a good reason to show off your jewelry. 50s style icon - gorgeous Marilyn Monroe.

Sixties. These are voluminous bouffant. To create hairstyles used hairpieces and rollers, which are enclosed under the hair. The hairstyles were very different: the hair was brushed back or all back or the oblique bangs were pointed out, the tips could be straight or curled. Strands were removed or back, or partially left. Particularly relevant was the "babette" - raised hair at the crown and matched ends of the curls.

Retro hairstyles

Seventies. In the retro hairstyles of the 70s, what we call naturalness appears. Fashion went away from different styling and heavily fixed backing. The time has come for wavy hair and hippie hairstyles. Light and airy long curls were divided into straight parting and fastened with a colored rubber band or a beautiful bandage. A slight mess in the long hair was welcome.

Retro hairstyles

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Retro hairstyle is suitable for an evening out or a romantic date. Do not forget to think about the appropriate outfit, which should not be out of your chosen style. But some variants of such styling may be appropriate in everyday life. The most important thing is to create a single image!