Hairstyles for prom for long hair for girls


What is your graduation party for you? Holiday, the greatest event or the door to adulthood? It is on this day that every girl wants to look the most beautiful and write her fairy tale. A festive mood does not begin with a dress or a certificate, but from a hairstyle to graduation. On long hair, you can make a real masterpiece.

Listen to the opinions of stylists

Hairstyles at the prom for long hair

Preparation for the graduation ball begins long before the onset of the coveted day. And now parents with trepidation look at their daughters, who yesterday played with dolls, and today they are already decisively choosing the outfit and future profession. Each representative of the beautiful half of humanity knows perfectly well that the image created at the prom must be harmonious and memorable. Dress, shoes, accessories, hairstyle - everything should be perfect.

Graduation hairstyles for long hair for girls abound in their diversity. Long hair is always a reason for pride. It is from these curls that you can make an original and unusual hairstyle. Agree, this is an ideal material for creating a work of art.

In order to choose a hairstyle for a graduation child for long hair does not become an insoluble task for you, you need to know and take into account the following aspects:

  • You need to dye your hair in advance if the girl is not the owner of a natural color. It is better to do this procedure in the cabin 3-4 days before the celebration.
  • The tips of the hair should be perfectly smooth.
  • Choose a hairstyle according to face type and outfit.
  • If the dress is inlaid with stones or plays with bright colors, the hairstyle should be concise, but at the same time elegant.
  • Hairstyle should last a long time, so it is best to use special fixing tools for styling.
  • Not sure which hairstyle to choose? Check with the stylist. The master is always up to date on fashionable novelties.
  • For more than a year, complex weaving and, in the first place, multi-strand braids have remained in fashion. Why not decorate your hair with an original spikelet with ribbons?
  • To look like a true princess, decorate the curls with a tiara or tiara. Only in advance take care of its reliable fixation with the help of stealth or hairpins.
  • If nature is not rewarded with thick curls, do not despair, the volume can be given with the help of cosmetics or ordinary comb.
  • Retro-style is always in fashion, so a high bunch or rolls will be the best solution, and this hairstyle will suit almost any dress.
  • To stand out, add a few overhead strands of contrasting shades to your hairstyle, but remember that everything is good in moderation.

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Beautiful hairstyles for prom for long hair are like real works of art. Pre-you can go to the salon and consult with a stylist. He is sure to tell you which hairstyle will suit the chosen dress and will complement the evening look.

To date, the most relevant are the following options for hairstyles at the prom on long curls:

  • waterfall of hair;Hairstyles at the prom for long hair. Waterfall of hair
  • loose curls, decorated with a diadem;Hairstyles at the prom for long hair
  • light waves with one-sided volume;Hairstyles at the prom for long hair: curls
  • Greek;Hairstyles at the prom in the Greek style for long hair
  • complex weaving of multi-strand braids;Spit on the prom for long hair
  • bows;Hairstyles bows at the prom for long hair
  • retro style;Hairstyles in retro style at the prom for long hair. Retro style
  • horse tails.Hairstyles & quot; horse tail & quot; for prom for long hair

If you want the hairstyle to be unique and authoring, then you can do it at home. Select the appropriate styling in advance and practice properly. In the event of a fiasco, you will have enough time to find a qualified and experienced stylist.

Children's hairstyles for graduation for long hair also delight many moms with their diversity. Choosing a suitable image for a young lady, do not forget that the hairstyle should fully correspond to the age, because children are always associated with cleanliness, integrity, tenderness. In order for your daughter to become a prom queen in kindergarten or elementary school, it is enough to emphasize her beauty and outfit with loose curls or an elegant bundle decorated with ribbon.

Feel like the queen of the ball

As already mentioned, styling in retro style is relevant for more than one decade. If you choose exactly this version of the hairstyle at the prom, then you can safely feel the queen of this celebration. Collected curls in a high beam visually lengthen the neck and stretch the silhouette as a whole, which is very important for girls of short stature. But to decorate this hairstyle can be oblique or ribbon, selected to match the dress.

Hairstyles at the prom with bouffant

Necessary materials:

  • elastic;
  • crest;
  • rollers for volume;
  • fixing varnish;
  • invisible or studs;
  • accessories for decoration.

Step by step description of creating hairstyles:

  1. Carefully comb the curls and collect on the back of his high and tight tail.
  2. Around the base of the tail, we fix a roller to add volume using studs.Hairstyles at the graduation party with bouffon step by step
  3. The remaining hair is well combed.

    Hairstyles at the graduation party with bouffon step by step
  4. Using a comb with small bristles, comb the curls, putting them in the shape of a roller. Be sure to ensure that they evenly cover the roller.Hairstyles at the graduation party with bouffon step by step
  5. Fix the beam with varnish, if you wish, decorate its base with rhinestones or ribbon.Hairstyles at the graduation party with bouffon step by step

Create a playful look with a focus on curls.

This hairstyle will suit absolutely any girl. And if you follow the fashion trends and dyed your ombre-style curls, then this is exactly the hairstyle option at the graduation party that will favorably emphasize the coloring.

Hair curls at the prom for long hair

Necessary materials:

  • fixing varnish;
  • forceps;
  • invisible or studs;
  • hairbrush.

Step by step description of creating hairstyles:

  1. At first we wind all strands with forceps.
  2. Then, using a comb, we do basal bouffant.Hair curls at the prom for long hair
  3. Then closer to the temple we do a vertical parting, separating one strand.
  4. The remaining hair is fixed invisible or hairpins, forming a beam at the bottom of the head.Hair curls at the prom for long hair
  5. From the loose strand of hair we begin to braid the braid. Too tight do not tighten curls.
  6. We fix the braid with invisible beings, connecting it with the beam.Hair curls at the prom for long hair
  7. Spray copiously spray fixing lacquer. If necessary, apply wax on top.

Fantastic weaving in minutes

If you decide to complement your evening look with a simple, but at the same time elegant hairstyle, you can make a high bunch of braids. Think it's hard? Not at all. All you need is to purchase special pillows to give curls volume, and also learn how to weave a classic three-strand braid.

Hair braid at the prom for long hair

Necessary materials:

  • gum;
  • studs;
  • two rollers;
  • fixing varnish;
  • invisible.

Step by step description of creating hairstyles:

  1. We start with the fact that all the hair is collected in a high tail, which we tie at the crown.
  2. Next, attach two rollers under the tail, imitating the shape of a circle.Hair braid at the prom for long hair
  3. Between the rollers connect the studs.Hair braid at the prom for long hair
  4. The hair collected in the tail, divide into four equal parts and lubricate them with a small amount of wax.
  5. From each strand weave a braid. There should be four of them.Hair braid at the prom for long hair
  6. Next, we straighten each pigtail, gently holding the base so that the weaving does not break up. Spit should get lush and voluminous.Hair braid at the prom for long hair
  7. Distribute braids over the surface of the roller, completely covering it with hair.
  8. Fix weaving invisible and varnish.

Create a harmonious, unique and elegant evening look is easy. The main thing is to choose the right hairstyle, which will become the key to success and charm. Do not forget that the hairstyle and outfit must be combined, otherwise the image may turn out to be ridiculous and unfinished. Be beautiful and happy!