Hairstyles for medium length hair at home

Perhaps, every representative of the beautiful half of humanity knows that in addition to the harmoniously chosen attire, accessories and flawless makeup, to create a charming image, special attention should be paid to the hairstyle. We will tell you about how hairstyles for medium length hair are made in our article.

Beautiful hairstyles for hair of medium length: tips stylists

Beautiful hairstyles for medium length hair

Looking through the next movie or video clip, we admire flawless curls or subtle weaving hair from models. And for many of us, it seems impossible to create such an elegant casual or evening look on our own. But this is not the case. In order to model hairstyles for medium-length hair with your own hands, you do not need to be a professional stylist, but rather be patient, have the necessary accessories and a mirror.

If you still have not tried to make your hair, then it's time to try to change something in your image. Tips from leading world stylists and hairdressers will help you in this painstaking but very interesting matter:

  • it is best to model any hairstyle on clean, but not just washed hair, otherwise they will flick and disintegrate;
  • for weaving braids, you can use a variety of ribbons, hairpins, jewelry and even flowers;
  • not a single season in fashion remains a loose bunch - this hairstyle is done quite simply and perfectly complements the casual look;
  • for fixing weaving, you can use a special varnish or mousse;
  • wax will help make your curls flow;
  • You want to create the effect of wet hair, then use a regular weak hold gel or foam;
  • as accessories, you can give preference to scarves and rims;
  • hairstyles for thin hair of medium length require a slight pile;
  • it is possible to make volumetric curls with the help of usual fabric, curlers of large diameter or curling;
  • to hide the flaws of weaving will help you invisible or original hairpins;
  • accessories should be selected in accordance with the outfit;
  • the type of weaving should also suit your face image and shape;
  • The classic style of the genre is the usual hair-styling, especially if you are the owner of a beautiful model and fashionable haircut.

Hairstyles at home for medium hair

Every girl wants to learn how to create beautiful hairstyles. Of course, without a special professional level training, you are unlikely to achieve it, but you will be able to make an unusual, but at the same time simple hairstyle. The average length of curls - the most common and convenient. It is easier to care for such hair, you can model hairstyles of varying complexity. Try to make yourself an elegant hairstyle and do not despair if from the first time she is far from ideal.

How to braid girl's hair in an original way?

Many women dream to master the skills of skillful weaving, especially if they have daughters. Think of yourself as a child: sending us to school or kindergarten, mothers always weave braided ears, two braids, wreaths, tails, bows, etc. Now the fashion is changing, and even a little girl can be modeled hair at medium curls. It will not look defiant and not according to age, on the contrary, beautiful, unusual and original weaving will give the image of your daughter an individuality.

By the way, this hairstyle can be done not only for young girls, but also for adult ladies who are already on the verge of student life. Older women often make such hairstyles themselves, as weaving of braids on medium hair length fits perfectly into a casual, stylish look.

Hairstyles for medium length hair for girls

Necessary materials:

  • comb with fine teeth;
  • invisible;
  • fixing means.

Step-by-step process description:

  1. For a start, dry strands need to be thoroughly combed.Hairstyles for medium length hair for girls
  2. On one side of the ear, weave a pigtail twisted outward. In practice, such weaving is called Dutch. We need to weave along the line of growth curls.Hairstyles for medium length hair for girls
  3. Braid pigtail lock with a rubber band. Similarly, braid the strands on the other side.Hairstyles for medium length hair for girls
  4. Gently stretch your arms with your hands, if the length of your curls allows. Pigtails must be airborne.
  5. The remaining strands of hair must be collected in the tail and pin up the invisible. You can use a fixative.

    Hairstyles for medium length hair for girls
  6. Then you need to cross two braids, pre-freeing them from the gum. The edges of the weaving should be fixed with hairpins.Hairstyles for medium length hair for girls
  7. The remaining strand of hair needs to be tucked under the weave and also fixed.

Stylish hairstyle with bangs

Bang in any haircuts is always considered fashionable. Today, stylists offer various variations of bangs: oblique, straight, elongated, thick, torn, shortened, graded, etc. To change your image and make an original hairstyle, try braiding and bangs, if its length allows. With this hairstyle, which is based on weaving braids in the French style, you can go to work in the office or go to a party.

Necessary materials:

  • comb with rare teeth;
  • fixing agent;
  • studs or stealth.

Step-by-step process description:

  1. To make the weaving look more volumetric and more beautiful, it is necessary to curl a little beforehand.
  2. Then the front of the hair on both sides is left free, and the other curls should be collected in the tail, fixing it with an elastic band.
  3. From the tail you need to braid the usual bunch.Hairstyles for hair of medium length with bangs
  4. On both sides should weave a braid in the French style. In this case, weaving is better to start with bangs, capturing neighboring loose strands.
  5. The edges of the braided braids should be fixed around the beam with the help of invisible and special means.
  6. The bundle can be decorated with an original hairpin or a comb.Hairstyles for hair of medium length with bangs

Evening styling for medium length hair

In order to create a complete, elegant and unsurpassed evening look, it is not necessary to go to a stylist or make-up artist. In accordance with your outfit and accessories, you can make your own makeup, and an original, but at the same time simple hairstyle. The basis of weaving can be put braids, flagella, knots, bunches.

Necessary materials:

  • hair dryer;
  • comb with rare teeth;
  • comb brushing;
  • studs;
  • fixing agent;
  • accessories for decoration.

Step-by-step process description:

  1. First you need to dry the curls with a hair dryer using a volume brushing.
  2. Then, using a curling iron, you need to make curls that will be directed from the parting to the temporal part.
  3. The top of the head should definitely be combed so that the hairstyle is fluffy and refined.
  4. Starting from one side, along the neckline it is necessary to pin up the hair, as if creating a tail.Evening hairstyles for medium-length hair
  5. The rest of the order, located near the ear, should be twisted into a sloppy bundle. Haircut need to fix invisible and varnish.
  6. From the face, hair strands should lie free.Evening hairstyles for medium-length hair

Wedding hairstyles

The wedding image must be solemn and very gentle. If the outfit is supplemented with a veil, then, as a rule, it is attached to the hair with the help of invisible women. It is not necessary to choose a hairstyle just under the veil. You can make any styling, and then fix this attribute of the bride. The most common wedding hairstyle is considered weaving in the Greek style.

Wedding hairstyles for medium length hair

Necessary materials:

  • crest;
  • fixing agent;
  • studs with rhinestones (pearls) or flowers;
  • invisible;
  • tiara or bezel.

Step-by-step process description:

  1. First you need to carefully comb the curls and put on a headband or tiara over the head.
  2. Strands falling on the face should be removed under the bezel or fixed by stealth.
  3. The remaining curls need to be collected and carefully wrapped under the gum, while the bundle should be voluminous and located on top.
  4. Hair should be decorated with pearls or fresh flowers. For reliable fixation it is necessary to spray hair with varnish.

Hairstyles for medium length hair at home

Hairstyles for medium length hair at home

Hairstyles for medium length hair at home

As you can see, hair styling is an interesting and very interesting business. With confidence we can say that the length of the hair does not affect the choice of hair. As practice shows, even on short curls you can braid a graceful pigtail. If you are not at all able to braid your hair, ask your friends about it. Be beautiful and happy!

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