Hairstyles for medium hair with bangs. who are the bob

The vast majority of girls today wear medium-length hair. This is a kind of compromise between curls up to the waist and ultrashort haircuts. This length is practical, elegant and feminine. And it is with her that you can come up with a lot of interesting styling, both for everyday wear and for a special occasion.

Haircut bob for medium hair

If a woman is unable to make a choice on one of the trending shots, she pays attention to the bean. This styling has for several decades remained at the peak of fashion, and will probably be forever popular.

The number of modifications available to the bean, overstepped by 10. This version is especially good on women with a round face, because it can pull it a little and hide the overall swelling. In addition, it shifts the focus to the lips and chin line if the front strands end at this level. This nuance is required to remember girls who do not want to get a similar effect.

Hairstyles for medium hair with bangs

Long bob on straight hair and bangs - almost a classic. The bottom edge remains perfectly flat. "Steps" are not made, although the layered technique is respected, since the ends are still bent inward. This version is valid only when initially straight curls. Pulling them out every morning is not a good idea, at least for reasons of maintaining healthy hair. In addition, it is attractive only on the oval, round or triangular face. And taking into account the properties of pulling it out, it is unacceptable with a massive chin.

The asymmetrical "bob" is interesting with almost any face shape. Especially if supplemented with beveled bangs, and when laying strands locally stand out with wax. If you make a coloring with such a styling, the hairstyle will play in a new way. It is shown at any data, because it can lead away into the shadows the unnecessary and give in the best light what you want to emphasize. Despite adding playfulness and audacity to the image, femininity and elegance are not lost. Certain versions of the asymmetric bean will not only suit young girls.

Multi-layered is another variation for those who want to correct the shape and features of the face. Experts advise caution to ladies with a full face. Great risk to round it off even more. The height of the “steps” for the first layer determines the pomp of the top of the head, and the razor-finished ends determine the airiness of the overall styling. This haircut is recommended for thin hair that does not have thickness.

A-bob with bangs is rarely performed, but this does not mean that it should not be done. Such packing is distinguished by a significant difference between the length of the front strands and the occipital zone. Visually framing face curls pull it into the correct oval. The shortened rear part has a light volume, giving illusory density. If a bang is chosen, it is often short and razor-edged.

Haircut square with bangs

A classic cut just above the shoulder line and barely opening eyebrows heavy bangs - the choice of the fair sex with a triangular face, as well as with large and clear his features. In particular, a delightful accent goes to the cheekbones and nose. The strands cut to the chin line accentuate the shape of the lips, as well as smooth the elongation of the face.

Hairstyles for medium hair with bangs

Spread today received an interesting modification of the usual karehttp: // - a quad. Its essence lies in the creation of the upper layer, which has a smaller length than the bottom. Due to this technique, the volume appears at the roots, which is important for girls with thin hair. However, it is also worth laying it down carefully. Moreover, a spectacular car becomes straight hair. Wavy is necessary to constantly pull out. Or think about one of the "hybrids" of this hairstyle.

Bob-caret - a version offering to combine the two most successful haircuts of the last decades. A graduation is added that is not typical of a classic caret. There is a tendency to thick straight bangs and ideally horizontal slice, without gradation of length from the neck forward. This same haircut is sometimes called a straight bean. Its performance at the competent master always allows you to create a complete spectacular image with any data.

The disheveled version absorbed all the best from the two technologies - bob and square. Raisin - uneven strand length, allowing to achieve a sloppy and slightly rebellious look. The only difficulty - the need to highlight curls and constant styling. Especially with unruly hair, ready to push and twist in different directions.

Hairstyles for medium hair with bangs: sesson and its varieties

The haircut created in the second half of the 20th century turned out to be a real find for those who like to wash their hair, comb their curls and go about their business. Due to the special technology used in the processing of strands, in most cases, even on awakening, the styling looks presentable. Neither varnish, nor mousse, nor any other fixing means are supposed. As a result, haircut sesson perfectly saves time.

Dr. its distinguishing feature is the fact that it is one of the few hair styling that looks great on freshly cut and grown hair. It is almost not limited in length. On barely reaching the chin and touching the upper edge of the shoulder blades, the hair session looks equally elegant.

Hairstyles for medium hair with bangs

True, all of the indicated advantages can be obtained only in the case of highly qualified masters. Unlike a number of haircuts, available even to a beginner in this business, the specific technique is not so simple. Its base is filigree graduation, implying working in thin layers. Each is cut 1 mm lower or higher than the previous one, and at a certain angle. When applied to the natural elasticity of the hair, this allows you to achieve obedient curls.

Haircut sesson allows you to visually add thin hair in volume, forget about the constant laying, as well as remain flexible to external factors. It turns out the very "advertising" effect, when, after exposure to gusts of wind on the strands, the haircut returns to its former form.

Classic is considered to be a sesson on hair of medium length, with curling of the front strands inwards and volume in the neck area. The beginning of this styling takes on the middle line of the ear, and the tips of the hair touch the shoulders. Initially, the image is necessarily attended by bangs.

Sometimes it is done when laying on short hair. In this case, the ends of the lower layer do not cross the line of the middle of the neck. Most often, a short sesson barely covers the junction of the neck and neck. This version of it is recommended for women aged and girls who want to shift the focus on the lips and cheekbones.

Any of the considered haircuts on medium hair with bangs allows not only to wear hair in a loose state, but to braid them in dozens of different hairstyles. Therefore, there is always a chance with them for originality and the appropriateness of the image to the occasion. And if you are still plagued by doubts, contact a master you trust.

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